Try it Tuesday

I’m doing something new…. “Try it Tuesday” is what I’m calling today.

I have something I’m going to try to do this Tuesday. I’m also challenging you to try it to! ….Hence the name. I’m so clever, aren’t I? What am I going to try you may ask….. Well, it is something simple.

I’m going to try to brighten someones day!                           (as many someones as I can!)

I want to spread some smiles!

 I’m going to spread the love and go out of my way to be kind!

And, I’m going to challenge you to give “Try it Tuesday” a whirl! Will you make a conscious effort to be kind and make someone smile? ….Will you?

What got these wheels turning?: Situation 1– I was out and about and I saw someone whose children were incredible! So kind, well mannered, at cute. I should have stopped that mom just to tell her how awesome her kids were. But, sadly, I didn’t. I didn’t want to throw a kink into her already hectic schedule.  Situation 2-I was shopping the other day and saw a women with the cutest purse! I wanted to chase her down the grocery store isle just to tell her it was cute. Then, I thought that would seem a little crazy to talk to someone random… I’ve reflected on moments like that; when I don’t want to put myself out there to give someone a compliment or share a kind word.

I usually speak up and am fearless but, there are times where I keep my mouth shut or just keep on with my daily life when I could share a kind word to brighten someones day. Why? I don’t want to bother them, I don’t want them to think I’m a crazy lady or something, and usually I just don’t want to draw attention to myself.  So, I am going to be sure that I intentionally brighten someones day.

I know that when someone gives me a compliment or goes out of their way to be nice, it resonates with me. It makes me feel awesome; and in turn I usually do something to help someone else’s day better. Today, I’m making a point  and I’m going to get the ball rolling! Today is probably going to be a little tough for me, (maybe I’ll open up about it later) and I want a happy heart when things are tough and maybe karma will smile at me today! 🙂

This brightened my day right away!

Plan of attack ideas:

  • Tell someone their outfit is cute (hair, necklace, or just look great in general)
  • Share a (clean) joke
  • Listen and give positive feedback
  • Tell someone that they did a great job doing something
  • Tell someone to ‘have a happy day’…. Smile and genuinely mean it! 🙂
  • Offer to do a task that will lighten someones heavy load
  • Call someone who may need it, or to catch up with a friend
  • Leave a sticky note for someone telling them how awesome they are
  • Leave a sticky note in a public place telling them they are beautiful just the way they are (I love that one!)
Question: What are you going to do to makes someone smile? -OR- What has someone done to make you smile? >jokes welcome. 🙂 

20 responses to “Try it Tuesday

  1. Aw THIS POST made me smile! Such a cute idea 🙂 Now I’m going to try to pass my smile from this post off to someone!

  2. Great idea! I am joining in and spreading some sunshine!

  3. Aww cute post. Love random acts of kindness!! Maybe I’ll pay for someone’s drink behind me at the drive thru coffee stand!

  4. Such a great idea, this made me happy 🙂 I’ll definitely pay it forward!

  5. Oh, I absolutely love this! Pssht, this post alone has brightened my day–your mission is partly accomplish just like that 😀 I love the idea of giving out random compliments, I always hesitate to say nice things too, but why?? It feels so good when others give me a nice compliment, I should return it. Guess this means I’ll have to do more than go home and veg this evening, gotta leave the house if I’m going to go perk up someone’s (or at least my) day. Thanks for this post!

  6. Great idea! I always try to compliment strangers because I know how great they’ll feel from getting an unexpected compliment.

  7. I have had the same problem complimenting strangers. I seriously will argue with myself in my head. I had this argument with myself just the other day after wanting to tell the cashier that I liked her super-cute hair:
    “Say it! Just say it.”
    “No, I can’t. She’ll think I’m nuts.”
    “Just TELL HER you like her hair!”

    I didn’t end up saying anything. 😦
    Why is it so hard to give strangers compliments? I need to overcome this shyness.
    I love this post and it made me smile. 🙂

    • I totally had this conversation with myself today, the EXACT one! The cashier’s super cute hair was what I was needing to compliment…. Crazy, see. Same conversation.
      Then I said, “Come on, Julie. You know it will brighten her day. Isn’t that the point of ‘Try it Tuesday?’ ….Darn, guess I have to now……” THEN I just let it out and her smile beamed! 🙂

  8. This is a great idea. There was one time that I was a PCA and caring for a very difficult little girl… this woman could see that I was struggling to get the girl to put her coat on, and she knelt down on the floor next to me and helped me physically put the girl’s arms in her coat sleeves. It was the nicest thing ever.

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