Sunset love… and…. BOLD BLOGGING!

Kansas sunsets are beautiful. There is no doubt about it. I just had to share the beauty. 

This was  a few nights back when I was headed to a friend’s house for an evening of chatting and wine. I feel lucky that I finally have a ‘friend’ in this tiny town. That is a downside to small towns, I am the only one that is around my age. Seriously, I may be the only 24 year old female in a 20 mile radius. I kid you not. Friends are slim pickings, but true friends nonetheless. She is a great friend and will be there for me when the going gets rough and when there are times to celebrate. This was a great night!

On to my next topic: Bold Blogging. 

I feel like I am reluctantly posting and posting sporadically as of right now for a few reasons:

a.) super busy with living life (aka: my beautiful new niece Annika!)
b.) School is crazy, 13 hours a day at a job is not normal and it needs to stop
c.) I have something on my mind that is pretty much all consuming. I doubt the whole world wants to hear about it and I am just generally fearful of the negatives that can come along with opening up. 

Remember the new relationship jitters???

I have the same feelings that you do when a new relationship takes on more serious notes. It is scary because you don’t know how the other person is going to reacact and let’s face it, you don’t want your heart broken. 

I promise I’m not scared of any of you and I know you are all supportive and awesome! You have shown me this time after time but I am still scared to completely let go. The scary thing is that if I share it with all of you, I know I’m going to have to truly feel all the emothions I have been putting on the back burner.

Feelings on the back burner???

I know that when I read other’s blogs, I LOVE when they are honest with themselves and the rest of us. It just seems more authentic and I value that they open up. It’s not that I’ve been fake with you but in my life, I have had a pretty drastic change of emotion that is reciently becoming consuming. ….Like really consuming. I‘m worried that noone wants to hear… but hey, you don’t have to read Spinach and Sprinkles. So, if you don’t want to hear what is on my mind skip it.

I know that several of you have to have had the same experiences with blogging. I couldn’t be the only one. Has the blog ever forced you to be more real with yourself than you really want to be. I mean, it’s like a daily journal that is just asking for  you to say what is really on your mind….

QUESTION: Have you ever felt that you have needed to be a BOLD blogger? How is your middle of the week Wednesday?!


17 responses to “Sunset love… and…. BOLD BLOGGING!

  1. Oh Sweetie, I am right there with you! It is such a challenge to figure out what to share and what to keep to yourself. You have such insights in noting how going “public” with any deep issue forces you to feel EVERYTHING. That is never easy, but sometimes it is helpful in the end! Just know that regardless of whether you decide to talk about here or not, you have a strong bloggie support network! We all love you!

  2. So far, I haven’t had anything to crazy to share on the blog. Life’s just been same old, same old for me! Well besides becoming super busy being back at work.

    My Wednesday has been… rainy!! I’m ready for some sunshine!

  3. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Absolutely. I can relate to you 100% on feeling like your blog forces you to put your true feelings on the line. My post a while back about my coming to Christ was this post for me, and I seriously was sweating bullets before I pressed that submit button. It wasn’t easy to do, but the positive feedback I eventually got was SO rewarding that I’m thankful I did end up posting.

    Listen to your heart– it’ll tell you what to do!

  4. I had a hard time with this too, I try to keep it light and real at the same time. I have had those times too when I get nervous right before I hit the submit button, but then I try to remember it’s my blog, my thoughts. Your blog is wonderful and I am glad I stumbled across it! This blogging community is pretty neat, granted Im also pretty new at it, but I like what I have experienced so far. We are all here for ya, even if it is via blogging!

  5. I have a hard time with talking about how I feel on my blog sometimes..if I did it all the time people would be like woahh you are an emotional mess! lol I try to use my blog as my positive place but sometimes it can’t always be. I’ve realized that people in the blogging world are so supportive that it’s ok to be honest with my feelings. 🙂

  6. I used to have a hard time talking about bigger issues or deep thoughts on my blog, but not so much anymore. I have found that that the issues I talk about are so prevalent in my life that I can’t help but discuss them.

  7. Hi there girl – when I started this blog it was really to keep our families updated – but now it’s turned into this whole other thing and what I started to realize last month was the MORE real and honest I was – the better I felt in real life not just blog life. You don’t have to share but if it’s something weighing on your mind, it may help you feel better! You know we are here for you!
    xoxo from Trinidad

  8. I think the blog is your space, so you should share what you want/feel is right to. For the most part, other bloggers and readers of blogs aren’t judgmental. We are all humans who go through things and all have our own emotions we are trying to deal with. If you share, you might be helping out someone else who is going through something similar!

    Now you’ve got us curious though! I’m here for you no matter what 🙂

  9. This is your space and you are free to write about whatever your heart desires – emotional and bold or not.

    It’s hard to be so open with people your friends, let alone people you only know through the internet. But one thing I found through blogging is that other bloggers are super supportive and encouraging. Plus, who knows who you will touch and encourage when you post the “tough” stuff.

    We are here for you! 🙂

  10. I totally understand what you mean. Thanks for even being honest about the struggle to share or not. In the end it’s your life and you should feel free to share or not share whatever you’re comfortable with. Don’t feel like you have to just because you blog…especially if you’re not ready yet.

  11. That sunset is gorgeous! I’m glad you have a good friend in your small town!

    Oh girl, I feel you… I think judging by the comments, we all do. I think that it’s really hard to be completely honest on the blog because let’s face it, we want to paint the best picture of ourselves and we want to be honest. I get nervous about sharing things about myself on the blog that people would find less then perfect or just things that are intimate. It’s so true that once you put it out there it can be scary because either you have to face it or relive it. But we genuinely want to hear what’s going on in your life and you have a lot of supportive friends from across the country who are here for you!! xoxo

  12. I completely understand how you feel! I often have hard time drawing the line between what is okay to share and what’s too personal, so I tend to play it safe. If you want to share, you have the full support of us, if you don’t, we all understand! I hope whatever is difficult right now works out ❤

  13. I set up my blog to help me recover from my eating disorder so its deffinately had me being open and honest on many different occasions!

  14. That sunset is gorgeous! And I really struggle on what to share/what to keep to myself. Glad to know others do too.

    Love your blog, girl!

  15. i ALWAYS get the feeling that I’m writing like a daily journal everytime i blog, too! I’ve thought about opening up like really deep before on mine but i almost feel it would be easier to do that with complete strangers and I know there are a couple people I know (in like real like, lol) that read my blog so I’m not really ready yet to face them yet knowing that they know my deepest secrets and troubles.

  16. I agree with the comments above that blogs are really a great outlet for sharing feelings and like you said, people love it when others are real. That being said, if there’s something super personal and you’re not comfortable sharing it, it’s your decision to keep it private, as well.

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