Spinach & Sprinkles in SF!

Welcome to Cali! 

(I wonder if people from California hate it when others call it Cali? hmmm?)

Yep, took this one today while I was at the Golden Gate Bridge.... I. WAS. THERE.

The husband and I awoke at 4:10 to make it to the airport to make our first flight and then caught a transfer to make it to San Francisco 8ish hours later. It was only 11:20 in California.

Oh jet-lag how I am confused by you….

We hit up the Candlestick Park for the husband, HUGE let down… Then  we went to the Golden Gate Bridge and finally to Fisherman’s Wharf! The Golden Gate Bridge (and San Francisco in general) was suuuuper cold for this girl! I am used to +110°F all summer so ‘brrrrrrrr’ is all I could think. The husband even had to buy a coat! This my friends tells me that you know where must have frozen over. The husband is always hot!

Here I am in the blowing wind... See, I told you I was there! 🙂

We are at the hotel in Santa Rosa ($$.where internet runs $9.95 a day.$$ I thought that was a free thing now days…. sigh.)

Question: Isn’t internet free at every other hotel you’ve been at?!?!


18 responses to “Spinach & Sprinkles in SF!

  1. Your internet isn’t free?! What a bummer! At least you got to see and STAND on the Golden Gate Bridge! I am so jealous.

  2. Yay for finally being there!!! Oh how I wish we could get some colder weather here!!

    Internet seems to be free at the cheaper (regular-people) hotels, but not at the swankier ones! I don’t get it?!!? Glad you were able to check in though 🙂

  3. ittybitsofbalance

    If you are in San Francisco, you should check out this restaurant called The Stinking Rose! They make all of their dishes with garlic and they have some DELICIOUS options!

    You will not regret it– just make sure you bring some mints 😉

  4. San Fransisco is SO COLD! You need to go buy snuggies ASAP!

    My husband and I have a theory that the nicer the hotel, the less free items you get. It is so frustrating!

    Have an awesome trip!!! I cannot wait to see all of the pictures!

  5. I think nicer hotels in bigger cities always charge you for internet. Normal chain type hotels usually seem to be pretty good for free internet in Canada. If you think it is cold in San Fransisco try hitting up my neck of the woods!

    Enjoy your trip!

  6. Enjoy your trip girl! I HATE it when the hotel charges a fee for internet – it’s ridiculous!! xoxo from Trinidad!

    p.s. Red is SO your color girl! 🙂

  7. So exciting! I’d love to visit San Francisco! How cold is it? I can’t even imagine putting on a North Face right now, but it might be a nice change of pace. 🙂

  8. Ahhh I should have warned you that sf is freezing!! Santa Rosa is warmer tho!! 🙂

  9. Kelsey @utmosthealth

    Looks like you are having a blast!! You will have to tell us about the foods you eat!! 😀 I hear San Fran has some good restaurants!

  10. Yay for being in the city! I hope you are having a wonderful time! But yes, SF is very, very cold in the summer! But if you go outside the city it will be warmer!! And ugh about the internet charge! The same thing happened to me on a flight recently- I thought it was free but when I found out how much it cost for internet, I did not want to go for it!

  11. Looks like you are having fun, i love fishermans wharf and i agree, SF is always cold, i did a double decker tour and froze my tushie off 🙂

  12. thats crazy that you internet is really $10!? Sound like you’re having fun, though!!

  13. Yay! Welcome! For a San Franciscan, this weather we’re having lately is beautiful! 🙂 Sept/Oct are the warmest mos but it’s pretty nice today! Santa Rosa will definitely be warmer! What else are you doing while you’re here? If you need any suggestions, let me know! 🙂

  14. Have a great time! San Fran is one of my favorite places! Love fishermans warf, pier 39 and all the sea lions. So cute.

  15. So cute! Looks like y’all are having a blasty!

    I actually used to work at a boutique hotel where the internet was not free – we got complaints ALL the time. But trust that there is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes in making budgets than meets the eye, and that, so long as you’re in a nice hotel, they will try to provide a unique set of amenities – for example we had a free ~amazing~ breakfast, beds I would happily die on and beautious decor – every hotel can’t have it ALL!

  16. I just got back from vacation as well! And our internet wasn’t free either. I have to admit, it was nice to unplug from the computer for 4 days.
    Have fun!

  17. Oh my gosh what a fantastic time!! I’m SO SO jealous! I hear ya on being back from vacation though, it’s no fun!

  18. That is SO lame they charged that much for internet! I’m sorry! Just curious, why did you stay in Santa Rosa? Was it for wine tasting?

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