Nope. Not sorry.

I wish I could tell you all that I was sorry about being away. I’m not sorry though. I can’t lie. My mother taught me to never lie. So, therefore I am not sorry.  I went home to my niece’s dedication to the church and I didn’t open a computer once. Not even one time.

I had a coffee date.

Okay, so it was steamed milk and he had a doungut.

I also held an angel.

Yep, she is truly an angel. However, we believe that she is starting to teethe (OUCH!) So, at times- she was not the happiest camper. I don’t blame the poor thing though. That couldn’t be a walk in the park.

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend!



17 responses to “Nope. Not sorry.

  1. Absolutely adorable!!! Your nephew actually looks JUST like my chiropractor’s son!

    So glad you had a great ‘unplugged’ weekend 🙂

  2. So cute!!! Glad you had a great weekend 🙂

  3. I stayed away from my computer this past weekend, too! Sometimes you just need to be free of technology! The kids are adorableeee!

  4. Adorable! Who cares about technology when you could be with those two! And you are gorgeous, btw 🙂

  5. It’s so nice to leave all work at home every now and then. Just like computers or phones, WE have to recharge! Looks like it was a good weekend for you!

  6. wow – she is so gorgeous….wow. Glad you had fun – that’s all that matters girlie!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  7. Your angel is darling. Can’t wait to have a niece!!!!!!! April!!!!

  8. Am I weird that I think we look like we could be sisters?

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