My whole world in a basement closet….

Yesterday my whole world was cowering in a basement closet while I was laughing and having lunch a  two hours away….

If you are from the south or midwest, you know what that means……. tornado.

My mom, sister (and a growing peanut inside her), adorable 18 month old nephew, and brother-in-law were sitting in a basement closet as this passed over the house they were in.  Those people are my whole world, other than my father and husband of corse, this is my world. I was with the husband, so I knew he was fine. Heck, I was having lunch with him. My dad was on the back side of the storm, safe and sound watching this storm come at the home he knew my family was in. When nature comes at us, we have no choice but to feel helpless and pray to God that he will protect those that encounter this kind of storm.

Thank God my family is safe and so are the people of my tiny hometown. The wreckage is unbelievable and I am headed home to hug my world and help pick up the pieces. My home is safe but my mom’s best friend, my second mom, was not so lucky. Her house got battered and my childhood playground, her farm, is in shambles. I got to see pictures last night and the more I see, the worse it gets…. I can’t say anymore. I just need to go home, my heart hurts.

This is my world. I am thanking God that my world didn’t crumble around me yesterday.

This is my beautiful sister's family (all FOUR of them)

My mom and dad... two most amazing people ever


4 responses to “My whole world in a basement closet….

  1. Oh wow! That is scary stuff. I’m so glad to hear your family is safe.

  2. So glad everyone was safe and sound!!

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