Falling for Kansas…. and a Modern Night!

Fall in Kansas is beautiful. 

Harvest skys. 

I have a yummy recipe I tried out and was going to share tonight but…. tonight is MODERN FAMILY night!!! I promised the husband I would put the computer away tonight and be 100% attentive. I’ll do it. I’m a good wife like that! 

Yep, either I’m a good wife or I really like Modern Family…. Okay,I can not tell a lie,  it’s both!

Tomorrow is PUMPKIN GRANOLA BARS! True story. I’ll share tomorrow! 🙂 


6 responses to “Falling for Kansas…. and a Modern Night!

  1. Phil Dumphey KILLS me. Seriously. He is so stinking hilarious! Modern Family makes my heart smile!

  2. just watched that modern family clip LOLL I am seriously obsessed with Modern Family! And those granola bars look delishhh I’m not as pumpkin obsessed as most, but I love Trader Joes Pumpkin granola:) YUM

  3. So gorgeous! I want to run through those corn field!

  4. Ohh that sky is absolutely gorgeous! And I love Modern Family too!

  5. I LOVE THIS! The midwest is where it is AT, tell New England to keep all their trees, we have fields and sunsets 🙂

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