Day 2 (Part II)

Like I mentioned in my previous post, Day 2 of the ♥honeymoon re-do♥ was purely for this girl! I have always wanted to go to wine country and enjoy the atmosphere!  (here goes the rest of the day)

Sonoma Beauty...

After our time in Sonoma, we headed back for Santa Rosa and to hit a couple of wineries on our way. –The views were beautiful the whole darn way!


We stopped at Deerfield Winery; a wine tasting room that was a CAVE….  the outside view was complete with barrels of wine/wine barrels! I have to say that this stop had one of the best backdrops for pictures of the valley.

Perfect place for a photo opportunity... Don't you think????

This place had beautiful views… Photo opportunities right and left!

Yep, photo opportunity!!! 🙂

After messing around and showing the barrels some love, we headed inside to do some tasting! We walked into a loooong hallway that was a cave and it had barrels and barrels of wine! It was something from TV, very neat!

We then drank some wine here, the husband was not a fan but then again it was a whole lot of red! …dry red. He’ not a fan…. It was still great to experience tasting in a cave! He DID enjoy the coolness and the homey feeling that came along with it. I enjoyed this stop more for the experience rather than the wine itself.


We headed to Kundle to try some of their goodness and soak up their views…. which were BEAUTIFUL by the way!!!

The day was slowly winding down and it was our last official tasting of the day. The path up to the winery and tasting area were VERY beautiful!

Here they had signs that kindly asked us to not touch the grapes. I was a good girl and just stood infront of them to take a picture.

Here I am with the grapes! A picture I have always wanted to take...

The wine was good here but I thought they were a little more large scale than some of the others I really liked. I guess I like the smaller wineries and tastings so I can talk and get to know more about what I’m tasting.  We were a little rushed as the wine day was wrapping up.

Then we went here…

This was truly beautiful!

Decided that we had done enough tasting for a bit and just took in the sights again before heading back to Santa Rosa.  It was definitely worth stopping, just to see this place, inside and out!

Santa Rosa Farmer’s Market!

This was the highlight of the day! — SO. MUCH. FUN.

It was HUGE!!!

There were vendors of all sorts out and about to show all of their tallents and great things to eat and buy. Let me tell you, there were some GREAT things!!!

We started off at the Russian River Brewerly so the husband could drink a beer, I think I ended up enjoying my cider more than he liked his beer. It was packed but I enjoyed it a whole lot!

Their cider was fabulous! I'd totally recommend it!

After that we headed over to the farmers market side of things, let’s just say my socks were blown off! 🙂 

All the fresh veggies my heart could ever desire are here....

Some of the BEST FRUIT EVER!

Fresh flowers

Oh.... and the fresh flowers could take your breath away!

THEN…. I took a recommendation from girl in the pink and popped into Sweet Tooth which may be my heaven!! Fro-yo in SO many different flavors! Be still my heart!

Sweet Tooth

Oh. my. gosh.


The husband HAD to take a picture of just how happy I was! He thought it was the best thing ever to see me this stoked over fro-yo!

We continued to walk around and take it all in. We stopped at one last tasting, expecting to get a splash but letmetellya, they filled my cup about 1/3 of the way and called it a taste. WOW! I could only do a couple, and they were great!!!  Summing up our day is my supper and I just had to show you what my AMAZING and NUTRITIOUS supper looked like:

Wine, a breadstick, and fro-yo ....Vacation meal at its best! Perfect!

HOLY COW this post took forever!I need to figure out how to download pictures faster ….Now you must see why I had to break it up into two posts.

This farmers market was amazing and I am *SO* glad that we went! I got to experience a few of my favorite things in life all at once: 

  • spend time with the husband
  • eat fruits and vegetables
  • devour fro-yo
  • drink wine
  • try new things

Question: What is your perfect day? Does it include anything I did?


28 responses to “Day 2 (Part II)

  1. This looks like SO much fun! Definitely a day where I can spend time with my *new* husband & eat copious amounts of desserts would be my ideal!

    Also, you said your pictures take a while to download… Do you have a PC or a Mac? If you have a PC, do you use Windows Live Writer?! It’s a lifesaver!

  2. I am so glad you enjoyed Sweet Tooth!

    I am so surprised I didn’t run into you lol – you were at all my favorite spots!! I am obsessed with the farmers market here, it really is a good one!

    One of our fav date nights starts at Sweet Tooth where we stock up on candy, then we go see a movie a the theatre nearby and then end up at Russian River!

    • That would have been great to run into you! I had SO.MUCH.FUN! that Wednesday! It was a day to go down in history! Sweet tooth and the farmers market were heaven!
      In one word, a date night like that =AWESOME!
      Russian River was super cool, it again reminded me of the bars in NY that I loved, unique & yummy beer ….but WOW the cider was AMAZING! The husband thought it was great too!

  3. note to self: if i go wine tasting in sonoma/santa rosa check out this post again! i’ve only wine tasted in napa area and in the central coast are (monterey, carmel, slo)…. which winery was your absolute favorite?

  4. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    This is really weird– but I LOVE your hair!!! How do you get it like that? Is it naturally curly or straight?

    Those veggies look great and so does Sweet Tooth. Why didn’t I tag along on your honeymoon do-over again!?

  5. What a wonderful day! That looks like so much fun!

  6. Kelsey @utmosthealth

    That looks like the ultimate best day ever!! LOL You got to see a lot of beautiful things! I absolutely love the farmers markets and well froyo is just obvious. Who doesnt love froyo?! I cant wait to have some for the first time in 9 MONTHS in just 2 DAYS!! AHHH!! 🙂

  7. This looks like an awesome day, and I love all of your photos!! The wine tasting in the cave sounds incredible. And I’d go to a farmer’s market any day (obsessed)!

  8. Oh my gosh the wine and the market both looks so amazing. I thought I definitely wanted to go somewhere tropical for our honeymoon next Summer but now I’m second guessing!

  9. Aw that looks like such a wonderful day! I’m so happy that you had such a great time wine tasting and at the farmers market! And that looks like the perfect vacation meal!! Can’t wait to see what else you did while you were here 🙂

  10. One of my favourite days was 2 years ago when we were heading home from the cabin we go to with my whole family in British Columbia each year.

    Normally we just do the 4.5 hour drive as fast as we can, stopping for a quick lunch in a tourist town and then get on our way.

    The perfect day was when my husband surprised me by taking me to a tiny outdoor restaurant that featured handmade tables and chairs and everything was made by hand by one woman. We had a great lunch, and then continued on to a HUGE mountain side mini putt that we passed by every year but didn’t ever stop at. Then we stopped at Lake Koocanusa and chilled out at our favourite (hidden) camp spot.

    It took us about 7 hours to get home, and it was just a great day where we felt very relaxed and connected.

  11. Those views are to DIE for! The wine tasting sounds ahhhmazing but I always wonder how people do that and don’t get absolutely hammered? Or do they??

    I had the perfect day recently at my friend’s pool with 25 of my nearest and dearest from college – raft flip cup, anyone?!?

    • Haha- funny you should mention that…. You end up getting about a glass of wine total at each stop. It is completely necessary to pace yourself, the husband did that for me…. When we went to tastings, he would only occasionally have a sip. I may or may not have gotten a wee bit hammered 😉
      Your perfect day sound like so much fun!!! College friends are like no other, I miss living across the hall from my best friend. Those were the days!!!

  12. The winery and the flowers are absolutely beautiful! Wow – I have always wanted to visit a winery – I’m hoping to in September.

  13. The fro-yo would definitely be part of my perfect day 🙂

    The farmer’s market looks awesome! And the day sounds splendid!

  14. SO cool you were in my hometown! Seems like you had a great time!

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