Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya… Tomorrow, you’re only a day away!

You know you want to sing that! Come on. Just do it….. It will brighten your day. Only my cats look at me crazily when I do things like that. Feeling a little shy…. Here you can sing it with this cute little girl.

In all honestly, just truly listening to those lyrics makes a gloomy day a little better. We all joke about this song and sing it off pitch.  One day at a time I am hoping that things get back to normal in my life; and in the lives of my friends and family. I can’t help but flashback and my heart feels heavy and saddened at moments. I am doing my best to look at the big picture, not just the big picture of life but the biggest picture of all; the divine picture.

Life is feeling a tad better here today. I’ve done some things that make me happy this morning and I’ve concentrated on feeling joyful. Here’s a few things I’ve done.

  • Picked spinach from my garden, my garden is *Rockin’!*
  • Used my blender while the husband was still in bed (I may or may not have enjoyed that a little too much)
  • Made a HUGE green monster
  • Played with my two kids (Bear and Kiee, cutest cats ever! No, I’m not biased, they are stinking adorable.)
  • Washed some of the husband’s clothes and let them line dry to help the planet.
  • Took some pictures of a few of my flowers on my front porch.
Flower Garden

The lovely pink color brightened my day 🙂

Tonight the husband and myself will be going to watch some football! 🙂 He is a high school football coach, yes, this makes me a football coach’s wife.  Weird, huh?!? Two of his players made the Kansas all-star team! Woooo-hooo! So, we are going to watch the Kansas All-Stars play some football against the Nebraska All-Stars. This will be fun, especially because the game is in my old college town. Maybe we will get to go out to eat or do some shopping. It will be fun to be on our old stomping grounds (where we met eachother, awwww) and watch some football! Go KANSAS All-Stars! 
Question: What have you done/are going to do this beautiful Saturday?
-or- Do you sing along in the car? When you are alone? In the grocery store line? 

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