Listening ears are wonderful!

Hello all! ….Thank you SO much for all of your feedback and help on menu items I should make for the mommy to be! You are all so helpful & I truly appreciate it! I would be lost without you and be searching for recipes.  She will be unbelievable grateful for all of the items I prepare. Sounds like soup & casseroles are on the menu for sure!

Yep, veggie soup will be made. Great cool or warm!

I’m also making Chocolate Zucchini muffins for her tonight…. I’lll be sharing this recipe because it flat out ROCKS!!! 

On to my day at work…..

“I say it once…. got it? That’s all. Only once! Got it? ….ONE time!”

The first few weeks of school are quite taxing because I swear students think I talk because it is fun for me. They have been away from this kind of conformity all summer and just don’t have their “listening ears” on. I know this.

Today I swear I gave a set of directions at least 7 times, one right after the other… This is the stuff dreams are made of people…. It makes me wonder what I was like as a student. Or maybe I don’t want to know…. eeek!

….When I get pooped out, I remember teaching over 20 kindergarteners how to: line up, raise their hands, tie their shoes, blow their noses, use the restroom, and learn their letters/letter sounds ect…. THAT my friends is *TIRING*! Seriously, every day for a month, I came home feeling like I had  been hit by a bus. –And that was with coffee. 

I’ve now progressed to 3rd grade. They are more inattentive because they have other/more important things on their minds:  the cute boy/girl across the room, football practice, why their teacher is so loud, what is lunch going to be like, who will be their partner in pe, if pigs will every fly, how many lightbulbs are in the room. We’re talking BIG things!

I have loved each grade I have taught but each grade/class is a new bag of tricks! This particular class is going to make me dance on the ceiling to keep their attention, I can tell already.

Thought this was funny!

I honestly love my job (even when it’s hard) and the kids I work with every day. Nothing beats hearing “Mrs. H you are the best teacher ever… and probably the most hyper teacher ever. You make me tired!”Good, I’ve done my job! 😉

Question: What did you think about as a student? Lunch? Boys? Friends? School work? -OR- What kind of student were you?

To be completely honest, I think I was the teacher’s pet that concentrated on the curriculum and making my teacher impressed at how attentive I was… not kidding. Sad but true. That was little Miss Julie Marie all the way through her schooling experience.


28 responses to “Listening ears are wonderful!

  1. Aw, I’m sure it is really hard starting a new school year and getting the kids to focus! But it sounds like you are an amazing teacher so I know this will be a great school year for you! I was kind of a hybrid student- I always participated and worked very hard… BUT I also loved to talk and would often get in trouble for talking too much to the people around me. But I also had really good relationships with my teachers so often they would be the ones talking to me! I loved school though and I miss it!

  2. I’m having the same issues in second grade! We like to say that we are ‘retraining’ on how to pay attention, line up, raise our hands, etc… and I did a lot of retraining today. 😛 My attention was usually on a boy or what I was going to do after school haha.

  3. I think I mostly thought about escaping. Either that or boys or lunchtime : ) Typical girl, I suppose.

  4. I love reading about your teaching because even when you’re ranting about having to give directions 7 times, I can tell you really love 🙂 they are a bunch of lucky kids to have you as a teacher! I was always a teacher’s pet… I still am haha!

  5. Unfortunately, I was the bratty girl in school! I HATED PE! I gave my teacher’s such a hard time, and then I married a PE teacher 🙂

    Most of the time, I was pretty good. My dad thought B’s weren’t good enough, so I always wanted to do well in class, so I would pay attention. However, I do remember thinking an awful lot about the cute boys when I was in 3rd grade! Haha! If only I knew then what I know now!

  6. I was definitely a teacher’s pet!

    I hear ya on the having to say things over, & over, & OVER again!

  7. I was a big talker when I was in school. I always got the “talks too much in class” comment on my report card. 🙂 I remember having the hardest time controlling myself. I think it helped me when I became to teacher to be more patient and understanding of the talkers! 🙂
    Hang in there. The first few weeks are the hardest for sure.

  8. oh my gosh, chocolate zucchini muffins??? YAY! can’t wait 😀 ummm hello? aren’t boys on like every girl’s mind during school. LOL.

  9. You sound like a fun teacher! And you kind of make me wish that I went into teaching..even though the kids aren’t doing so well with listening. 😉 I hope that I get a civil service job working in the child development center on base here because I think working with kids would be so much more fun than working with grown people. lol

  10. I was a total teacher’s pet! haha! I also was a fantastic tattletale!

    Honestly, I think more adults need to work on their “listening ears.” It is super unfortunate how bad people are at truly hearing what other people are saying to them and PAYING attention!

  11. I was SO boy crazy as a student!! I am surprised I got anything else done at all, ha!

  12. Sounds like you have your hands full but it is definitely rewarding in it’s own way. Keep it up! 🙂

    I was more of a social butterfly than a good student. My grades were fine but all the extra effort was going towards Friday night than classes. Oh well, I turned out alright 😉

  13. I worked with third graders last year and they were pretty nuts 😀 However, I also worked with fifth graders and they were RUDE and actually kind of mean. Every age has its perks and its downsides. I loved how imaginative third graders were!

  14. What do I think about? Usually school — I like to finish it up and then have fun! 😀

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