The worst date I’ve ever had… I’m sure I’ll get a crown for that one!

The other night I was munching on a post dinner snack that I love from the very bottom of my heart.


I know from the heading you were expecting to hear about the worst date I’ve ever had. Let me tell you it was a doosie! Because I’m such a turkey (that’s what I call my ornery kiddos at school) …I’ll save all of that hilariousness for another day. This is about the worst date I’ve ever had, like for nourishment. The worst date food wise…

Back to the other night. Actually, first I need to tell you that two weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to play with my nephew. While we were playing, I was chewing on gum and stopped cold in my tracks. I noticed something hard in my gum. I knew right away that it was part of a filling. I have the WORST. TEETH. EVER.  It wasn’t that big, it didn’t hurt, I wasn’t too worried about it. I decided to call the dentist because it was jagged and kind of hurt my tounge.

The dentist said “Oh, you’ll need a crown. Yep…… That’s not good. You’re going to need a crown for sure!Darn.”…You’re telling me, dentist. You’re telling me. Bummer. 

Yah, we’re not talking this kind of crown.^^ I could deal with that kind of crown!!! ….We’re talking: saw off half of your tooth, make you want to jump out of the dentist chair, take three dentist appointments to fix, miss work three times, and unexpectedly cost you $693 *with* insurance kind of crown. I know, I am a lucky girl.

So, that was two weeks ago- right side of my mouth. I can not eat anything on this side…  Then like I said, I was eating one of my favorite post supper snacks and then….









I bit down on a pit in the middle of a pitted date! Holy OUCH! Seriously- ouch! ***I thought they were supposed to be pitted!?!?!??*** Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I can not believe this is happening to me! 😦  Now, the left side of my moth is killing me, for real. It hurts. AND, I can’t eat on anything on the right side of my mouth due to the crown preparation.  I called the dentist today and the receptionist is hoping that it is just a bruised nerve…. but I know in my heart of hearts that I’ll need another crown. It hurts when I bite down and it hurts when I eat *anything* with sugar in it. This is a sign that something is wrong with the filling….. This is my 3rd crown in 3 months! So, here’s to the unexpected bill of $2,079 since September and yet another crown in my mouth.

Pretty sure I won't look this excited if I get another crown...

 QUESTION: How do you keep from biting down on the pit of a date or prune? –OR- What was the last HUGE unexpected bill that you had to pay?

PS- Stop by tomorrow, I’m going to try to do my first giveaway! 


12 responses to “The worst date I’ve ever had… I’m sure I’ll get a crown for that one!

  1. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Aw, I’m sorry about your crowns 😦 I’m sure that it was no fun the first time, and can only imagine that it’s not going to be exciting the second time.

    Hey, look at the bright side– at least you’ll have some beautiful chompers when it’s all through 😀

  2. Oh no! That stinks! And I can’t believe how much $$$ it’s costing! Luckily, I’ve never had to get a filling/crown… hope I didn’t just curse myself!

  3. Oh golly goodness–I HATE teeth and I hate the dentist. Well, I guess it is not the teeth–but the maintenance of said teeth. I hope I never have to get a crown, but I am sure I will because I grind my teeth and keep chipping tiny pieces off of them.

    Gosh, I wish you were talking about sparkly crowns. Now THAT is a crown I can get behind. 🙂

  4. Oh no!!! I’m so sorry to hear about your poor teeth!! That’s horrible! I hope the dentist is able to fix them so they are feeling better! Maybe you can talk to them about reducing the price? I’ve done that once and explained my situation and they lowered it for me. The last unexpected bill was when I had to pay for my car to get fixed after someone hit it and almost knocked the bumper off and didn’t even leave a note!! Thank goodness I have insurance, but it was still very expensive!

  5. That sucks. I hate dealing with teeth. It’s just an awkward and sensitive place. My friend got her wisdom teeth out today and I’m dreading getting mine out. And dental work is crazy expensive. Hopefully you won’t need another crown!

  6. aww sorry! Thats such a bummer 😦 but hey, that last picture cracked me up!!

  7. Ooo noooo that is terrible! I actually JUST got a crown last Wednesday and boy did it suck. I feel ya on this one 😦 Feel better deary, I hope everything gets worked out asap (and as cheap as possible!)

  8. Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry you had to go through this! It sounds painfully terrible. I’m a whimp when it comes to my teeth too. Man oh man, I hate being an adult sometimes. Paying for all of this stuff that’s no fun! I hope you start feeling better soon!

  9. Ohmyberry. That sounds so awful! I’m sorry. I hope it gets totally fixed up pronto! I like your crown pics and that you can joke about it a little!! I reallllly feel for you!!!

  10. Um, GO YOU for writing a cheerful and hilarious post about horrible dental work!

  11. Oh noo!!! I am so sorry 😦 I hope you feel better!

  12. Oh, that stinks! Really stinks! I am sorry to hear that!

    This September, we were hit with almost $2000 worth of vet bills, my re-licensing fee (not unexpected, but still $600) and a few other miscellaneous beauties. On top of that, my mat leave was over so I wasn’t getting paid yet. It was a lean month in the Maier household!

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