Clicking the ruby red slippers 3 times = Back in Kansas

Hello everyone! Sorry that it has been so long. I should have checked in but I was busy having an amazing time with the husband.I had the time of my life in California! Our ♥honeymoon re-do♥  was truly the best vacation ever. Let me say it again….

best. vacation. ever. 

It was so beautiful!

We got to San Francisco on Tuesday and were busy bees  all the way till we took off on Saturday morning at 6:20. I wouldn’t change a thing; except that I wish the husband would have driven the duck HA! ….. But I’ll get to that another day.

I’ll give you some recaps of my favorite food and sights and memories on another day but for today I’m just sharing the joy and thankfulness I have for the amazing time that I had with my husband. It truly was the ♥honeymoon♥ that WE never had.

I feel blessed to have this experience to end the summer.

Todays post includes pictures of the first day sights that I loved:

Not going to lie. We left the airport without a plan, the husband did not like this idea. We were aimless and my BFF—Garmin decided that he was NOT going to work. Like at all…. I proceded to get the puppy dog sad eyes and come VERY close to tears. I am not familiar with SF or how to get to Santa Rosa or our hotel. I. was. lost…. After about 15 minutes of being pulled over and trying to figure out why my BFF—Garmin had abandoned me it decided to start working on a whim. The heavens smiled on this girl…..

So, we were on our way!

Unlike anything we have in Kansas...

We just walked around for a bit and took in the sights on the first day before we headed back to the hotel in Santa Rosa.

Driving over the Golden Gate!

We had to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge to get to our hotel so I drove over the bridge about 8 or 10 times…. Oh the fun. Ha!

A view of the city!

So, now we are back to the daily grind of life and work and all that fun stuff!

Question: What is was your best vacation ever?


38 responses to “Clicking the ruby red slippers 3 times = Back in Kansas

  1. My senior trip to Hawaii with all of my friends was SUCH a blast. The weather was amazing in Hawaii and it was a great trip to bring us all together before going our separate ways for college!

    – Nicole

  2. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    These pictures are beautiful! So glad you had fun
    My boyfriend Will is sitting with me and he totally called that it was California just by the pictures haha.
    Cant wait to see more pictures 🙂

  3. Great pictures!!!! I love san francisco, i have a cheesy photo of me driving the trolley cart, lol!
    Best vacation ever was Italy last year, its such a beautiful country 🙂
    Can’t wait to see more!!!

  4. So glad you all had a great time! No need to apologize for not checking in!! You had other things to occupy your time, I’m sure 😉

    My best vacation was my honeymoon! Cabo San Lucas is out of this world gorgeous and we just enjoyed each other’s company while relaxing completely!

  5. Gorgeous pics 😉 Our honeymoon in Tahiti was definitely the best trip ever. Wish I could go back!

  6. So glad that you had a great time! And glad that you’re back too..I missed your blog posts! lol Can’t wait to read more about the trip. 🙂

  7. Kelsey @utmosthealth

    It looks beautiful there! Glad you had fun!! My favorite would have to be Cape Town South Africa. We are leaving today and I am SOOO sad 😦

  8. Awe – I’m SO happy you had such a great trip! Glad the Garmin started working! I can’t wait to read and see some pictures this week! Missed your bubbly/positiveness last week!! Happy to have you back…
    I would have to say my favorite vacation was my husband & I’s first big vacation together while dating – we went to Costa Rica – we white water rafted, stayed at an amazing place – surfed for the 1st time, went to see a sloth sanctuary and knew in that trip we would eventually get married…

  9. YAY! I am thrilled that you had an awesome “Honeymoon Re-do!” I cannot wait to see all of your adventures!!! Whenever I am in San Francisco I always pretend like I am going to run into the Tanner Family. My family always acts like I am crazy, but Full House is REAL in my book! haha! 🙂

  10. Glad you had a blast on your honey moon re-do! Love making memories like that! My best vacation was our honeymoon. We stayed in Maui and then on the way home we stayed in San fran for 2 days. To this day, still the top vacation!

  11. So glad you had a wonderful time & made it home safe & sound! My personal fave vacay was senior spring break of college to Culebra, a small island off the coast of Puerto Rico which my group of 28 basically took over – it was like having our own private island! So much fun. Too much fun? Maybe.

    • Funny part about the safe & sound: As we were taking off from our first flight, a little boy (like 6 or so) says quite loudly to his dad, “Dad, I don’t have a good feeling about this….. we’re going to crash!!!!”
      So, we were glad to have landed safely!

  12. I went to California and San Fran for the first time this spring. I was taken away in a dream world. Everything I ever could have imagined. Glad to hear someone else is having a great time there as well. Enjoy!

  13. So glad you had an amazing time in California – looking forward to your recaps!

  14. So exciting! Shane and I are taking a trip up the coast of Cali for our next trip. I’m so exciting!!

  15. So glad you had fun – you guys deserved it! My best vaca is hard to nail down. Maybe Florence with the hubby last year? Too hard to choose! 🙂

  16. looks so gorgeous! does everyone get a honeymoon redo? 😉

  17. So glad you had a great time! Can’t wait to see more of San Fran!

  18. So glad your trip was a success/your re-do was everything you wanted it to be!

  19. I’m so glad your trip went well!! I love all the pictures, they came out great 🙂

  20. yay! I’m so happy you had such an awesome time, it sounds like a truly incredible trip. Gorgeous pictures, by the way. Can’t wait to hear the rest 🙂

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