Prayers & Love

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend! .…Thank you for the love on the last post♥. I’m thinking that I’ll be getting it together enough to share what’s on my heart and be insightful and not just a mess. I appreciate and love & support more than I could ever express. You are truly THE BEST!!!!

I do hope that we all took time to pray for the lives lost and affected by the tragedy ten years ago and to be thankful for the ones who are/have served us by protecting our country. One of my students in New York lost her aunt in the tragedy and my heart beaks to think of the lives that were simply stolen from their family members.

God bless them!

I could tell you where I sat when I heard the news, I was a Freshman in high school sitting in a Student Council meeting. The day unfolded and every inch of the country felt heartbreak due to the loss of lives and the complete devastation. 

United we stood as our country came together to show love for neighbors and strangers. Our true colors shone through thanks to the good men and women who sacrificed for others! I am proud to know several people that have scarified and are currently giving, my heartfelt appreciation runs over for them. 

No questions, just prayers and love.


3 responses to “Prayers & Love

  1. Amen! My heart goes out to the girl who lost her aunt too. Good luck getting that post together! You know we’ll all be here for you.

  2. It still amazes me how vividly I remember the events of that day. They are still so strong even 10 years later. This was a thoughtful post.

  3. So sorry to hear about your student who lost her aunt! Prayers and thoughts are with her during this especially difficult time. And isn’t it crazy to think of how different things were 10 years ago? I remember my mom waking me up to tell me the news and then going to school, watching the events unfold on tv. So scary. My brother just left for boot camp for the marines yesterday too, so we are very proud of his commitment.

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