California- Day 2 (part 1)

Day 2 of the ♥Honeymoon re-do♥ was purely for this girl! —I was so pumped and had no idea what to expect!  (hopefully some of this though ;)… ) 

Wine tasting! ....First one ever!

We started out at Chateau St. Jean! It was a great way to start…. Simply beautiful… Everywhere I looked it was beautiful! 

I loved taking in the sights!

We were there early enough that we were the ONLY ones there! (snicker if you must, but I was drinking wine at 10 AM for sure!!!)  The wonderful old man pouring our wine was a gem, loved him!  It was nice that our first tasting was peaceful and just the two of us.

Perfect for a wedding, don't you think?! ...Or a vowel renewal? 😉

We walked around for a while and just took in our first views of WINE COUNTRY! We wrapped things up at Chateau St. Jeanand headed to Kenwood Vineyards! It was just a little ways down the road and I heard they wanted to please there and would help us each find a wine that we would love. Thought we would give it a try. 

Such a cosy and personal feel inside. Not too big, I liked that.

We walked in starting sipping away! I found a few too many wines that I loved ♥! …They sold me on a drink to be shipped to my house …so I could relive the joy. I’m such a sucker! –I don’t regret it! I liked Kenwood Vineyards quite a bit, the wine was interesting and they had a wide array of things!

…On to Sonoma!  

The view on the way to Sonoma!

We arrived in Sonoma and I loved the small town feeling I got! So pretty to have a town with this kind of backdrop! Oooo-la-la! 🙂

We ate a small lunch at the Sonoma Cheese Factory and I got some home-made fudge. Pretty darn tasty if you ask me!  Then while walking around we found this great mureal on the side of a building. The husband offered to take a picture of me infront of it…… THEN a really nice young lady came by and offered to take a picture of the both of us! I didn’t even have to ask! –BAMMMM! Take that husband who HATES pictures 😉

Matt & Julie Valley of the Moon

Loving Valley of the Moon ....sorry husband, I couldn't leave you out of alllll the pictures. Just for the next couple of days? Be patient? Please? ..... Had to sneak this one in because I just love you. That's a fact.

We–okay, okay I– decided to do a quick tasting while in town! I enjoyed this tasting a whole lot because the woman pouring the wine was not concerned with how many drinks were in a flight but  more about finding out what I liked and why I liked it!! I found it crazy that I could LOVE one chardonnay and HATE another chardonnay.

While I was tasing, the husband tried his hand at some photography. Top notch, husband. Top notch!

Such fun!

With some simple cropping and editing, this is a masterpiece by the husband himself! Great work! He had to do this, I was waaay too busy sipping away. 

I realized I HAVE to split this into TWO posts, there was just too much goodness that I wanted to relive to put it into just one post, part II of Day 2 will be tomorrow! 🙂

Question: Have you ever been wine tasting? Did you learn anything interesting? 


27 responses to “California- Day 2 (part 1)

  1. I’m loving your California trip posts! So much fun! Glad you had such an amazing time! 🙂 It’s funny you went to a cheese factory and got fudge..soo something I would do. 😉

  2. Holy Goodness, Napa and Sonoma are just magical! I think I liked Sonoma better than Napa…It seemed more quaint to me!

    I have been wine tasting several times; however, I HATE the taste of alcohol so I did more snacking on the bread and cheese than actual drinking. I am the one that opts for the grape juice–haha!

  3. I’ve been wine tasting a bunch of times and seem to learn something new every time. I learned that the steel barrels make the wine taste different from the oak barrels. I can’t remember the difference, but I know there is one!

    Wine country is truly as beautiful as people say it is! Glad you got to do so many tastings in one day 🙂

  4. Beautiful photos! I saw your comment on Live Laugh Eat and wanted to stop by and let you know that I am also hosting a giveaway for the Take Back Your Health conference.

  5. Great pics! Let’s see…have I ever been to a wine tasting? Hmm…only about a million – if there is a winery near where we are at any moment – I find it and go! lol my husband is very patient! I love learning about different wines and getting educated – although I am HUGE dork like that! I love it when you think you’re going to dislike something and BAM -you end up loving it! xoxo from Trinidad Hope your school year is going well so far girl!

  6. Gah! I’m just catching up on your recap posts but I’m already SO jealous! Looks like an incredible time! I (as you know) have been wine tasting, love it!

  7. Your pictures are beautiful. I love wine counrty, my husband and I have been only once to Napa Valley. We had a blast and I see nothing wrong with sipping wine at 10:00am!! 🙂

  8. I LOVE wine tastings! So fun and I always learn a lot 🙂 I’ve always enjoyed wine, but learning about it makes me appreciate it more.

  9. I love wine tasting trips! We have some pretty good wineries upstate here in NY, but California looks amazing!!

  10. I love wine tastings. We did a great one in Tuscany, but I’ve always wanted to explore California wineries. My problem is that I like a wine when I’m there soaking in the experience, but if I buy a bottle to take home, it never tastes as good later.

  11. Isn’t wine tasting so much fun?? I love learning about the wines and trying all sorts of wines that I wouldn’t usually taste! It looks like you had a great time.. what was your favorite wine?

  12. I’m not a huge fan of win..but my dad would be ridiculously jealous of your trip! Not that I’m not cause I for sure am! Looks like an awesome time!

  13. I am loving your recaps so far, it makes me want to go to California even more than I do already!
    Wine tastings are so much fun, continue having a great time 🙂

  14. I love Korbel winery. If you ever come back, I recommend trying it!

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