What’s a girl to do?




Last night the husband, myself, and some of our friends went out to the rodeo. Yes, I wore my boots. Yes, I rocked them…. Good times were had by all!

So, from the pictures above can you tell that I had fun?….uh-oh. Maybe too much. Hence, the pictures above.

I’ve never been a hard Β partier. Brace yourself: I was the nerd who stayed home and studied. I swear. Sad, but true. I had a short two week stent in college where I did stay out later than 1:30 AM on the week nights! Heaven forbid!… I went out on the weekends with the boyfriend (now husband) and my college roommate and best friend. We had our fun but it was maybe once a week. But on those nights, the next morning was okay. I would get up and go about my daily business and feel fine.

Fast forward 2 years: This girl is not used to saying up late AND drinking more than a glass or two of wine. I didn’t go overboard but I’m just simply not in college anymore! …..It gets hard once they hand you the diploma, I SEWAR!Β 

QUESTION: What is your magic trick the morning after you’ve had too much fun?

Also, am I the only one, but….. Did you notice that once they handed you the diploma, the next morning INSTANTLY got harder?


22 responses to “What’s a girl to do?

  1. No magic trick – the key is water, water and more water!!! I always force myself to workout too–a good sweat is always helpful πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my goodness my alcohol tolerance has gone down the tubes – I max out at 2-3 drinks (with plenty of water in between!) I had around 4 drinks over the course of 6 or so hours last night and thankfully drank water between each one so I’m ok this morning!

    The things that work best for me are: coconut water and a workout. Sweating it out is the fastest way for me to feel better (and the coconut water, while it may be mental, totally works I swear!)

    Coffee will help at first but it will only further dehydrate you – water, water, water! (And skip the greasy foods… they’ll make your stomach feel worse than it already does!) A nap never hurts either!

    Feel better! πŸ™‚

  3. Ditto on the water. And maybe a little extra time laying on the couch!

    Would love to see a picture of you rocking your boots!

  4. Lol glad you had fun at the rodio! I’ve never been to one!

    Any recommendations on where to get a good pair of cowgirl boots? Ive been looking for some to wear with summer dresses!!

    My hangover “cure”: eggs and buttery toast, vitamin and coconut water!

    Feel better! πŸ™‚

    • It was fun! About the cowgirl boots: mine aren’t fashion boots, I have Tony Lama boots that are meant more for work and riding. Cowgirl boots that are meant for riding and stuff are typically more expensive and don’t look as feminine…… so I would shop for fashion boots and not my route. There are some CUTE ones out there!!!

  5. EVERYTHING about life gets harder after college!

  6. Oh girlfriend….I’m right there with you!!! Definitely can’t drink like I used to, not that I want to anyways, but anytime I do drink, I have to limit it severely!

    My honey had a hangover a few weeks ago and when I looked up some natural remedies, the one he liked the most was a foot and neck massage πŸ™‚ I can’t remember why the foot one works, but the neck one was to relieve any headache symptoms. Tell your husband to rub your feet and I’m sure you’ll feel fantastic in no time!!! I hope you made it through the day okay!

  7. I drink a green monster and lots of water. And I might take some advil. And go back to bed if possible… Good luck. πŸ™‚

  8. Everytime I overdo it now it is worse and worse the next day. Thankfully I am pretty good at knowing when it will happen (which is isn’t often) and I can often prevent it in the first place. I try to drink a full glass of water between each drink. It keeps something in my hand and keeps me hydrated. When does this fail? When washrooms are inconvenient!

  9. I’ve never been a partier–but yeah, as soon as I graduated college, drinking became a lot harder (but also less appealing except on the occasional fun night out). Chug water and take ibuprofen BEFORE falling asleep, do the same when you wake up, wait a few hours before eating anything. That’s my cure–maybe it helps? I think hangover cures are pretty much psychological anyway…I had a pretty heavy Saturday night, but actually woke up feeling okay (if tired) on Sunday.

    • That’s the thing, it was my ‘fun night’ but I couldn’t handle it…. Friends were laughing and my stomach was yelling… Oh what a time it was. But, I feel great today and should stick my tongue out at them for being so mean while I was sick….

  10. Aw I went to a rodeo last week when I was in Texas and it was so much fun!! Glad you had a great time. And ugh the dreaded next morning! Key for me is always to take some advil and drink some water before I go to sleep. I also think having some sort of carby snack helps. I’m very impressed though with the people who said working out helps them- I just have to sleep!

    • Next morning is tough as soon as I accepted my first ‘job’! Why in the world is that?!!?! …….I’m still young! (or so I like to think…) My friends are seriously older then I am. Why must I do this?! I should have eaten bread like you suggest! …. A rodeo in Texas, that must have been FUNNNNNN!

  11. Seeing that I’m still a college-student, I am no stranger to this topic πŸ˜‰
    No matter how many cocktails I have, as long as I drink about 2 glasses of water before hitting the hay, I’m usually good to go the next morning! Also, a scooped out bagel with egg-whites and cheese in the AM has NEVER failed me!

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