Peter Rabbit?

This morning I woke up and was ready to check all sorts of things off the checklist that is sitting on the kitchen table. I love days when I get things started first thing and just hit the ground running; which is what I did first. (Also, last night, I updated my getting to know the girl page. Check it out! I worked really hard on it… :)) Okay, back to the to-do list….

Item #2: 35 minutes on the elliptical to get my sweat going and feel like I’ve done something…. CHECK!

Item #2: water the garden. I have a beautiful garden this year. FIRST garden ever, I’ll be telling you more about in the next few days. I go outside to find this…..

Bunny in my Garden

See him there?... just beyond my tomatoes. Yah. The one with the full tummy?

There he was ….just nibbling away at my pretty vegetables. At least I think. By the time I got outside he was on the outskirts of the garden so I couldn’t exactly tell what he was doing. But come on, he is a bunny and that is a garden. Let’s be honest about things….  Just a shot in the dark that he was the one eating my spinach and not my neighbor in the middle of the night. Than again, she did say how jealous she was of my garden the other day… Still, I’m going with Mr. Peter Rabbit as the one who is stealing my spinach.

This is JUST what he looked like, except for he was stealing spinach....

I made a green monster for lunch with MY OWN spinach from MY OWN GARDEN! …..That I grew from little seeds and tended to with my own two hands! WOW, I know! This was a moment for me!

Garden Spinach

Take a look.... Beautiful, isn't it?!

It has already saved me a lot of money and it is just a few weeks into the season… I also had a salad with the “Buffalo Chicken Hummus” for a meal and it totally rocked! Healthy and HOT! 🙂

Question: Have you ever gardened? How is it going? -OR- What have you done that you are proud of?


4 responses to “Peter Rabbit?

  1. I’m SOOOO jealous that you have spinach in your garden!!! It looks amazing and I’m sure tastes even better! My honey and I attempted a garden this year with lots of good intentions…however, it is not going well 😦 We’ll definitely have some potatoes though! We might plant some green beans and a few other things in July. We’ll see!

    Glad you got lots of stuff done today!

    • I am so surprised at how well it is doing…. It is 100% luck! My neighbor is a seasoned gardener (like 40 years seasoned) and she came over the other night and told me that she was incredibly jealous of my garden and couldn’t believe how well it was doing. See, luck!
      Squash is supposed to be the easiest thing to grow and can go through the most bad weather, I’m going to have it running out my ears!!!!!!

  2. The fact that you are growing your own spinach is amazing! I’m so jealous! Your garden looks AWESOME!

    And even though that rabbit is a pain, I got a seriously cute visual in my head of a Peter Rabbit nibbling away at the veggies. They must be good if they’re attracting the bunnies!

    My mom grows all kinds of herbs, veggies, etc (she even has an edamame plant!) but I’ve never tried to grow anything (although I’m good at keeping my rosemary plant alive!) Maybe once we get a yard and have some room!

  3. My spinach rocks my socks off daily. I just love going out and trimming it myself to throw into a green smoothie. Life is good! ……The bunny was around last night just looking at my garden. geeze.
    I’m doing herbs too, and it is saving money too. If you are keeping a rosemary plant alive, you are a success! Till you have room, just dream! 🙂

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