Work is fun!

Work is fun. Work is great. I love my job. Work is fun. Work is great. I love my job.

…..If I keep repeating this, I just may believe it!

All jokes aside, I do love my job…. But here, let’s unite. We all have days at work that are not fun, not great, and we might even hate our jobs….

Does anyone have those days where the more you get done, the more there is to do? Everyone is feeling the pressure and are just a tad bit crabby? A whirlwhind has hit your desk and you have no idea where your keys are on that pile, you need to find them so you can get the heck out of there?!?! 

Well, in my school building today, EVERYONE was having one of those days. I like to think I was one of the non crabby people in the minority today. (I went around smiling and drinking chia seeds, hope there weren’t any in my teeth….)

It was quite obvious when the alarm clock went off at 5:55 this morning that summer break is definitly O.V.E.R…. Have to admit this makes me sad. I spend all school year and dreary cooooollld winter dreaming of things like this! It is hard to let this dream go, but alas,  SCHOOL IS HERE. Dreams of the beach are for the past.

Give me a drink with an umbrella and I'm set!

School is here and I am not ready. Surprise, surprise. …. I kind of think that preparing for school is like preparing for a marathon…. Or maybe iron man!

Okay, maybe not that tough, but still.... you picking up what I'm putting down?!

I could train and work my bumm off but I will never feel ready.

No matter how much time I have, I will never feel ready. This is a fact.  Maybe because the task at hand is so huge, taking care of other people’s pride & joy and being entrusted with their education for an entire year. It’s a heavy load…..

Don’t get me wrong, I KNOW that everyone’s job is JUST LIKE MINE! That is why I’m writing this post. We all have those times where we feel like our jobs or school are too much to handle. Those days where the more we cross off our to-do lists, the more it grows!!! 

Help, it's growing!!!

I promise, I’m not sulking. I even contemplated erasing this post entirely but thought. Hey, it’s what I’m feeling today, just go with it….

Jobs have their ups and downs, their busy seasons, their stressful times of year, their wonderful coworkers, their not so peachy co workers. We have all been there, right?!

So, I just am ready to wake up and spread some sunshine tomorrow.

All I need is some coffee!

QUESTION: —->>> Are there days where your office or place of work is just ‘off’? What do you do to spread some sunshine?! <<<——-


18 responses to “Work is fun!

  1. You know what’s really strange? This post just made me intensely miss my teaching days. There were definitely ups and downs, but I really miss it. I feel truly blessed to be able to stay home with Meghan, but there are days when I wish I was still teaching. I do remember the type of days you are describing though. Tomorrow will be a better day!

  2. With freshmen moving in today and tomorrow, it has been a little crazy! We have been in non-stop training for the past three weeks and it starts wearing on all of us. I just remind myself that my work is NOT my life. I have so much more at home outside of work that makes me happy, so I try to just think about that.

    I hope tomorrow is better!! I’m sure once you smile, the sunshine will already be spreading!!

  3. Hi Girl….At least you woke up and realized you won a awesome prize! And trust me – as soon as we travel to The big K – we will be hitting you up for a place to stay! as so goes it for you – feel free to escape to a tropical vacay here in Trinidad!

  4. Oh I definitely have days like this… everyone does!

    Hope tomorrow is better! 🙂

  5. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Good luck at your job, girly– I’m sure you will blow them out of the water. I’m sure that you’re much more ready than you even give yourself credit for 🙂

    I used to work at a law firm where the energy was ALWAYS depressing and crabby. I tried to spread my sunshine, but ended up leaving after a year. Eh, you win some, you lose some haha

  6. Wow. That is one long to-do list! one thing I like to do to spread some sunshine is to SMILE! It always brightens someone’s day. 🙂

  7. I totally feel ya girl! It seems as though you have an optimistic outlook on it though which is what’s important! I agree full well that cup of coffee always helps. 😉

  8. Good luck on your first day with the kiddos tomorrow! I stay at home with the kids and I do count my blessings on this, however, there are days when I want to pull my hair out and lock myself in the bathroom for a time out! Then there are the other days, that they continue to melt my heart!
    Good luck on your to-do list! 🙂

  9. I am SO glad you posted this! I think every single person can relate to this! I definitely have my off days! It helps me to pluck myself out of it by literally making a list of all the amazing things about my life and job. It helps me have an attitude shift. However, sometimes I just let myself revel in the off day and hope that tomorrow is better!

  10. I definitely have days like this and i’m not even “in the real world” yet!! I did my student teaching in a middle school and there were definitely days that I had more and more work to do and it never ended (especially the days where it took an hour to drive in because of snow! ick!).

    I hope your to-do list gets smaller and smaller as everything gets settled at school 🙂 i’m sure the beginning is always a little hectic.. i hope it slows down soon!

  11. You have such a great attitude about this! You’re right, we all have days like this and I’m glad you didn’t erase the post.

    My supervisor is hard to handle most of the time. I have to constantly remind myself what this job provides for my family and that helps me get through the day with a smile…coffee helps too!! 😉

  12. You’re right–it’s any job. There will be great days and days where you just want to flee and go home at 9am. Ah, well. I try to take moments to myself on those days, and just take a second to walk down the hallway or stand by the water fountain for a second. Jobs are important, but you sometimes have to step away and remember…it’s just a job 🙂

  13. Lately, it’s been wah wah at work, if that makes sense…. I’m trying my best to get out of the funk. We’ll see what happens…… **vagueness**

    p.s. I think your to do list should be a to do list model, it looks like a picture you’d find in a “Tackle Your To Do List” book or something haha (it’s pretty?)

  14. Ug, I have those days ALOT bc I hate my current place of emplyment ha. However, I try my best to make the most of it! I try to be friendly and upbeat, even on my worst days. It does help!

  15. I feel ya girl. I could probably be in my classroom every day the month of August and still not feel completely ready for September. Good luck back at school!

  16. You really do have a great attitude about this! I am glad you stuck with this post because we all have days like this!
    Good luck back at school as well 🙂

  17. I’m proud of you for not erasing and posting this!! I think that it’s sometimes hard to share more negative moods on the blog because we want to keep the positivity but it’s important to share how you are feeling! It’s really hard to think about summer being over! I think a lot of people are kind of in a funk about this too so it brings the whole workplace down. I think all you can do is try and plan things that you are excited about… whether it be a new, yummy snack, a manicure after work, or some great weekend plans.

  18. Hey, thanks!!! Thanks for the luck! I’ll need it tomorrow when they walk into my room preparing to eat me alive! HA! 🙂 KIDDING but I know I’ll be nervous!

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