Cold Season Tip— Sore nose season fix…

Yep, the inevitable has happened for this 3rd grade teacher.

I caught a cold…. 

Sick teacher right here...

Sick 3rd grade teacher right here....

For real, it hit me hard a couple of days ago because my immune system was completely compromised due to the parent teacher conference week. (AKA- at school by 6:50 am home at 8:30 pm and non stop talking alllll day) Plus- there is a cutie with red hair– He  has had watery eyes, a stuffy nose, sinus infection, and had sneezed *on* me about 6 times last week. I kept after him and told him I didn’t want him to share his cold…. but alas. I teach them to share. So, share he did.

Enter raw and sore nose….

My nose was raw. It hurt…. So, I whip out my ol’ friend.

Helps with the raw nose...

This little jar will be heaven sent if you have a raw nose!

See? ... Happy teacher!

Put a little dab on the bottom of your nose and you’ll be good as new after a few hours and applications! Kind of an expensive fix but WOW does it fix a raw nose. This is my cold season tip!

QUESTION: Do you have any cold season tips to share?

Oh, and I’ll eat pumpkin pie ice cream to help….

Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream!


15 responses to “Cold Season Tip— Sore nose season fix…

  1. Lots of rest, fluids, and Emergen-C! Feel better!

  2. Sorry to hear you’re under the weather! My tip is to help others not get sick: always cough or sneeze on your sleeve (in the crook of your elbow) and not on your hands! It will prevent you from passing along your germs!

    Maybe you can teach the kids that one next week 🙂

  3. Ugh! I hope you feel better! I am a germ freak but babysit a lot of kids under the age of 8–you bet I teach them how to sneeze and cough into their elbows!

    When I have a cold, I make sure to drink a lot of water to put my sick cells in a hypotonic solution (science nerd is coming out….sorry).

  4. Awwa.. feel better girl!!! I’m totally scared of getting a cold this year when I’m back in a colder climate. I love your nose cream and pumpkin pie solution! IT WILL WORK! 🙂

  5. blehh I am so sorry you are feeling sick! There are people coughing around me everywhere!! It’s freaking me out… I know I am going to get sick soon 😦
    Feel better deary 🙂

  6. oh boy, sorry about the sniffer! Hope you feel better soon, i hate it when i’m sick at school, theyve always got the cheap sand-paper like tissues, yuck!

  7. I haven’t used the micro-sculpting cream, but I love their serum. Feel better soon!

  8. Sadness! I just got over my first cold of the season! For a sore throat I found that if you mix 1 tbsp honey + one tbsp apple cider vinegar + 1 cup hot water your throat feels SO much better. It tastes a bit strange, but it really works! Drinking a TON of hot/iced tea and staying really hydrated is key. Also, invest in a netipot or neilmed sinus rinse–I was a skeptic but it TOTALLY helps!

  9. Sorry you’re sick! I always caught a cold a year when I was teaching, but the last three years since I stopped teaching I haven’t had one. It’s so hard to avoid when you are around so many different germs all day long! My only advice is to get your rest, drink plenty of fluids, and avoid sugar. 🙂

  10. Aw man… ’tis the season I suppose! Hope you start to feel better soon!

  11. Two options – the first considerably more social than the second. Number 1 – hot milk with tumeric and honey. Its one of my good friends – whose Indian – mamas recipe and its AMAZING. the tumeric is super anti-inflammatory and the honey is soothing as is the milk (use almond milk or whatever if you prefer) – 2nd option – RAW garlic – works a charm but you seriously WILL stink! best of luck!! xox

  12. Hope you are feeling better! Try elderberries. Whole foods and Vitamin Discount Center make a syrup that is made with elderberries. It’s the one I always pull out when the sniffles attack. Honey with tea. Sore throat I gargle with Cayenne powder and warm water! It works if you can stand the heat.

  13. Yikes that’s rough! Having to be out the door so early then coming home late definitely takes a toll on the immune system 😦 Get well soon!

  14. Sorry you haven’t been feeling well! I hop that you are feeling better today! Thanks for the raw nose tip! I feel like my immune system is fighting something but I’m hoping it pulls through!

  15. Being a teacher it was bound to happen! I hope you feel better and your parent teacher conferences went well!


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