Cake Batter ‘Ice Cream’ and a Thank You!

Why hello there, beautiful! You’re looking mighty fine today! ……..“How you doin’?!” 😉  (in Joey voice, from Friends of corse!)

Pull up a chair.... Let's eat!

It’s no secret around Spinach and Sprinkles that I’ve had to take a few deep breaths. Two of them to be exact. (Part I and Part II) ….. Thank you sincerely for every comment, e-mail, and prayer. Your words of encouragement, love, and plain kindness have been unbelievably kind and helpful. ♥I feel overwhelmingly blessed by your support. ♥

To thank you….. Let’s eat some cake batter ice cream!

Cake Batter Ice Cream Ingredients

  • 1 1/2 c. milk
  • 1/2 to 1 frozen banana
  • Stevia packet (or two)
  • 1/2 tsp almond extract
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp butter extract
  • LOTS of ice, about 20 to be exact
  • 1/2 tsp of Xanthan Gum …..AFTER you have blended everything else up VERY well! It has to be the last thing added!!!!
I’m a bulk eater, I like to get a lot of back for my buck- hence the 20 (or more) ice cubes! Add more extract if you want it to smack you over the head and scream “I taste like cake batter!” …. Mix everything together in a TOUGH blender because after the Xanthan gum, it will give it a run for its money! SUPER thick! 🙂 


Doesn't it look like it's missing something?!

Did I seriously just put an umbrella in my drink?!?! Answer: YES! Isn’t it fun?! If you don’t think so, well, you’re crazy! 😉 It’s fun! You know it is!!! 

The Xanthan gum is from Swanson Vitamins... They are so nice over there! :) They want your honest opinion so free of charge they let you review their products; the good, the bad, and the ugly. So, this is a review of my opinions and thoughts. Nothing more, nothing less…  The consensus— LOVE Xanthan gum!! I love that I can get it shipped to my door thorough Swanson Vitamins! 
 Swanson wants to know: “Are you interested in getting some free Swanson Health Products goodies to review on your own blog? Then check out the Swanson Health Blog for all the details.” 
It’s a pretty awesome thing! I know this won’t be the last thing I get from them! They allow me to get the items I don’t have in my teeny tiny town. It’s wonderful to see the UPS guy coming to deliver Xanthan gum right to my door! 🙂

Cake Batter Ice Cream

Back to the CAKE BATTER!!! I LOVE this! ….Try it! Not for me, but for YOU! Because I like you, I want you to eat something delicious! 🙂 I owe you! ♥

QUESTION: What is your favorite kind of cake batter? -OR- Do you realize how amazing you are…. Or, how thankful I am for each and every one of you??!!! 


18 responses to “Cake Batter ‘Ice Cream’ and a Thank You!

  1. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    I loveee me some Xanthan gum! I’ve gone through trial and error with this stuff– If you add too much your smoothie turns into a melted marshmellow texture, except not as delicious haha

  2. I’ve never used xanthan gum! I guess i’m missing out! and I love the umbrella 🙂 makes it just seem that much more festive haha

  3. This just inspired me to make a vanilla milkshake for work manana.
    On another note, I just read your last two posts–what you’re going through sounds incredibly difficult, but you seem to be an optimistic person. You’re in my thoughts and prayers 🙂

  4. Love this recipe — so fun!

    I need to get my hands on some Xanthan gum!

  5. This sounds delicious! I tried contacting Swanson and never heard from them….maybe I need to tell them I know you 😉

  6. OKOK – YOU Missy prompted me to try that crazy xanthan gum….i will promise an update by Monday….my husband is wondering why I bought a bag of dust for 15 bucks…. um..yes, grocery prices are higher here!
    xoxo from Trinidad

  7. YUM!! Cake Batter is my favorite! 🙂 I will definitely be trying this recipe soon because I think I have made one too many trips for cake batter at icecream places the past few months!

  8. oh my gosh, that sounds and looks crazy good!!!

  9. That looks awesome! I need to get my hands on some butter extract ASAP!

  10. Holy smokes! I need to get Xanthan gum ASAP! I have never used it but heard WONDERFUL things about it! This looks insane!

  11. Mmmm cake batter! Thanks for the recipe. I will be making this one soon! 🙂 I have never tried xanthan gum before but everyone seems to rave about it.

  12. This is so cute! I love it! Never heard of butter extract but I definitely want to recreate this 🙂

  13. This looks so delicious! I love how it is such a happy drink and I think it was a good call putting the umbrella in! I’ve never seen butter extract though? Do they sell it at grocery stores?

  14. I LOVE funfetti cake batter!! SO delicious 🙂

  15. Your photography is awesome. The addition of the umbrella and sprinkles makes it. Looks so good – can’t wait to try! I can’t even imagine what it’d taste like with About Time Birthday Cake Protein Powder blended in. 🙂

    We’re all thankful for you and you sharing the intimate details of your life with us. Although I’ve never met you, I can say that you’re a phenomenal person. Keep that head up and that smile on 🙂


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  18. Your blog just became my new favorite! Not only because of the name (which is super cute) but you love cake batter flavored things!!! I can’t wait to make this 🙂

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