Fun Facts!

Happy Monday everyone!

A while back (umm, right before baby Annika rocked my world and life got a little out of hand….) , Meredith over at Food, Shoes, and Booze tagged me for the blissful blogger! It truly warmed my heart because I have been feeling like a bad blogger with being MIA for days at a time. Anyway…. Meridith has had me at “Food, Shoes, and Booze” what is a girl not to love about her blog?! I was only slightly bummed that her blog title was waaaaaaay better than mine.  (kidding, only a little though. Her title rocks!)

So sweet of her to tag me!

I get to share SEVEN fun facts that you didn’t know about me already! …Hold on tight they are going to be fun!!

1. Growing up I wanted to be: an interior designer, astronaut, lawyer, writer, aerobics instructor, photographer, psychologist, vet, make up artist, country music singer, meteorologist….. and nurse.

You get the picture. I wanted to be everything under the sun. I was just so darn passionate about everything! I was natually intregued by many things and therefore wanted a profession where I could do everything that excited me!

I blame the nurse aspiration on this book....

2. Now I aspire to be: a nutritionist, mother, chef/cook, wine expert, author, gym owner, and jeweler…. and news anchor woman and preschool teacher.

Oh how the times have changed.

Yep, I love Diane Sawyer... I wanted her job while she was on GMA.

3. I’m a TOTAL news junkie!! I just want to be informed. My TV is on in my classroom every morning up till the students walk in. I feel lost if I don’t know what is going on in the world.


I wanted to skip work on Diane Sawyer’s last day on Good Morning America. This is true….. Lucky me. I do believe is was a day where it was snowing crazily and I got to watch all of Good Morning America due to a late start! ……….Crazy enough, I don’t watch ‘World News Tonight’ though…. I’m just a fan of morning shows.

4. I basically have to turn the TV off or on mute when a scary commercial comes on. I seriously get so scared. I avoid TV at almost all costs durning the month of October. In fact, October is a hard moth for me…. I am truly such a scardy cat!

Total scardey cat right here!!!

I wish I were exaggerating but I’m not. I can’t handle it. I just can’t. The husband can vouch for this if you would like…..

Be still my heart.

If you told me you would give me a million dollars to watch ‘Wrong Turn’ with Brad Pitt & Josh Dumehall holding my hands, I WOULDN’T TAKE IT! I couldn’t take it. I would seriously have horrid images in my head non stop forever. forever. Seriously, wish I was joking.

5. I don’t like the new NFL review rule whenever anyone scores.

6. I have an obsession with jewelry.  Not fashion jewelry, REAL jewelry. Sapphires and diamonds make my heart skip a beat! ♥

... My wedding ring is a cushion cut!

7.  My name is JULIE…. As if you didn’t know this… HA!

My point is-  I have no nicknames. I don’t do nicknames. (unless you count when the husband calls me sugar…) For some  reason I am ridiculously attached to may name.  

Yep, it's Julie. JUST Julie.

It’s not that I love my name, I just don’t like to be called anything else. It’s kind of weird….. No one calls me ‘Jules’ or anything of the sort. In high school nicknames were really in. I didn’t have one. I didn’t want one…. In French class, I had to take a French name. It was almost the death of me. I am JULIE dangit!

NOW…. I get to tag 5 of you! (sorry if you have already been tagged. In fact, I’m pretty sure that most of you have been tagged. I lose track! …. I think we all started blogging around the same time and I have loved being on the blog journey because of your blogs!)

QUESTION: Did you learn anything new about me?!  -OR- Do you have any questions for me?


22 responses to “Fun Facts!

  1. you are so sweet 🙂 I love YOUR blog title… nothing beats spinach (or sprinkles for that matter) in my book! I love your list of professions you wanted! I always wanted to be a teacher… an SLP isn’t too far off from that 🙂 or I wanted to be a professional ballerina.. i think i went with the more logical choice!

  2. Hmmm…what’s your favorite color?! lol 😉 jk. I think we all have our long list of professions that we always wanted to be. Right now I am jumping in between nutritionist, acupuncturist, or skin-care line developer. I avoid scary commercials too! Especially horror movie trailers, don’t even get me started! haha

  3. Awww thanks for tagging me! Now I have to start thinking… 🙂

    ‘Wrong Turn’ is possibly one of the scariest and freakiest movies EVER!!! I’ve seen it once and never again. I don’t think you could pay me to watch it either!

    I’m with you on the no nickname thing. The only one I’ve ever had (besides ‘honey’) was from my college roommate. For some reason she started calling me K freshmen year and just never stopped! It was so weird when others tried to call me that…it didn’t work!

  4. So cool, love reading these adn getting to know the bloggers out there! That book Nurse Nancy is so cute. Love the golden books, still do, in fact for my kiddos! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I hate scary commercials too!! I close my eyes if it can’t be turned off lol but even the sounds scare me. I also loveee cusion cut pretty! I’m not a nickname fan either. My boyfriend and his family and now all his friends call me “D” and it made me cringe a little at first lol But now I’m used to it.

    • “D” isn’t a bad one but it would take some getting used to when you just aren’t used to nicknames! …..When I got my engagement ring, my jeweler shipped in 15 loose cushion cut diamonds for me to choose from and examine with the loop! HEAVEN for this girl!

  6. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    I love Meredith’s title too haha! I had the same reaction when I first read it

    And helllooooo I LOVE good morning shows! I seriously can become ENGROSSED in Good Morning America (the morning ones are my favorite). Come to think of it, news is probably the only thing I watch nowadays… haha :/

  7. I love the news too! The Today Show and Good Morning America are my friends in the early am 🙂 I like to stay informed
    As a matter of fact, I am listening to Good Morning America as I type this!
    I don’t have a nickname either… some people have tried to call me “Tess” but I prefer Tessa

  8. I love the Today show – it’s on in my condo every morning! Cushion cut eh?
    Sounds so pretty – my ring is ascher cut…love diamonds too! We’re such girls! 🙂 Thanks for the tag…you’re the sweetest!
    xoxo from Trinidad

  9. I’m with you on the being a scaredy cat thing! I have to plug my ears and shut my eyes – my boyfriend makes SO much fun of me!

  10. I would love to watch morning talk shows but I never have a spare second to sit down in the morning. If only my office had a television. 😦

    I wanted to be a meteorologist too! I kept weather journals and newspaper clippings from all the major weather related events. 🙂

    I just have to ask, are you a Bears fan?!

  11. You are SO awesome! I loved reading these! I love that you are “Just Julie!” I have a TON of nicknames. I think my husband gives me a new nickname every week.

    I also share your love for morning news. I love running at 8 am because then I can switch between the Today Show, GMA, and the Early Show. 🙂

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