After the storm

I promise that I am a *SUPER* upbeat person. My first few days of the blog world have been insainly tough in real life. Does it sometimes seem that, “When it rains it pours…” Well, that is what is happening right now. My tiny town of about 400 or 500 people is hurting deeply. First, the tornado took a lot of ‘things’ from my tiny hometown. The second day of clean-up we found out that a vibrant young life was taken in a tragic accident. My tiny town is hurting. I’ll catch you up.

Tragedy Part I: A tornado damages ‘things’ but can’t break our spirit

My parent’s best friend’s homestead was truly damaged. All of the buildings surrounding their home were taken and destroyed along with miles and miles of irrigation pipe… Other than the about 7 or 8 windows in the home; their home is SAFE!

Looking from their front door. Trees that were literally a hundred years old were uprooted in a matter of moments and destroyed.

A house about 400 years away (their nearest neighbor) was completely demolished.

This was a home on Monday.... now it is rubble.

Four children and their mother were spared thanks to God. Their dog was on top of them to protect them while it was going on. Their cat was found a half mile away under the rubble from their home. The cat had a damaged eye and a hurt leg but was alive, our vet is taking very good care of it…. Everything in the house that was living is still with us today and all that is left of the house are the dishes that were in the dish washer.

This is what a tornado can do. I still can't understand how this is physically possible. The irrigation pipe is bent into this shape on a tree...

Over 100 people came to my friends home farm to help clean up on Tuesday when I got there. There were over 100 at the house above. Young and old alike were working together to pick up the pieces. I was able to work along side my family and friends and we cleaned up a lot. My friends are truly thankful to live in such a small town where everyone put their lives on hold to make their home look like a home again. Everyone pitched in and A LOT got done.

Tragedy Part II: Only the good die young

While we were cleaning up on Wednesday morning tragedy struck again. A young man from our community, just graduated from high school last year, was killed in a tragic accident. Just a few hours earlier, he was cleaning up the rubble and being the light spot in everyones gloomy day. This young man was so increadiblly full of live, I wish words could explain that. Now, his vibrant life fizzled out in an instant. He was a close family friend and the hurt is unbelievable. I don’t feel comfortable posting his picture because it is not my hurt to share with everyone. His parents need prayers and so does his younger brother, classmates, grandparents, and all the people he touched. His life will go down in the books as ‘remarkable’.

Jacob, thank you for the laughs and memories. You were on your way to being such a good man. God be with your family and friends.

Sorry to all you blog readers out there for this post, my normal sunshine is feeling a bit cloudy right now.

Question:  What do you do when it feels like your sunshine is behind the clouds? …Because I would really like some sunshine today.


4 responses to “After the storm

  1. Glad to hear most people are safe and doing well. It’s horrible what happened to that young man, I’m sure he will keep your town safe from up in Heaven in future storms. You’ll all be in my prayers

  2. Dearest Julie,

    WHY did you not tell me you started a blog!?!?!? EEEEK So excited!!!

    Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system – what a tragedy that happened to that youngman. Keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Dearest Chelsey,
      I just had a moment…. My favorite blogger just commented on *MY* blog! 🙂 I feel like the teacher just smiled at me and said hello on a Monday morning…. Wait, that’s kind of close. Ha!
      I’m beginning to smile more today, I pray Jacob’s family is feeling his love from above. Thank you, Chelsey.

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