Day 3 (part II)

… Part II of Day 3!

Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf was next on the list after we had seen The Painted Ladies & the Full House house!

Here it is! -Great place to relax and just explore the area!

So the first thing the husband wanted to do while we were there was RIDE THE DUCK!!! He has had his heart set on this and boy am I glad he did. It was totally touristy but it after all, we were tourists so…. we did it!

Yep, we rode the duck!!

We go on, I had to pee. I know this is too much info but it’s a good thing I have the bladder of a teacher because this lasted for over an hour and a half. We got a tour of the city and then went into the pier where I learned a TON about San Francisco and hit a few of the major highlights. The best part was finally ‘getting my berrings straight’ while in the city. I began to be able to place things and learn how the city was set up. Okay, that wasn’t the best part of riding the duck….

THIS was the best part!!

Again- sorry husband but I just love you so much! I HAD to put this up!

So we got to see a lot of the sights in the city but I won’t go into that, too deep but we did get to see AT&T park where the Giants were playing–I do think they were about to play when we went by. So cool! I would have loved to experience a game! We saw, Lombard Street, went into the bay, and just learned so much about the city!

Nice View, huh?!

After riding the duck we walked around Pier 39 & the rest of the wharf!

Pier 39 was super cool with a lot of things to do! Again, we really appreciated the walking around and experiencing things. Again, kind of touristy but still boat loads of fun. Plus, Pier 39 has a great view of Alkatraz. 

Still so much to learn about this place!

Then … I HELD A CRAB! 

Julie Holding a CRAB!!!

Yep, that's me holding a CRAB!1

Saw bread in the shape of  crab, turtles, bears, & alligators!!

See the momma & baby! SO CUTE!!!

Another San Franciso treat that I had no idea about…SALT WATER TAFFY!!

Flavors that I just HAD to try!!! (umm-I'll have one of each, please. Thank you!)

Many people suggested that we go to The Stinking Rose for supper, so that is what we did…

Yep, at the stinking rose...

We like garlic and heard great things. It was. quite.the.walk…. But I do think my dear friend Garmin may have made the trip a mile or two longer than it should have. By the time we got to the stinking rose, we were both a little cranky and wished that we had just eaten something at the pier!!  BUT I heard great things, so we ordered and hoped for the best… We started out with their famous dish, the Banga Calda.

Interesting to say the least….

We split the shrimp & crab..

Their motto is ‘We flavor our garlic with food’…. This is a VERY safe statement!!! I think by the time we walked out, I had eaten about 35 cloves of garlic!  –eeek— I hate to say it because of all the great things people said, but neither the husband or myself were fans. eek. Sorry. 😦  It tasted good and all but, nothing that spectacular. at all….. I guess it’s all in the experience, right?!?

Then we stood on the steps where Marilyn Monroe & Joe Dimaggio were married infront of.

Cute couple, huh?!

Then the wonderful husband kissed me on the steps where they may have kissed too. He is a HUGE Marilyn fan and it was super sweet…. After our walk back to the pier we headed for the hotel to get some rest.

Amazing day = Amazing moments …to cherish FOREVER!

A moment frozen on film.... I'm thankful for that.

Question: What is your favorite salt water taffy flavor?!?

OR —-Is there a special sweet treat from your region?! …I’d like to know what else I am missing out on! 🙂


15 responses to “Day 3 (part II)

  1. Very cute post, I have enjoyed ready all your San Fran adventures as well as wine country! We did one of those duck tours in Atlanta, funny and those quackers, let’s just say my kids LOVED them!
    I am not a salt water taffy fan but your picture was pretty with all the colors! 🙂

  2. That bread looks amazing & frosted cupcake taffy?! YUM!

  3. San Francisco is such a neat town! I think duck tours are an amazing way to really see all aspects of a city! They are SO informative!

    For some reason my body no longer digests garlic. I end up tasting it FOR DAYS. It is miserable. I think that restaurant would have been the death of me!

    My favorite Salt Water Taffy flavor is peppermint. I love it pink color! I am a sucker for anything pink and minty!

  4. And Alligater Bread?! 😉 That is so cool! 😀

  5. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    I’m SO glad you went to The Stinking Rose (even if you didn’t enjoy it very much.) Eh, different strokes for different folks, I guess? 😉

    Get ready to punch me– I’ve never even tried salt water taffy! I know, I know, I’m horrible!

  6. Awww glad you had so much fun! I should have warned you about the Stinking Rose. . . but it’s an experience right? 😉

    My boyfriend and I have been once and…. well…. never again! I swear it was coming out of my pores for a week!

  7. I’ve never been to the Stinking Rose, it seems like a place everyone tries but no one really likes. Not sure why it’s so famous!

    Glad you’re having fun in SF though! I love going for day trips.

  8. Looks like y’all had a great trip! Is it weird that out of this whole post I am most jealous of the turtle bread? I want it! hahah

  9. Hi! I just came across your blog. Super cute! It sounds like you and your husband are having a great time in San Fran. I have always wanted to go and your photos are making me want to go even more 🙂

    As far as salt water taffy goes…its banana all the way!

  10. Ok – that bread was awesome! So fun, love that y’all had a wonderful trip! Salt water taffy – delicious – however can’t eat it anymore without losing a crown! lol Congrats on winning my giveaway girl…I knew you would be excited! 🙂 xoxo from Trinidad

  11. I haven’t had salt water taffy in so long, I can’t even remember what flavor is my favorite! That looks like an awesome rest of the day… that bread is so cool. I wouldn’t even want to eat it because it’s so perfect!

  12. Frosted cupcake and guava taffy?! Yum! I would have been all over that. lol Looks like another great day on your trip! Love that you went on the duck cruise too. 😀

  13. lol -i had no idea that SF has a “ride the duck”. I thought the duck was unique to Seattle! I might have to take a tour on it asap!!

  14. Too funny- I work off of the Embarcadero so the Duck tour is always going by my office! Those tours are always a great way to see the city and get to know it a little bit, even if it is touristy! And it’s been forever since I’ve had salt water taffy! But that cupcake flavor sounds pretty good! And ugh the Stinking Rose… sorry you were led astray. I went there a few months ago for the first time too and was VERY disappointed with it :/ Bummer!

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