Lemons to Lemonade…

Read this. Believe this.

I believe this. I believe this. I believe this.

We are all on a journey. Some days the journey is bliss. The sun is shining, the clouds look like fluffy cotton balls floating along the skyline, beautiful music is playing in the background and the warmth is hitting your skin to warm your soul. Other days, the journey is trying. Those days it feels like a stroll though a thunderstorm: the thunder is cracking loudly, the wind incredibly strong and it is holding you back, the rain is cold and feels like needles piercing your face, the lightning keeps shooting down right where you are trying to go and keeping your from your destination and safety.

Lemons to add to the pile...

Life hands people lemons sometimes. It is unavoidable. We will get lemons. …Your bills are bigger than your income, you lost your keys and are late for work, you see an extra 5 pounds on the scale, you broke a nail, your heater broke down on the coldest day in November, you bit into an apple that was rotten, your job is incredibly hard, you might loose your job, someone hurt your feelings the list can go on an on and on… We get lemons sometimes. Right now, I am struggling to make lemonade. Each day seems to get a little harder (okay, a lot harder) I’m not going to complain about my lemons. I’ll save that for another day. Lucky you 😉

How to deal with lemons…   Go to the people that will make lemonade *for you* when you are too tired to make lemonade on your own.

I went home this weekend and put all cares away to spend time with the people I love…. minus the husband- he had to stay home to take a test. Bummer. Other than that, the weekend was *bliss*! I was with the people who help me turn my lemons into lemonade. They are the sweetener that makes life tolerable- no wait, a joy.

Family at Harvest HomeI am thankful that my sister lets me love her kids, kiss them, watch them grow, and be a part of their lives. I love my niece and nephew with my entire heart.

Being an Aunt is the BEST!

How can life not be sweet when I am holding a baby like this…. I have to admit that being with these two amazing children is one of the most wonderful things on earth. They are a blessing to my life- so is their momma! I love their momma! 🙂 Yes, sister- YOU!

Thank you for helping me turn lemons into lemonade. (family & friends- that totally includes all of you!)

Giveaway winner will be announced tomorrow!– Get excited! 🙂

Question: What helps you turn lemons into lemonade?


13 responses to “Lemons to Lemonade…

  1. Being an aunt is amazing! We are blessed 🙂

  2. What a great post, and one we could all use some reminder of. My mom helps me out in this area 🙂

  3. What a wonderful post Julie. I think family is the best way of reminding you how truely blessed you are.

  4. I loved this post. It is so true. Family is everything and can brighten up any day! This was an amazing post and everyone can always use this as a reminder to remember how blessed they are! ❤

  5. I love that quote poster. This post rings so true to me, thank you. I rely on my family and friends to make lemonade when I can barely gather all of the lemons!

  6. I totally ❤ being an aunt too. I'm getting a nephew soon!!! A good run and a phone call to my mom really help too!!!!!

  7. That is such an adorable baby. Family is always helpful when they are the right people. Sometimes family doesn’t help, especially for me so I turn to the next best thing: my friends.

  8. Oh goodness, I completely agree that friends and family are the BEST at helping make lemonade. I also find that spending time with little kids helps simplify my mindset, which is always good!

  9. Keeping a gratitude journal helps me keep things in perspective. Even when life gets tough, there are always things to be grateful for. I know when you are at your lowest, it can be hard to see that though. Hang in there, Julie!

    P.S. Your niece and nephew are precious!!

  10. Keep looking up Julie, you are beautiful inside and out and things will come your way! ❤

  11. I love that quotation! Particularly the part, “don’t think that you’ve lost time”…I’m constantly thinking that at 24 I should be in a different place than I am right now, but hey, there’s nothing I can do about the past and I just need to keep moving forward!

    Thanks for your uplifting message, Julie! Your enthusiasm is so contagious! 🙂

  12. I love your positivity 🙂 And yes, being an aunt is such a blessing!

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