50 ways to cope with stress + Giveaway winner

Stress anyone?

I know that no one reading this blog has stress. We all live in a world filled with butterflies and sunshine. Right? ….KIDDING! We have stress coming from us at all directions. In light of my lemons to lemonade  post yesterday, I thought I would share this wonderful little thing I came across… Read each one- it is worth your time. I promise. 

Something to think about...

Some of these are simply amazing and things I just scan over some of them when I get stressed. It is a vicious cycle…. Some are simple but I do believe that they are life changing. Here are some of my favorites!

  • Strive for excellence, not perfection. –Ooo, burn. This is one I struggle with but truly need to take to heart.
  • Throw a paper airplane– doing that tomorrow at school 😉 for real.
  • Practice breathing slowly. WHY do I forget this?
  • Avoid tight fitting clothes. Seems simple. I’ll do this.
  • Take a bubble bath. I’ll do this one tonight! I’m making time for it.



I decided to have my kiddos choose a random number. Nothing is more random than a nine year old boy choosing a number. So, the winner is…

Number 12! See it written on that white piece of paper. Next to the car pencil sharpener.... 🙂

Amy- from Amy’s Nutrition by Nature! YAY, congrats Amy! E- mail me your address! I added a couple of extra things to the box yesterday- I think your little ones will enjoy it! 

QUESTION: What was your favorite way listed to cope with stress?



11 responses to “50 ways to cope with stress + Giveaway winner

  1. I love this! I try to avoid stress by waking up a little early and getting to work on time (if not early). I love having the time to relax with my coffee in the morning rather than rushing. It throws my whole day off if I am late!

  2. Those first 3 ways to cope with stress are definitely things i do! Maybe I need to do more of them since I’m still stressed haha.

  3. Love this post! I’ve been thinking about writing something similar… it seems like a lot of people are really stressed out right now!

  4. I am going to copy this and put it somewhere I can see it! I always forget the taking bubble baths TOTALLY helps. and the whole “Say NO more often.” Um, AMEN. I have GOT to start following this rule!

  5. My favorite was “Prepare for the morning the night before.” And with that I am going to pack my lunch:)

  6. I totally needed this today! I prepare for the morning the night before, and it makes a HUGE difference when I forget. I’d rather stay up an extra 15 minutes to get organized than to run around the next morning, wasting 30, getting out the door!
    I need to take advantage of a bubble bath, and a good book…perhaps a glass of wine too 😉

  7. Good timing on your post! I am stressed to teh max right now! It will subside soon but I need to remeber these simple little things to relax.
    Yay, Im so excited that I won your giveaway!! I will email you my info! Thank you. 🙂

  8. One of my favorite ways to handle stress is to put all of that stress-energy into a workout. It really helps me calm down and focus.

  9. I love one near the end “praise other people.” Kinda takes the focus off yourself.

  10. That is an AWESOME list – I love all of them. Ive started waking up at 5.45 – which sounds totally crazy but has really helped. So does saying No.
    Im also seriously considering doing the teaching thing, and wondered if there is any chance I could shoot you an email about it!?! xx

  11. This is such a great list! Prepping the day before is quite helpful and also getting some stress out in a good workout always is fulfilling and helpful

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