California- Day #3

We were up and excited for day 3 of our ♥honeymoon re-do♥! We started in Sausalito, went to The Painted Ladies, and lived a DREAM from childhood!! 🙂 Check it out, you know you want to! I’ve been dreaming about this day forever!!!


Many of you from the blog word suggested that we go to Sausalito! ….I am so glad that you all suggested that we drop in there! WE LOVED IT IN SAUSALITO!

It was inbetween San Francisco and Santa Rosa so we stopped by on our way to SF, and *WOW* am I glad that we stopped in.

View of the bay 🙂

All of you said that we would get views of the bay that we couldn’t get anywhere else, I do agree. The view of the SF bay was great! The fog was just sitting on the city at 11:00 am. Beautiful!

We're thinking about buying one of these one day... 😉

It has the best view of the bay and the city…. and! It is a place where you can just walk around and experience the atmosphere-what the husband and I LOVE! It was great to see the city in the distance and take some really great pictures of the bay!

This place just kept getting better and better! On to the food, could be my favorite part of the day! *Which is REALLY saying something, this day was amazing!*

Oh. my. stars!

This was a vegetable frittata *ROCKED MY WORLD! I only wish I was kidding… This little bakery was everything that I missed about living in New York! I miss walking into an eatery and the chef or cook greeting me and asking what I would food they have perpared that I would love to enjoy. The man that cooked the food at the Sausalito Bakery & Cafe was an outstanding cook!

You must stop by if you are in town! Do you hear me??? MUST.

Here I am simply LOVING my food! The husband was amused that I was simply in heaven when I walked in. It was all so good and the cook wasn’t going to let me walk out of his bakery/cafe until he was SURE that I was in love with his food.... I left in love. No question about it! 🙂

After our delightful meal, we walked around town for awhile but I promptly had to tell the husband ‘Don’t let me walk into another shop or we’ll never make it to the San Francisco!’ ….I heard a lot of ‘Julie….’ proceeded by ‘the look’. Not that he wasn’t enjoying himself we just really had stuff we wanted to do in SF!

…..So, on we went to SF…

Alamo Square! 

Yes everyone, this is where the Tanners picnicked in the opening of Full House! I grew up watching this show with my sister and felt like I grew up with the Tanners. The Painted Ladies are beautiful and ALL of Alamo Square was pretty!

The husband has a question: Do people live in them? Who? …Because, the city won’t let just anyone move in, right?

See, the Tanners were here!

The husband was pretty sweet and took my picture pretending to picnic in the park where the Tanners must have been….

Picnicking JUST like the Tanner family!

Husband & Julie in front of the Painted Ladies

In front of the painted ladies.... again, sorry husband. But, you made the trip special. ❤ It wouldn't have been any good without you.

As we walked back to the car we came across this…

Can someone please explain this to me? ....I was confused by this a tad.... It was in Alamo Square.

1709 Broderick Street…

Where dreams come true… 

You got it dude! ….it’s the FULL HOUSE HOUSE!!

The Full House home!!!!

Here it is in the opening credits... Probably have seen it on those credits about 328,987,218 times... just about.

I.was.pumped! to see this place in real life!!!! You can really tell that it is the house from the credits when you are there, the trees are the same, the house is the same, and only the door color has changed to keep away the crazies…. sorry home owners, it didn’t work…

Feeling like I was 8 all over again!..... If only I were a Tanner! bummer.

I totally would have went on the steps for a better picture but they have one of those home security signs, I don’t think they wanted me on their doorstep. HOW RUDE! —Totally kidding! If it were my home I would do the exact same thing!

So, this day keeps on going and going and going... and again, I need to find a quicker way to download photos, I have a macbook air. It takes forever for some reason….. Going to split it up into 2 posts again. I’ll be back on Monday after school to let you know how the rest of day 3 went, ps- it was quacktastic! HA, get those weels turning….

QUESTION: Full house fans out there?!?! What place would you like to visit from a TV show or movie?!?!


35 responses to “California- Day #3

  1. Again it sounds like another wonderful day!! That’s so awesome that you got to visit the Full House house!!!!!! I loved that show 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about the rest of the day!

    Have a good day at school on Monday 🙂

  2. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    WHAT! I can’t believe that you actually found the Full House house!
    I always did have a crush on Uncle Jessie 😉

  3. Kelsey @utmosthealth

    So ummm…I used to look JUST like Mary-Kate and Ashley when they were young and my Mom and I lived in San Diego. She would ALWAYS be stopped by people asking if I was “Michelle” LOL I wish I had a picture on my laptop I could show you! 🙂 I used to watch Full House all the time!!

  4. That frittata looks so so good!
    How cool you got to visit there! I would have been doing the tourist thing too, I love Full House!

  5. Um….major Full House fan. Major.


    Ha ha! And, I totally caught the Stephanie Tanner “how rude!” reference! 😀

  6. soooo cool that you got to see the house!!! I wasn’t a huuuge fan, but I’ve seen it plenty of times 🙂 and that little cafe is so cute.. I love places like that! they always have the best food

  7. Aw you look so adorable and happy in all these pictures..I love it! Sausalito sounds like it was a fun place to stop. And that fritata looks amazing!!

  8. Gorgeous photos! I’m totally jealous, I’d love to visit California one day! Looks like so much fun!

  9. OMG That vegetable frittata looks soooo amazing. It is like 90% vegetables, I love it. I’ve lived in the Bay Area my whole life, but I’ve actually never seen the Full House place.

    – Nicole

  10. OMG That vegetable frittata looks soooo amazing. It is like 90% vegetables, I love it. I’ve lived in the Bay Area my whole life, but I’ve actually never seen the Full House place.

  11. Ah I’m jealous you got to visit the Full House house! I was (still am?) totally obsessed with that show. I actually have the whole series on DVD… clearly, I need help!

  12. Isn’t the Bay Area just wonderful?! So glad you’re having a great time! 🙂

  13. I love your passion for Full House! I most definitely share it! I cannot believe you found their exact house! I am SO jealous! Gosh, I think it should be a law that they never change ANYTHING about that house.

    Other than Full House, I think the only other show that I followed as obsessively was “Sister, Sister.” I don’t even know if their house even exists in Detroit, but if it does, I want to visit it ASAP! 🙂

  14. I had (along with every other girl – i think) the BIGGEST crush on uncle jesse! Looks like you’re having a blast, and eating fabulously!

  15. Isn’t Sausalito gorgeous? It’s one of my favorite places in the bay! But I’ve never actually been to that restaurant? I’ll have to check it out!! And how fun that you went to the Full House picnic area and actual house! I’ve been living in SF for a while and have never actually been but it’s def a fun photo opp so I’ll have to go soon! Can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

  16. Great pics—look like you had so much fun! That fritatta looks fantastic 🙂

  17. im impressed with the serving they give- thats a nice big and healthy portion!! ❤


  18. How cool! What great experiences. Let’s see – if I could visit a place from a movie, I’d probably visit those places in New Zealand where Lord of the Rings was filmed. They’re beautiful… and my nerdy self would enjoy hobbling around grinning like Gollum.

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