Technology + Me = Not Friends!

That’s it- We’re through!

Yes- we are taking a break from each other right now. I can’t take being in touch with technology right now. I have been trying off and on- in between decorating the rest of my christmas tree– to upload my first video blog. It’s NOT WORKING! It says it was too large. So, I cut it down a lot, to 40’ish seconds and it still said it was too large and wouldn’t use it for security purposes. What.Is.The.Deal.?!?!  After all that time I wasted trying to do that, I don’t feel like posting. Technology has gone and ticked me off. I’m not going to let it dampen my day. I’m going to drink some hot chocolate and watch “The Big Bang Theory” and “The Santa Clause” …..

Goodnight technology. I’ll see you again when you decide to play nice. 


9 responses to “Technology + Me = Not Friends!

  1. Aw man, I hope it ends up working out; a vlog sounds fun!

  2. awe…i mean sorry you’re frustrated but I can’t have you posting a vlog b4 me????? lol jk… I know how it is girl…our internet in Trini is spotty all of a sudden…which means that I upload blog pics and rt when its almost done it disconnects….GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Yup…pretty frustrating…

    skype soon…please… I miss u

  3. I get so frustrated when I can’t figure something out and solve my problem–especially when it comes to technology! I hope you eventually find a way to fix it because I love vlogs!

  4. 😦 What a bummer! That’s so weird, though? I don’t understand how you are being dangerous or doing anything bad by having a 40 second video! Crazy!

  5. Awww no! I love vlogs! I hope you get it up and running…maybe it will decide to behave tomorrow!

  6. That’s irritating. But totally worth it to slack and watch the Santa Clause!!!!!

  7. This is so something that would happen to me. There are so many computer things that should take me 10 minutes that end up taking me 2 hours! It’s so frustrating. I hope you have a relaxing weekend! 🙂

  8. ahaha awe girl! Technology is the best and the worst eh? One day, for no apparent reason at all it will just start working I’m sure!

  9. Sweetie, you are preaching to the choir. Technology has been killing me lately! I hope that your computer starts to behave! Gosh, they can be such frustrating little boogers!

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