Chocolate-Banana Chi Seed Bites!

When I arrived home from California I had a package waiting for me!!!! A bag of chia seeds! I had won a giveaway over at chocolatecoveredkatie from Health Warrior! Thank you Katie & the team over at Health Warrior! I’m ♥LOVING this!!!


I *NEVER* win anything so this was VERY exciting!!!! 🙂

This bag has so many nutrients packed into this 16 oz bag, just check out the front:

  • Omega 3s of 10lbs of Salmon
  • Magnesium of 15 lbs of Broccoli
  • Antioxidants of 2 lbs of Blueberries
  • Calcium of 4 lbs of 1% milk
  • Fiber of 4 lbs of Oatmeal
  • Protein of 3 lbs of Tofu

This is one powerful bag if you ask me!!!!

I also got this little package inside… hmmmm.

Too bad they only sent me two to devour!

They were a quick little health snack that I just couldn’t say no to! … They sent me two of them and it just simply wasn’t enough, so I decided I HAD to make my own! 🙂

Inside of my mini food processor I added:

  • 2/3 of a small banana (I wanted to add volume without a huge amount of calories…)
  • 2 tbsp of dark chocolate cocoa powder
  • 1 tbsp of peanut butter
  • 1/4 c oats + 1 cup of puffed cereal (more volume again….)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3 tbsp of chia seeds (could add a lot more next time)

A few of the goodies in the mix!

I combined all of the ingredients in my food processor to make a cookie dough like consistancy- probably a little wetter than cookie dough actually. Then I did what I always do at Spinach and Sprinkles and formed them into little balls for easy go-to snack or to pair with a meal to boost my nutrient intake.

True Spinach and Sprinkles style right here….. Bite sized with SPRINKLES!

They are pretty chocolate packed and delicious plus I got a lot of chia seeds in there! Goood Stuff in my book!

I contemplated not giving you my recipe at all  and just showing you the ingredients that were on the package. Here is what is in their Chia Bar:

  • Chia seeds,oats, brown rice syrup, organic peanut butter, organic whole grain brown rice crisps, agave syrup, brown rice syrup solids, Natural peanut extract, cocoa powder, peanut flour, vanilla extract, & sea salt!


… I encourage you to do your own thing. I just ate something I liked and tried to create somehting that would work for me! You should do the same! …My recipe was NOT by any means perfect, it has a looooong way to go but I like that I’m getting a dose of healthy with each little ball I eat!


Question: What is your favorite way to chia?!? -or- Have you ever tired them?!?

–I have a whole lot of them to eat now and would *LOVE* new ideas! 🙂 Happy Wednesady! 

Also, I thank you all a million times over for your encouraging words and support yesterday! God has helped my heart quite a bit and made me accept that I will encounter people who condem me even when I’ve done the right thing. I’m sure this isn’t over but I feel so much stronger today. Your support and words meant the world to me. THANK YOU! ♥


15 responses to “Chocolate-Banana Chi Seed Bites!

  1. These look awesome (and super nutritious!!)! Great job at recreating the bar- it sounds like you got everything!

    I have never tried chia seeds, but would love to! Especially when paired with chocolate and peanut butter 🙂

  2. Those seriously look great, even though you haven’t perfected the recipe yet! I haven’t tried chia seeds on their own, but they are in my Shakeology mix that I drink every day. I do want to get chia seeds to use them in oats or baking though! P.S. Every time I use sprinkles on my smoothie bowls I think of you lol I even mentioned you in one post that I used sprinkles. 🙂

  3. Those look amazing! Chocolate + banana is such a great combo. I mostly only use chia seeds in my oatmeal and occasionally as an egg substitute. I should branch out and use them more. Although I read something that questioned their safety during pregnancy so I don’t use them at all right now.

  4. STILL havent tried them! Definitely picking some up on my next trip to Whole Foods! Those look delicious!

  5. Kelsey @utmosthealth

    I love this recipe idea!! YUMM. I never knew chia seeds were so healthy! I honestly never looked! To bad I already made brownie batter pancakes for breakfast! LOL

  6. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    These look SO adorable– I LOVE the sprinkles 😀

  7. I have never had chia seeds before but so many folks are blogging about them – I must try them soon! xoxo from Trinidad

  8. Holy yum those look amazing! And too cute with the sprinkles 🙂

  9. I looooooove chia seeds in yogurt and oats! By far my fave way to consume them – those bites look pretty fantastic too though!

  10. Your bites look awesome!
    I make chia pudding by soaking the chia seeds over night in any milk of your choice. I like the vanilla coconut milk. (I would recommend the white chia seeds though as the black chia seed pudding ends up looking a lot like caviar!) The white chia pudding resmbles tapioca pudding.
    Like adding the seeds in yogurt too.mmmmmm

  11. Those look yummy! The only way I’ve tried chia is in oats, but I’m sure I’d like it in other stuff too – especially free chia. I hear it’s better that way. 😉

    Sorry about yesterday’s lemons. These things pass in time, especially when someone doesn’t even own up to their statements. What a jerk.

  12. Ohh that chia bar looks great! I love how you took it as inspiration and then went about making your own thing! I like to use chia seeds in my salads, especially my Asian broccoli slaw one! It gives it a great crunch!

  13. I put chia seeds in everything! I sprinkle them on salads, in sauces, in baking, in oatmeal, in smoothies…seriously everything! You can also soak them overnight in water and make a pudding (add in flavoring, obviously!).

    I started using chia seeds about 2 years ago when I read about them. Apparently, waaaayy back, warriors would take only chia seeds and water with them to battle because it was all that was needed to give them energy and keep them full. Crazy!

  14. I have just recently started using chia seeds, but I just put them in smoothies. Thank you for giving me a different use for them! I love your posts! They always make me smile! 🙂

  15. Just added your blog to my favorites. LOVE the chia recipe! I add them to cereal, oats, you name it!! cant wait to try this recipe.

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