You’ve GOT to be kidding me!

Seriously, “You’ve GOT to be kidding me!” were the words out of this mouth this morning… This will be quick but I’m going to get grumpy on ya’ll. Mainly because I need some feedback and want to know what you all do when you’re being hard on yourself.

Let me give you a little background. I work really hard to stay fit, be healthy, and control my weight. I eat healthy, exercise, and do all the things a good little girl should.  I don’t weigh myself every day but I do get on once in a while to see how things are going and to make sure I don’t need to make any changes.

You've GOT to be kidding me!

Welp, I got on the scale this morning feeling all sort of good about myself! Here is my self dialogue **“You’ve been working out really hard and done quite a bit of resistance training to boost your metabolism. You have been eating right and letting yourself feel good. That number will surly be maintained. Nice job!” ** This is what the scale said today, “I’m up three pounds and I’m going to be in your head all day. Have a nice Friday, Julie.”  

Do you ever feel like there are the people who don’t have to work at ‘it’. The ‘IT’ being the eating, the exercise, the looking awesome….. Well, I have to work at ‘it’. Ahhhh, life isn’t fair and I know that tomorrow it will be okay but I just sometimes wish that it wasn’t so hard.

I just don’t like the feeling “The harder I work, the worse it gets….” Anyone else ever feel this way?

It took me a very long time to be comfortable with my weight and size. I’m not meant to be 120 lbs. I’m just not….. I am 5’10 and have a large frame, thank you to my family genetics. (I’m Dutch…)

Oh Dutch genes, I thank you for giving me a strong body..... and my blonde hair.

I know that this is just a number for today and it will more than likely be gone tomorrow, but I’m beginning to think I should jump on the bandwagon and ditch the scale. I just don’t want to one day step on and thing ‘Oh no! How did that happen?!?’ I know I can use my clothes as my guide and I’m really leaning toward this. I hate how a stinking number can really suck the fun out of a good day. For real, I’m not going to let it suck the fun out of my day! I’m going to be thankful for this body God gave me and be darn happy that it works as well as it does!

Amy & Julie in Starbucks

And while I'm at it.... I'm going to thank God for that sister of mine. (she's the pretty girl on the left. I love her!)

Question: Have you had a “you’ve GOT to be kidding me” moment? -OR- Do you use a scale, is it a memory of the past?


31 responses to “You’ve GOT to be kidding me!

  1. Ahh I feel your pain girl! I tend to put on a couple lbs when I am doing alot of strength training – muscle weighs more than fat right?

    I weigh myself every morning at the same time because my weight fluctuates so much throughout the day (up to 3-4 lbs sometimes). Also, my weight always goes up around the time of my period!

  2. The scale can be a clap-having Jezebel sometimes, that’s just the way it is. That being said, I try to only way myself (at most) once a week. I had a brief stint where I was doing it more frequently, and it was messing with my moods. Now, it’s once a week right as I’m walking out the gym (thus, already got my workout in for the day) and I know that even if it’s higher than I’d like , I already did something to work on that!

    Also, I guess since I don’t own a scale, it’s easier to do this.

  3. I don’t own a scale, but I’ll hop on the one at the gym maybe once every few weeks or so…so I guess that doesn’t really count as ditching it. And woot, another Dutch gal! I’m only half Dutch though, and did not get the tall half…

    • My whole family is just kind of ‘big’….. Does your Dutch family make the most AMAZING deserts around the holidays?!?!? Oh my! I’m getting so much better at staying away though. The Dutch women in my family are some super awesome cooks…. with super awesome hearts might I add. 🙂

  4. Strength training definitely ups the numbers on the scale but can seriously drop inches from your waist, legs, arms, etc. I’ve long accepted the fact that I have seriously muscular thighs (as much as I envy people with looooong legs!) but they allow me to run futher and when I was a swimmer and soccer player, made me stronger!

    I refuse to set foot on a scale (and at dr appts I get on the scale with my back facing it) and gauge things by: how my clothes fit, how much energy I have and how I feel.

    You’re gorgeous! Don’t let it get you down!

    • Kristine! Your comment really got me thinking, strength training/resistance training will be drop some inches off the waist, arms, and legs. That *is* what I’m reaching for! So, why am I concentrating on a number? And, YOU are gorgeous! (and not to mention very kind too!) Thanks a million!!!

  5. I gave it up for a while but now I just bought a new one and I’m back to the daily weigh in. I think there are pros and cons… mostly I like to weigh myself because it helps me mentally stay on track, and reminds me that if I eat a ton, I will end up weighing more tomorrow. Sounds like you have a good attitude about it, though! And if it becomes a drag… ditch it!

  6. That stinks to have that kind of thing ruin your Friday! I will tell you that my honey is the one who doesn’t have to work at “it.” He could eat fried chicken and potato chips every day and barely gain an ounce (he would be a huge crabby monster, but no extra weight ;)). I on the other hand, have to work at it pretty hard as well. I was a slave to my scale for a long time. I’m down to only stepping on it every few days lately though, which I like. One factor you might want to think about is what and when you last ate before bed. I find that if I eat a later snack, I weigh more in the morning than usual. It’s because your body hasn’t had the time to “process” that food. Or, if you’ve eaten something before weighing yourself, it will definitely add some pounds! Or, even if you just drank a glass of water!

    Like the other women said here, don’t let it get you down! You’re working in the right direction and as long as you FEEL good, you should be happy with yourself for all of the healthy things you’re doing 🙂

  7. My husband was one of those people who didn’t have to work at ‘it’ but now the tables are turing and he’s having to be more conscious about ‘it’. ….I didn’t think about what I hate ate or drank the night before and today it is slowly creeping down. Whew!
    I do FEEL good, and that IS what matters! Thanks for the support! You’re awesome!

  8. I could have written this post – I feel exactly the way you describe. I can weigh myself in the morning and if it’s a “good” number I’m perfectly happy for the rest of the day, but a “bad” number can just stick to the back of my mind for the entire day making me miserable. I tried not weighing me for some time and I was actually quite happy. I would measure my waist, thighs and arms once in a while but no weighing. But then I felt like I had gained weight and started getting on the scale again about three times a week.

    I feel like it’s such a dilemma ’cause on one hand the number on the scale keeps me motivated to loose some pounds if I gained weight but on the other hand if I’ve had a week of only loosing, let’s say, 150 grams then I’m just miserable and beat myself up about it. Or if I gained a couple of 100 grams I let it get to me as well… Stupid.

    I’m trying to develop a healthy relationship with my scale at the moment. Ideally this would mean to only weigh myself once per month to make sure I was still “on track” and then use the tape-measure if I need to loose some inches. Because obviously I can see that loosing cm doesn’t equal loosing pounds.

    When I had put on an extra 7 kg this past winter and had to loose them again, I lost 8 cm in my waist, 5 on each thigh and 1½ on each upper arm. But this only corresponded to 3 kg weightloss. Which means that I’ve built a lot of muscle from taking up running again and actually lost quite a lot of fat. It’s just not showing on the scale. Which somehow makes the scale useless…

    Perhaps I should just throw the damn thing out. I’m just worried that I will then just let myself gain weight without noticing it. I gain very easily and I’m also heavy built – Danish origin with viking-genes 🙂 But as Emily from Daily Garnish says, then why have a measurable goal (x kg) if not to measure it?

    Phew, a lot of thoughts here, but it’s such a frustrating subject I think… Thanks for posting and getting me to think about it again.

    • Your response is exactly why I wrote on it! I could have went on for hours about this. I just hate how it is so hard to find what is right for our bodies…. It’s not as simple as a number on a scale or measurements, it’s just darn hard is what it is…. You sound quite logical about the whole thing. Geeze, if only we could master what is right!

      • I actually just threw out the battery to my scale this morning! (Can’t throw out the scale as it’s my husbands…) Every time I read something positive and inspiring like your post it gets me a little closer to self-love, so today I feel like I took a huge step. And now I’m going to go for a run, simply because it makes me feel good 🙂

        Enjoy the weekend.

      • Self-love! I strive for it and am so thankful that I’m on the road…. Just a short time ago, I wasn’t even on the road. YAY for doing what makes you feel good!

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  10. This post really struck a chord with me…I love your honesty! While I’m away at school I don’t weigh myself – like you said, the way my clothes fit is good enough feedback. When I’m home for the summer I jump on the scale once a week (first thing in the morning in my pajamas) to get an idea of where I am…but I agree with you – it’s really hard not to read too much into the number (sometimes you carry more water weight) and if you find slight fluctuations are bringing you down, chuck that silly scale!

    • I was almost the opposite of you, I freaked out about it more while I was away to school. Not sure why, but this has always been really hard for me…. I’m finally learning to let go, but it is still harder some days than others. I guess I need to remember that on the hard days; ‘tomorrow may be an easier day!’

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  12. Definitely get rid of the scales! I know I’m not practising what I preach but I do use mine much less often since I had an identical moment (saying almost exactly the same to the scales!)
    And however much you did weigh, you look gorgeous and healthy 🙂

  13. Julie, I promise I never ever use scales. I completely go on how I feel! Do you feel good about yourself? Absolutely! You’ve been eating right, exercising (even starting to run and doing something different with signing up for the 5k!) and strength training. You’re fit, healthy and absolutely stunning in your pictures!! Don’t let a number get you down. It doesn’t have any importance whatsoever. Like you said, you are 5’10! (How I wish I could be that tall! I’m a complete shrimp) and have muscle! The “average woman” is 5’6 and that’s where they get these “average weights”. (Which are lame.) Keep up the awesome attitude! (And thank you for being such an encouragement to me!! You’re absolutely wonderful!!)

  14. Just found found your blog. Your personaliy really shines through, look forward to checking in again!

    I don’t have a scale, but I do think they are important when used sparingly. I use the one at the gym every couple weeks or so. I don’t take one measurement seriously, but if twice in a row I am up, it gives me time to look at my diet and figure out if I am over indulging. If I am, then I change it. If I am not, then I just keep doing what I am doing! My “steady” weight used to be 6 lbs lower than I am now, but since I am healthy and active, I see no reason to strive for it just because it used to be there. I am fitter (?) than ever now! Wooo hooo!

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  16. just found you- I too have a hard time with the numbers…I recently enlisted the help of a personal trainer and I have been slowly going up on the scale- she keeps reassuring me that it is muscle- we just did my body fat after 4 weeks and about 5 pounds heavier and I am down almost 2%….You are gorgeous- I know that doesn’t necessarily help but know we all struggle with the number You are doing and looking great!!

    • Thanks Bekki, that is too sweet! ….I’m getting a little better about it now and trying to realize that that terror when I looked down and saw the number will more than likely be gone in a few days, if is not, then I need to change something! Great job on being down 2%!!! 🙂

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  18. just found your blog. I AM DUTCH TOO!! i am a shorter dutchie though, 5’6. all my cousins tower over me!

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