This is NOT what Saturday is supposed to look like!

I. am. motivated. ….I. am. motivated. ….I. am. motivated…… I. am. motivated.       …..I am motivated……………If I tell myself this enough, it might just happen. Right? Let’s hope!

These two pictures would be the beautifulness that once was our bedroom. YUCK! This junk could give a person a headache! Could it not?

Bedroom wallpaper #1.

Bedroom wallpaper #2.


I want my house to be ready when the fall rolls around. I know that when school gets here I can’t do anything but think of lesson plans, state tests, behavior modification, and how much I wish I could invent a caffeine IV drip.

Wouldn't it be great?

Back to the task at hand: We bought our house in the fall and I haven’t had time to tackle much with the school year devouring all of my/the husband’s time and energy. (he is also a school teacher and a football coach!)

So, this summer I need to get busy on this house. I managed to rip this stuff off during Christmas break! Christmas was the first break from school that I had since we bought the house and I could actually tear this crap down. I’m sorry. Did I just say crap? …..Well, I meant it! YUCK X 1,000,000!!!

Our bedroom was covered in not one, but TWO yucky flower wallpapers! So, today I have to:

  • sand the walls
  • sand the walls with a different grate
  •  wash them
  • ….. And maybe, just maybe paint a wall or two.

Oh the horror of working this hard today. All I want to do is read this today!

Question: What are you doing today? (please tell me it is better than what I’m doing…)

-OR- Have you ever torn down HIDEOUS WALLPAPER to paint over it? ….Tell me about it. I want to share this pain! 😉 HA! 


13 responses to “This is NOT what Saturday is supposed to look like!

  1. Ahh I hear wall paper is such a pain! Wish I had some good tips for ya, but I’ve never worked with it. It will look fab when you’re done though!! 🙂

    My sister is here for the weekend and we are heading out to the farmers market, a walk around the lake, then the pool!! 🙂

  2. A caffeine drip would be amazing! Good luck with your project:)

  3. Looking a little like yours! My boyfriend and I are off to home improvement stores to get some supplies for some apartment projects! I also went for a run this morning and feel like I could just lounge around all day now!

  4. Hmmm…I don’t know which is worse, having to do laundry and clean bathrooms or remove wallpaper and sand the walls. I think I’ll stick with my laundry and bathrooms, but I’ll be thinking of you.
    My husband’s grandmother had wallpaper like this in their 100 year old house. Great memories, but it can be a little too much on the eyes.

  5. Ah yes I’ve torn down wallpaper before & it’s no fun!

    I’ve had a pretty relaxed day so far but I’m off to a bday party tonight! 🙂

  6. I went on a run this morning but have been working most of the day..I feel your pain! Tearing down wallpaper SUCKS.

  7. Oh. my. goodness. That wallpaper IS hideous! You poor thing!! I personally haven’t had to deal with ugly wallpaper, but when I was younger, I had to help tear down the wallpaper with my mom and dad and it was not fun. Good luck to you as you get the walls prepped to make them your own 🙂

  8. Aww don’t worry about being lame. It could be worse. I am dealing with lesson plans, papers, and all the other jazz right now DURING summer because it is my last term in school! Only 4 weeks left… only 4 weeks left… haha!

  9. haha this is hilarious. I am packing to see U2 in Toronto tommorow…so thats exciting 🙂 🙂

  10. Hey there! I just stumbled across your blog from Chocolate Covered Katie! As I was scrolling down I noticed the picture of the wallpaper, because my parents had the first wallpaper in their bedroom in the house I was growing up in! That really took me back! Anyways, love your blog and will stopping by from now on!

  11. LOVE that book – I actually like the sequel “Something Blue” even better!

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