Something Borrowed


I bought this book a couple of weeks ago because everyone was raving about how good it was….. I read it. It’s good!…. I simply couldn’t put it down.

How it happened:

  • Tuesday: bought the book
  • Wednesday: started reading the book, only about 30 pages worth
  • Thursday: Got to about page 100
  • Friday: oh no, it is consuming my life… Must finish! ….and I did!
This book follows a girl named Rachel through her life in NYC. She has a life driven by following the rules and the protocol of life that she believe to be so, especially with her roots in Indiana. Her job at a law firm is grueling and not the dream that was envisioned while in law school.
 Darcy, Rachel’s best friend,  who has been her best friend since pretty much the beginning of time. …Situational friends in since, but best friends nonetheless. Darcy seems to have life wrapped around her little finger and it all comes so easily to her. Darcy has worked her luck in every aspect of her life, including being engaged to a handsome man, Dex. 
Rachel goes through the daily grind in her seemingly boring life but when her 30th birthday rolls around a kink gets thrown in the mix to affect everyone in her life, both in friendship and love.
Now that I have read the book……

I am dying to see the movie!!


Question: Read the book? Seen the movie? …How do they compare? Am I going to be let down?



6 responses to “Something Borrowed

  1. I mayyyy have watched a bootleg copy of the movie online 🙂 I was dying to see it so I had to!! I enjoyed the book way more, but it’s still worth seeing the movie!

  2. I saw the movie and it was adorable! Much better than the reviews said it was! I love Kate Hudson, but if you don’t – she plays pretty much the same character that she did in Bride Wars…. that I loved-to-hate! 🙂

    Definitely worth seeing!

  3. I haven’t read the book, but it sounds like a good one!

  4. I loved the book too, but the movie was so-so… in my opinion.

  5. Oh oh, you have to read the second book, something blue, its even better!!!!!!!
    The movie was pretty good but only because i’ve read the book, otherwise i’m not sure i would have like it!
    Seriously though, read book number two, you will love it!
    Oh and lovely blog, can’t wait to read more :o)

  6. John Krasinski was the best part of the movie! I wanted to scream at Ginnifer Goodwin’s character the entire time for not realizing the best guy ever — John’s character — was in front of her the entire time!! Silly girl!!!!

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