First day of 3rd Grade!

Here I sit. Pooped out like it is no ones business…… Today was the first day back with kids! It was fun and I had a truly great day! 🙂 

It was the first day of school and let me tell you the kids came in the *CUTEST* clothes and had adorable back packs! (totally 80’s throw back!) …..You ask,What did their teacher wear?!?’

Drumroll please………

The Limited skirt & top win out!!!

The adult clothes from The Limited won out over the 80’s clothes I really wanted to wear. 😉 I think it was a good choice.

Yes, this would be me in the staff bathroom at work, photographing my clothes. Not going to lie…. Taking my camera into the bathroom made me feel kind of weird. I hope no one saw. eeeeek!

WISH you could see the shoes! They are from my sister and are the cutest little black heels with little black flowers on the side. My sister is truly amazing! 

From the AMAZING sister! 🙂

I have only 13 kids this year. I teach one section of the 3rd grade. It is the largest class in the elementary with 27 students, so they split the class every year and I have get to take half of the class……every year.

This means I have taught a different grade every year and will continue to do so until someone retires or they don’t need me anymore. It makes me nuts. I only wish I were kidding….. It is hard, very hard. I say this not to complain but to let you know that that there will be lots of days where I am consumed by lesson plans, my desk will eat me and I’ll be a school. I may miss a post or two. I’m sorry for that.  

Back to the HAPPY stuff!!! —> Some of the kids were in my classroom last year and the pooooooor things have to have Mrs. H **TWO YEARS IN A ROW**!!!! Hopefully they survive 😉 ….I missed the kids and was PUMPED to see them! It’s going to be a GREAT year! 

QUESTION: Have you ever taken a photo for the blog that was uncomfortable?!!? –OR-Tell me about your favorite outfit for work! 


48 responses to “First day of 3rd Grade!

  1. LOOOVE your outfit! and your hair! And you do not need to apologize for missing a post or 2…your teaching comes first! That is so tough to have to switch grades each year. wow. I hope the school year goes well, the kids are lucky to have you 🙂

  2. Your outfit is adorable, and your hair…love it! Please don’t apologize for missing any posts, life comes first 🙂

  3. The outfit looks great!!! Glad to hear it was a great day! Bless you for being so flexible from year to year and the kids are lucky to have you again this year!!

  4. Adorable girl! Love that color of the skirt! Love the curls… 🙂

  5. First, I love your outfit! So cute.

    Teaching a different grade every year is tough, but you’ll LOVE 3rd grade. Such a fun year! Also, only 13 students?! Do you even know how lucky you are? Most of my teaching years I had over 30 students in my class. It was HARD. 13 sounds heavenly.

  6. You look great! And I love the outfit. 🙂 The necklace pulls everything together really well!

  7. Very cute outfit! I’m sure switching grades every year is hard, but I’m totally jealous of only 13 students. I think I have about 120 with my 5 different classes!!! Since I teach both 10th & 11th grade, I get some of the same kids 2 years in a row as well… poor things! 😉

    • Don’t worry, I teach them english, math, science, social studies, reading, spelling, ect so there are still pelanty of papers crossing my desk every day… But, I am used to more kids. This year is feeling pretty crazy already…. Hope your back to school was GREAT!!!

  8. I bet your kids are pumped to have you back! I love the outfit and the hair, so cute!

    As far as uncomfortable photos, I just posted about getting a new tattoo on my ribs and my hubby took the pic that I posted…only after I added it in did I notice that it is a full bra shot. I left it in because I was too lazy to take another!

    By the way, tomorrow is the last day for giveaways, and there are some good ones tomorrow if you are interested!

  9. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Those kids are very lucky– they’ve got themselves one awesome teacher 😀 (One that isn’t afraid to take her camera into the bathroom! haha)

    Congratulations on being back at school. It must be nice to see those bright & shining faces again. And don’t worry one second about having less time to blog– life happens! I’ll still be here whenever you do have a chance to come back 🙂

  10. Cute outfit!

    I can’t believe you only have 13 students – that is unheard of where I taught! I also can’t believe they make you teach a different grade every year, it seems totally unfair! Atleast you get to see many of the same kids every year right?

  11. You look so cute!! I love the outfit you decided on and your hair looks gorgeous!! And the kids are all so lucky to have you as a teacher- your sweet nature and enthusiasm that comes out in the blog is such an asset to all these kids! That must be frustrating having to change grades every year though! Hopefully next year it will even out and you will get to teach the grade you want!

  12. I absolutely love your outfit! So cute! And I love that your kids are excited to have you back again. I’m sure you’re a great teacher. Sorry about them switching you around so much – I can imagine that’d be really frustrating. But I’m glad that you enjoy what you do so much! 🙂

  13. Happy first day back! Your outfit looks great and love the shoes, my sister is a shoe person and is always sending pics of shoes or telling me where to go to get them! She keeps me in the fasion loop! 🙂

  14. Love your outfit!!! Hehe I love how you took a picture in the bathroom, I can’t imagine what I would do if I saw one of my teachers doing that!! LOL cracks me up 🙂

  15. aww what a cute outfit! You definitely picked the right one 🙂 I’m in the middle of trying to find the best one for my first day of work in a week–it’s no easy task!

  16. Super cute work outfit! I’ve mostly avoided awkward blog photos thus far, but if I were going to take a bathroom photo of my favorite work outfit it would probably be a great work LBD I have from Banana that goes perfectly from work to play in no time at all!

  17. That outfit is so cute!! &since I just recently started blogging, I pretty much feel uncomfortable taking any pictures. 😛
    Favorite outfit to wear to school: my pair of Express black shorts, and a loose but fitting teal top with flip flops. I like to be comfortable 😀

  18. My teachers never looked that cool! I did teacher training though so know how knackering a job it is – much respect to you!
    And I took a picture of an outfit in a changing room the other day just when everyone around stopped talking, they all heard the click and knew what it was – I got some weird looks 🙂

  19. My best friend works at a school and last year she took a picture of herself in a mirror in the bathroom of her cat costume. It made me laugh so hard and this totally reminded me of that.

    I bet your job is hard but you’re so lucky to have a job! So many of my friends in CA who are teachers can’t teach because of all the budget cuts – so sad. 😦

  20. Ever since I’ve been at college I’ve been having to sneak so many creeper photos for the blog and they totally make me feel awkward haha. Oh well, it’s all for the sake of blogging!

    I’m not working right now, but my favorite outfit to wear to school is a simple outfit that is comfortable. No too-tight pants or anything crazy. Just comfy clothes.

    – Nicole

  21. Ever since I’ve been at college I’ve been having to sneak so many creeper photos for the blog and they totally make me feel awkward haha. Oh well, it’s all for the sake of blogging!

    I’m not working right now, but my favorite outfit to wear to school is a simple outfit that is comfortable. No too-tight pants or anything crazy. Just comfy clothes.

    – Nicole

  22. Happy first day (a little late!) Love your outfit!!! I can’t wait to hear more about your class- I only have 16 so my class is pretty small also.

    And I always feel somewhat uncomfortable taking pictures of myself for the blog 😛

  23. I WANT THAT SKIRT!!! You look so adorable! OMG! And those shoes are GORGEOUS! 🙂

    Taking ANY picture of myself is SUPER awkward. I can never do it correctly. The self-portrait is a work in progress.

  24. Love that outfit!!! A photo that made me uncomfortable…hmmm, not yet. I’ve definitely opted not to post something after seeing it enlarged on my computer screen, though!

    Fave work outfit? I’m a casual girl, so I love my bootleg jeans with heels and a sweater, because my office is freezing 😉

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