The things that make me happy…. {{giveaway time!}}

I have been blessed. This is true. There are lots of things in life that make me happy: my husband, my family, coffee, pumpkin butter, and chocolate.  Just to name a few….. And then there is: frozen yogurt, clothes from The Limited, and kisses from my nephew and niece are at the tippy top of the list too!

…..I decided I’d share!

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There is NO WAY you’re getting my husband or my family, shipping coffee and frozen  yogurt could be messy, I don’t know what size of sweater you would like from The Limited, and shipping home made pumpkin butter isn’t safe so– that leaves chocolate and the next best thing to coffee- tea.

Spinach and Sprinkles giveaway #1

Here is what you'll win!

That’s right– In a few days I’ll pack all of this up and send it to one of you! I am offering one lucky Spinach and Sprinkles reader the oppertunity to win a box full of my favorites! Mainly a box full of chocolate 🙂

  • Lindt Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Chocolate Bar
  • 2 bars of Endangered Spicies Chocolate
    • Dark Chocolate Mint
    • Dark Chocolate Blueberry
  • 3 Kashi granola bars
    • 2 Chocolate Cocount
    • 1 Chocolate Cherry
  • Nutella – Chocolate Hazelnut spread
  • 12 thank you’s because keeping in touch with those you love is pricelss and everyone loves getting mail *that isn’t a bill*
  • box of green tea
  • SPRINKLES!!! —How could I not send sprinkles?!

A closer look 🙂

I’m packing up the chocolate, tea, and thank you’s on Monday after a winner has been selected and sending it out after I get the winners address. If you happen to win this giveaway, it should be on your doorstep by the end of next week! 🙂

Leave me a comment telling me about :

  • A. Paying it forward. Do you believe you get what you give?
  • B. What you would be the most excited about in this box
  • C. What would be in your gooody box? 

33 responses to “The things that make me happy…. {{giveaway time!}}

  1. How awesome!! 😀
    A. I completely believe in that! It’s the good kind of Karma 🙂
    B. The lindt sea salt. I’ve had it before and it is AMAZINGGGG. So good.
    C. Chocolate, nut butter, pumpkin?

  2. I definitely believe in paying it forward. You get out of you life what you put into it!

  3. You just named a whole bunch of my favorite things.
    A. I completely believe in that. Karma is good.
    B. Either the chocolate or the spinkles!
    C. chocolate, and I don’t know what else…

  4. Closest blog follower slipping out of the wood works.

    a) I believe you get more than you give. Every time I give, I feel like I get back at least 150%. Like how a 1 hour run will get you 24 hours of feel-good energy. Or how an hour in a shelter makes you understand for the next 200 hours just how rich you are. Life is just that good.
    b) The endangered species bars. which would quickly become extinct upon entering our threshold. especially since our apartment of students is all feeling very female this week.
    c) Chocolate, kale, asics, and Christmas music. (minus the fact that kale doesn’t exactly ship well). The keys to pure bliss.

  5. Omigosh what an awesome giveaway! You are so sweet! I def believe in paying it forward- I think that every day we have the opportunity to make a difference in each others lives, sometimes in small ways but ways that ultimately can make a huge difference. How could we not want to do that?? And ohh everything looks so good! But the lindt sea salt and chocolate blueberry sound amazing- I’ve never tried those before!! Hmm in my goody bag there would probably be clothes from LOFT, fro yo, cupcakes, peppermint syrup and dark chocolate! 🙂

  6. Yay! I love giveaways with favorite things. 🙂
    A. I definitely believe in that. I find that the more you give, the more there is to enjoy in life.
    B. I’d be most excited about ALL of the chocolate.
    C. Ive done a goodies giveaway before and it had chocolate and a chocolate grinder from Trader Joe’s in it. Mine would definitely have chocolate again, my favorite crackers, something fall themed and another random snack type thing. Love snacks. 🙂

  7. awesome giveaway!
    I definitely believe in giving back and paying it forward. I think that it is so important to give to others, because there are so many people in the world that need help.
    And as far as what I’m most excited about..all the chocolate! especially the nutella!
    I would give away a pack of goodies similar to yours, definitely including lots of foodie goods, a lot being from trader joes!

  8. Oohh how exciting!!!! a giveaway 😀 so sweet of you!

    A. totally agree! I think you get more when you give than the person who you give to! (<– confusing sentence? yes..)
    B. I'd be most excited about the dark chocolate chocolate YUMM!
    C. In my good box I would bake a few things (that would be safe to ship, obvs) and probably some sprinkles and a jar of dark chocolate almond butter, goooood stuff! Maybe throw a starbucks or caribou card in there, everyone loves at least *something* from there

  9. I would definitely fill up my box with Colorado goodies! Love to send a little local love (and some Justin’s nut butter) to the ones I love!

  10. Such a fun giveaway! The dark chocolate blueberry bar sounds pretty awesome!

  11. Love it, you’re awesome 🙂

    A. Absolutely! If you’re lucky, share the love.
    B. The Lindt sea salt chocolate!
    C. Chocolate and tea, for sure. Maybe some fun seasonal spices, too, especially if it’s in the fall.

  12. Very nice giveaway Julie!
    Yes, I believe in pay it forward! and my favorite thing in that box without a doubt is the endangered species chocolate! Love that stuff from fair trade to taste!

  13. Yes. I believe that you get what you give. I love this organization I’m in at my college where we help kids with pediatric cancer. I’ve been happier in my life knowing that I’m doing something for those that need it and that’s all I need to know. Nothing more. 🙂

  14. the Lindt and endangered species chocolate. I’ve always wanted to try them but they are costly for a college kid. /:

  15. I just realized everyone answered in one box. /: whoops if that’s the case.

    I would put some GU and chocolates with something seasonal if I made a goodies box. I’ve never done it before. /:

  16. Nice! You are so thoughtful!
    A. Good Karma baby!
    B. I really love the thank you is such a great idea and a nice way to spread a little cheer to loved ones! Oh and chocolate bars never hurt 😉
    C. I would fill my goody box with holiday baking supplies…cookie cutters, towels, sprinkles :), colored icing..etc! All things to prep for the holidays!

  17. Love this!
    A. I defff believe in paying it forward! the small things count!
    B. I would loveee the nutella!
    C. I would put homemade granola and bars that I make in it!!

  18. I totally believe in paying it forward and karma. What goes around comes around! Which is why i think if I tell you how much I love you, I might win? ::fingers crossed::

  19. A. Absolutely! I think that Karma works in the positive and negative way. You get what you give out!
    B. I would be most excited about the Lindt with Sea Salt. I’ve never tried it, but have heard it is so good!
    C. My goodie box would definitely have chocolate in it! As well as magazines, coffee, and a delicious bottle of wine!

  20. OMG…i want to win….do u ship to Trinidad? I believe in paying it forward…there is nothing better than surprising someone with a small gesture of love….

  21. I love to pay it forward. You never know how it’s going to come back. I AM MOST EXCITED ABOUT THE SPRINKLES. I think I would have to give away ramekins the way I’ve been so crazy over them lately.

  22. Awww! You are so sweet and generous!

    1) I LOVE paying it forward. I love celebrating people and giving to others–I get it from my mom! It makes me so happy to see other people happy! 🙂

    2) I have an unhealthy obsession with nutella. I could literally down an entire jar in 24 hours. It is absurd.

    3) I would definitely give away lots of almond butter and Pennsylvania apples. There are a lot of things I don’t like about this state–but the apples redeem them all!

  23. ahhh NUTELLA!! I am a huge believer in Karma, and what goes around comes around!! I hope you are having a fabulous weekend! xoxo!

  24. A. Total believer in karma
    B. Nutella- I eat it from the jar with a spoon 🙂
    C. hot cocoa & popcorn!

    What a great giveaway!

  25. Such a fun giveaway! The chocolate sea salt looks delicious! And I love that you are including sprinkles:)

  26. I definitely believe in paying it forward! Just last week, a complete stranger gave us a coupon for the restaurant where we were having dinner and on the way home we saw two stray dogs and picked them up and eventually found both of their owners! One good deed definitely deserves another! 🙂

  27. A. I believe in the concept of paying it forward. I strongly believe that we should put positivity out into the world. I don’t know if we necessarily “get what we give”. However, the more positivity we put into the world, the higher the chance we have of getting a little back into our lives! 🙂
    B. I’ve been dying to try that sea salt chocolate. And of course, I’d absolutely love to have a jar of nutella in my apartment!!!!!!!
    C. Hmm, that’s a tough one. I’d probably put some larabars (either real or homemade), some berry flavored tea bags, coconut flakes (for oatmeal, cottage cheese, etc.)

  28. I do believe in karma, the nutella looks yummy!
    And I’d have popcorn, chocolate, and fruit with nuts in mine 🙂

  29. A. In school, yes, I do believe that you get what you put in. Learning takes hard work.
    B. I’m most excited for the chocolate bars! And the thank-you cards. I know who I would send those too! 🙂
    C. My goodie box would be filled with nut butters and chocolate! 🙂

  30. A. Yes, I believe we should all do nice things for others because it does come back around. But most importantly, it makes us feel better to do nice things for others.
    B. Chocolate, Chocolate and Chocolate : )
    C. Chocolate, teas, bubble bath and a good book.

    Nice giveaway! I enjoy reading your blog. I have a third grader, so fun to read some of the teacher’s perspective : )

  31. A. Yes, most definitely!!
    B. Dark chocolate. duh. 🙂
    C. oh boy. let’s see…it would probably be pretty similar to yours!

  32. a – yes! i believe!
    b – most excited about chocolate!!
    c – my goody box would have cupcakes!

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