How ‘MODERN’ are You?!

So I would love to sit down and write you a beautiful post and share a wonderful recipe but to be completely honest, I’ve got family on my mind….

Not my family….. My family is all doing well.

I’m thinking about…..


I look forward to Modern Family every week. The husband and I take Wednesday nights off from the rest of the world, we lay down on the couch and just ‘be’ together- while laughing our tails off watching “Modern Family”.

I don’t feel guilty or lazy for those 30 minutes of TV. I just enjoy it. It’s so nice! ….For some reason I’m just able to take it all in and unwind!

To say “♥I love this show!!!♥” is an understatement! But the time with that is carved out is what I enjoy the most. Laughing out loud so that I seem like I’m a tad crazy is just an added bonus. 

QUESTION: Are you a Modern Family fan? –If not– What season primers are you looking forward to?!


18 responses to “How ‘MODERN’ are You?!

  1. i LOOOVE Modern Family!!!! i think I’m going to miss cable more than I thought I would. I also think I need to watch a few shows online tonight 🙂

  2. Watching Modern Family right now. 🙂

  3. More like Modern Family Fanatic over here! I love it! I could not believe how funny it was when first seeing it! The premiere is an hour! 1 hour of time! lol

  4. Oh yes certainly a fan!! So glad to hear you are too 😀

  5. I haven’t have the chance to watch Modern Family, but I heard it was hilarious! I’m really looking forward to the season premiere of The Office, Bones, and Grey’s Anatomy. 🙂

  6. Dude. I love this show. The gf told me to watch it one day, and I was hooked. Phil is the man.

  7. My friend let me borrow season 1 on DVD and I’m hooked! I just need to find season 2, so my honey and I can catch up. We absolutely LOVED it!!!! We don’t have TV, so my honey and I will just watch it on Hulu if we ever get to catch up.

  8. Modern Family is seriously the best show EVER! I never laugh out loud watching TV, but this show is the exception! I ADORE Cam. He completely kills me! As does Phil! I was SO glad that he won the Emmy! 🙂

  9. I have never watched it. I might though after all the hype it got at the Emmys.

    We really liked the Chicago Code but it was axed by Fox. 😦

  10. Love it! We watched it last night and had a lot of laughs. It’s our Wednesday night date night on the couch! 🙂 Best show on TV!!

  11. spoonfulofsugarfree

    I feel ashamed to say…I’ve never seen that show before! I saw how it won so many awards at the Emmy’s, but I’ve never seen it 😦 I must be outta the loop, but I really don’t watch tv that much….

  12. I watched a bit of Modern Family on a plane once and loved it, but I haven’t ever gotten into watching it regularly. I should! I love Two and a Half Men!

  13. How nice that you and the Hubs have time together each week to laugh and just enjoy each others company! I loveeee Modern Family too! It’s one of the few shows that actually makes me crack up! I missed it last night but will be watching it on Ondemand very soon!

  14. We also LOVE Modern Family – so much so we watch it live w/commercials! It’s so great/funny/awesome – we love it!
    Just landed in Houston – off to have some fun now… xoxo

  15. OMG NO WAY!!!! Im LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE modern family!! I watch it every week! I love that its one of those shows that you don’t actually have to follow it from week to week to understand the episode, even though i would never skip an episode even if my life depended on it. ahh i can’t wait to see cam and mitchell’s new baby!

  16. I love Modern Family! and your blog 🙂

  17. oh my gosh…”When I get home I’m gonna scrub this place like it’s a crime scene, which it is because you murdered joy.”

    I should probably watch this weeks episode again… SO GOOD!!

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