Answer to the teacher’s lounge….

First off, I  ‘THANK YOU’ all a million times over for all of your ideas and showing some California love,  our ♥honeymoon re-do♥ is bound to be great with all of your help! Keep ’em coming if you think of anything! You are all soooooo AWESOME! Thank you!

So, some of you know I’m a teacher. Yes, this wild and crazy girl is in charge of 15-25 children EVERY day during the months of August-May. I make them just as wild and crazy, incase you were wondering…..

Seconds after Mrs. H got pied in the face!!! .... Maybe I'll share this for another day. (Look close, you can evens see part of the crust falling, it's not a spot on my pants)

Well, teachers around here have this thing called ‘FAT FRIDAY’! …..Does this sound like something you would like to take part in?... I for one cringe when I think of things like this. Everyone is responsible for bringing a dish and we all share. (Sharing is caring) Fat Friday happens about once a month or so, when something special comes up. We share our food and talk. That is what happens….

If you are a cool kid, you bring food to ‘Fat Friday’ and chit-chat.  I want to be a cool kid… really, I do! I usually eat my spinach salad and apple in my classroom. I want to be friendly, but I just don’t eat the kinds of things that they eat.  NOT that I’m judging them! I just don’t want them to judge me because I don’t eat their food and I bring my own food. ….I want to bring food and share in the experience, really, I do!

Thanks to Katie over at I have an answer! ….Her snickerdoodle dip is HEAVENLY!!!  Thank you Katie! (who is now in NYC, so jealous!)


The goods!

  • 1 1/2 c -OR- 1 can of white beans
  • 1/4 c unsweetened applesauce
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • Sweetener: she suggests 3/4 c. brown sugar –
    • —I added 2 packets of stevia! I don’t want to feel guilty about eating the batch. If I’m sharing, I’ll add the brown sugar. If it’s at home, I’ll do stevia.
  • 2 1/4 tsp cinnamon (I always go waaay overboard when it comes to cinnamon)
  • large, large pinch of cream of tartar

Here is the goodness! 😛 Yumm!

Put them all in a food processor or blender and go to town! Soooo good!!! 😛

So when I’m trying to be a COOL KID I’ll add a gram cracker to entice the stressed teachers, it brings us back to happy days……….. Days where children are studying and laughing at all of their teacher’s jokes! 😉 HA!

This is a MUST TRY!!!

Personally, I’m a fan of this stuff on APPLES! ….Mom & sister said it was really good and tasted *JUST* like snickerdoodles! SCORE!

It is saying "Try me.... TRY ME!!!!"

This is so healthy, I’ll have something to eat AND share of ‘Fat Friday’. This is Charlie & myself refer to as WINNING!!! (I scolded myself for the Charlie reference) ….In all seriousness, THIS is my solution to make ‘Fat Friday’ not so fat! 🙂 

QUESTION: Are there any situations where you feel like I do on ‘Fat Friday’? What do you do? –OR– Recipe to share for potluck?


26 responses to “Answer to the teacher’s lounge….

  1. What a great recipe!! My grandmother is actually coming to town this weekend (check out my post on it tomorrow!) and is bringing her famous snickerdoodles! I seriously thought that only she made them when I was younger…seriously!

    Anyways, at pot-lucks at work (like yesterday for a baby shower), I bring a protein packed dish that I know I can eat (I took my corn, black bean and tomato salsa), and I also bring snacks: Larabars, carrots and PB, an apple, etc. Sometimes, I’ll eat my spinach salad before going to the pot-luck. Most people in my office know of my eating habits and don’t pay me any mind when I do that, but who knows what they are really thinking!

  2. Your dip looks FABULOUS! I love the ingredients that you used! LOVE IT!

  3. Haha wow – that’s an interesting concept. My office tends to keep it pretty healthy luckily but in a situation like that I would probably just bring a healthy dish of my own that I knew I could eat!

  4. Yum! That looks deee.licious! I say, keep on bringin’ healthy dishes to Fat Friday and you will rub off on your coworkers and I’ll bet they’ll be saying: how could healthy food taste soooo good? They will be enlightened by what you already know!!!

    Awesome pie in the face — can’t wait for that story!

  5. That looks amazing! Healthy-fied “bad” foods are the best 🙂

  6. I totally understand where you are coming from girl—no need to feel bad for being healthy! It takes a lot of work to stay healthy these days – and as I tell my husband, I’m not working this hard to lose it on a couple days of really bad eating! To be honest, I found at my old job – it’s the simplest things, like hummus. To you and I – it’s normal, but for some people seriously, brace yourself….they have never tried it! Crazy rt? Good for you for bringing a healthy snack! (been trying to get a hold of you me ur email!). 🙂

  7. What a perfect solution! That dip on apples looks amazing. I need to remember that for fall (it just seems like a fall dip to me. ;-)).

  8. I finished my education courses in two weeks and then I will be a teacher (hopefully… haha)!

    Almost every week we have been having a bake sale to raise money for a nice meal together at the end of the program and I feel SO guilty not eating SOMETHING when I walk by! My solution was to just make something and bring it in so I contributed in my own little way!

    Bake sales are big in schools too so this will be my plan of attack!

  9. Mmm that dip looks really good… just like all of Katie’s recipes! 🙂 That seems like the perfect solution to your “problem”!

  10. whenever we have a potluck at work I feel this! Seriously! I usually pack my own lunch and maybe snag a little piece of dessert. OR I try to bring something healthy myself! ust like you!

  11. I swear, nurses have the WORST diet in the world! There is always so much junk in our staff room that parent’s of our patients bring in as thank you’s, or that people bring in to be nice.

    I eat vegan, so my strategy is usually to bring in something that is sneakily healthy, and looks “normal”, like vegan muffins, cinammon buns (not super healthy), a dip, etc. Generally they are a hit, and that way I have something that I can guaranteed eat so I don’t feel like the uncool kid.

  12. Ugh–work has this all the time. As in, the office goes out to AWFUL restaurants with no healthy options, and I feel antisocial if I always turn down the invites. Wish there was as simple a solution as bringing that dip! I’m on a huge dessert hummus kick, I love those sweet healthy dips that feel like a splurge but are actually GOOD for you!

  13. Love this! The curse of the office treats.

    Love the colors in your blog – shows your personality (I think – I don’t know you obviously!) 🙂

  14. My all time fave cookie in a dip form?! Definitely bookmarking this!

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  16. I have the same issue with our school potlucks. Usually someone will donate breakfast, and I’ll pick out some fruit and run it back to my classroom before anyone notices. But I completely agree that the teachers’ lounge can wreak havoc on a healthy diet!

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