I spy with my little eyes….

Happy Monday everyone!!! Sorry for the late post. I was gone all day today at an eye doctor appointment. I had to wait for those yucky yellow drops to wear off so I could see enough to type. Know what drops I’m talking about?

Here’s why I had to go to the eye doctor: Picture teacher with a room full of 2nd graders who think they are funny stuff……. I would be reading with my kids this year and ask, “Is that slightly blurry to you?”* Keep in mind I’m asking 9 year olds if something is blurry. They have wonderful eyes in the first place, darn them and their good little eyes. Plus, I have a few (about 5) little boys who will say the opposite of what I say no matter what is going on. So, even if it was blurry as heck I would hear “Oh no, Mrs. H. It is clear as glass!!! You must be loosing your sight! Oh no, you’re going blind!!!!” So, I had to go see a professional to get an honest to goodness opinion on my eyes.

And the verdict is….. I’m going blind. Okay, so not really but I do need to wear contacts or glasses on a regular basis now. This is really no joking matter for me, macular degeneration is in my family and I need to keep a VERY close eye on it! My great grandmother is now blind, my grandmother (only 80) is very close to blind, and my mother is fighting it as we speak.  So, it was good for me to go in and get a bench mark to go from…. I take vitamins to help keep macular degeneration away and eat a boat ton (and a half) of carrots and other fresh vegetables just to help my chances.

We're talking at least 1 1/2 pounds a week.... AT LEAST! Good thing I like carrots & hummus. ****Teaser, recipe to come later, buffalo chicken hummus, minus the chicken all the buffalo flavor you could ever dram of...****

So, no yummy food posts for you today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get creative in the kitchen after summer school? I’ll drink coffee, that will help.  How about a funny picture about the eye doctor to help with the food with-drawl?

See it? Your eyesight is ok now pay for the medical examination... Ha!

Do you have anything in your family genetics that you are trying to make sure you stay away from? What are you doing to help your chances of not letting it happen to you?


2 responses to “I spy with my little eyes….

  1. My husband has macular degeneration in his family… we will have to up the carrot intake at our house! And I can’t wait to see your buffalo hummus. Yum!

  2. This hummus will help you carrot it up! 🙂 Enjoy!

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