How the heck do I use pumpkin butter?

After I posted the amazingness that is homemade pumpkin butter, I received a few comments and e-mails on “how the heck do I use pumpkin butter?!”

I know it is the week after Thanksgiving and some of you may be sick of pumpkin pie- but I still can’t get enough pumpkin butter. So, if you’re sick of pumpkin pie. You don’t have to read. I’ll let you slide this one time. 😉

I love pumpkin butter on just about everything but I decided I would compile a list of the top 5 ways I like to eat pumpkin butter for those of you who are confused at how to use the goodness in a jar. You’re welcome 😉

Way #5 to eat Pumpkin Butter: On toast!

Way #4 to eat Pumpkin Butter:  On oatmeal!

Oatmeal topped with Pumpkin Butter

Way #3 to eat Pumpkin Butter: On fruit!

Fruit topped with Pumpkin Butter

Way #2 to eat Pumpkin Butter: On a spoon!

Pumpkin Butter on a spoon!

Way #1 to eat Pumpkin Butter: On a Parfait! 

QUESTION: What is your favorite way to use pumpkin butter? —If you haven’t, drop what you’re doing and go make some! 🙂 It’s worth it!


20 responses to “How the heck do I use pumpkin butter?

  1. I love pumpkin butter on fresh, homemade biscuits – but I haven’t had either in a long, long time. Can’t wait to make some though!

  2. Chelcie @ Chelcies Food Files

    I love pumpkin butter on toast the best! But on oatmeal comes in a close second!

  3. I think pumpkin butter would be delicious on oats! I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds like a winning combo to me!

  4. I can honestly say I do not like pumpkin anything. YUCK. Seriously. Enjoy it all you want but I will just say no thank you.

    xoxo from Trinidad

  5. What a great treat! I’ve actually never tried it, but this looks fantastic, in all those dishes! Thanks!

  6. Yay! Thanks for the post on how to use pumpkin butter! I still have half of a jar sitting in my fridge just waiting to be used up! All of your uses look so pretty! I think I will try it mixed into hot oats or maybe a parfait!

  7. Oats oats oats oats oats for the win. It’s also seriously fantastic on top of banana soft serve. You can make a fall sundae with that + maple syrup instead of fudge. DEEELISH.

  8. I still have not had pumpkin butter but on toast sounds the best.

  9. I’m definitely not over pumpkin butter! I’ve been obsessed with pumpkin bagels and either almond butter or cream cheese, topped with pumpkin butter. Seriously obsessed.

  10. I’m not sick of pumpkin yet!! Oatmeal sounds like the yummiest way to eat pumpkin butter…or on a spoon. 🙂

  11. I’m not a huge pumpkin fan… but I have to say, I’m intrigued!

  12. I’ve never had it! Can you believe it. But my favorite tip is definitely “on a spoon!”

  13. I used to love pumpkin butter, but since giving up grains, I have not known what to eat it with. I am totally going to try it on an apple, though! What a great idea!

  14. I haven’t had pumpkin butter in a few years. This made me want to have it asap!

  15. Swirled with cottage cheese or ricotta for a light “dessert” is my fave way!

  16. I like it on crackers like Big Wheat Thins. I love the salty/sweet combination. Makes a great snack.

  17. Im thinking of maybe mixing some pumpkin butter with some cream cheese and using it to make a filling for pumpkin crepes! 🙂

  18. Put it on waffles with a little bit of cinnamon and sugar!!! Yum!

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