These two are similar… but not the same

Can you find what is different in these two pictures? (NO, the camera angle does not count!)

Did you find it? …. Yep. I’m hoping you did. It kind of jumps out at you, doesn’t it! That’s what I love about sprinkles! They say, “BAM!!! I’M AWESOME!”

I had to make a quick pit stop to say hello and find an internet connection! I made a quick trip home to see the family!….My mom had surgery on both of her hands, so she is completely braced up with no hands! Eeeekk! 😦  What kind of a doctor does that to a person?! SERIOUSLY?… The right hand surgery was about two weeks ago and the left hand happened yesterday. Ick! I want to help her all I can!…. Hopefully in a few weeks it will feel like she has a new set of hands though. This is what we are praying for!

Also, I am taking care of the cutest little boy on the face of the earth, my nephew. I ❤ him! He owns my heart! ….The husband proposed to me only a few days after the nephew was born, I think he knew that he was losing ground QUICKLY as the most important boy in my life. 😉 ….The proposal put the husband back in spot #1, just by a hair….

Question: Don’t you all just love those games where two things are alike but you have to find the differences?!? 

OR— Are you an Aunt? Isn’t it wonderful? Tell me about it, please! We can gush together. 🙂


9 responses to “These two are similar… but not the same

  1. I just became an Aunt in April 🙂 They live in Minnesota though, so I haven’t met the little stinker yet. HOWEVER, we are having a family reunion down here in VA NEXT WEEKEND, so I get to meet Ally then 😀 I’m so excited!!!

    I just bought her a cute little PJ outfit that says “I love auntie” on it at Target- on clearance 🙂

  2. LOVE my nephews… I have 3 boys…love them to death…I have always been a tomboy so I fit rt in with them…one is 16, one 6 and 1 6 months…I guess you could say my sister couldn’t make up her mind! I love them all and couldn’t imagine my life without them!! Nephews Rock!

  3. Hoping your mom has a quick recovery from hand surgery!

    I am a mommy to 2 and an aunt to 4! One of life’s greatest blessings is the love from children. Keeps everything in perspective!

  4. I love to play those games… so fun!

    I’m not an Aunt just yet, but I will be when I get married! My fiance’s older brother & sister-in-law have a son. 🙂

  5. Sprinkles!! They always make everything better, especially the rainbow kind 🙂

  6. I am an aunt to two adorable little nieces and I LOVE them to pieces 🙂

  7. I love those kinds of games…also the “which of these things doesn’t belong?” game – now that I’m older I play when I look into my grocery cart

  8. Hope your mom gets well soon.
    I’m not an aunt. I have a small family, so I don’t think I’ll be an aunt for quite a while. It might be kind of fun though 🙂

  9. Yum, sprinkles are the answer to all life’s questions!! 😀 I absolutely LOVE those games, I would be the kid in the dentist office who would try to take the game books with me :p

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