It’s the final countdown!

T- 2.5 days

That is right everyone, the countdown is on in my household. CHRISTMAS BREAK is coming in 2.5 school days. So that means 2.5 days till the kids belong to their parents for 10 days solid and I am elated! With both the husband and I being teachers, Christmas break is a time we can both look forward to.

Oh goodness have my kids been chatty. I am trying my hardest to be patient and make cute activities mixed in between the end of the semester tests that are thrown their way.  I don’t know if the teacher’s patience is short or if the kiddos are really that crazy. It may be a toss up. It is everywhere. I think we all just need a week away from each other so we have a chance to miss each other. Yah, that’s it…. or something. I don’t know.

The FUN we have been up to…

Thumb-print Christmas Lights

This is the cutest little craft EVER. All it takes is: a sharpie, white piece of paper, paint, and fingers. Talk about a winning art project in my classroom! I have as much art talent as Monet had in his little pinky joint- just the end of it…. basically none. This project is perfect! 

How to make the Grinch grin writing project

This project was supposed to be fun but I am a little OCD about their writing so it has turned into quite the project. Poor kids. It was a boat load of fun to brainstorm and get our ideas on paper- then, crazy Mrs. H had to turn it into 3 point paragraphs complete with all the other jazz that goes into proper writing. At the end of the day, I’m hoping they can be a cute keepsake if the parents want.

Melted Snowmen cookies

Last but not least, we will be making these melted snowmen on the last day of school for their Christmas party– since their teacher has to throw it. No parents can get off of work. Yay for being strapped for cash and having to throw a Christmas party for a room full of 3rd graders. We will have a TON of FUN. Mark my words. We will have a TON OF FUN!

Question: Any good ideas to make the party a TON of FUN?!

Any ideas or links for: food, drinks, games, anything would be *super* appreciated! 


22 responses to “It’s the final countdown!

  1. My kids are crazy and will not stop giggling at everything (and we still have 5 school days left!) AHH.. I love love love the writing prompt..what a fun way to get them to write! Oh and I have no doubt your party will be great 🙂

  2. Oooh! I love all of the little crafts! I remember loving the year that my holiday party consisted of drinking hot chocolate and eating popcorn while watching a holiday movie. If you have access to hot water/a microwave, it would be inexpensive to make hot chocolate (buy the large canister!) and bags of popcorn. If I think of anything else, I will let you know!

  3. It is DEFINITELY time for a break! This time of year is tense for everyone… we all need some time away from each other! Luckily, I don’t have to throw a party for my 16 & 17-year olds, but I’m sure they would appreciate it if I did! I’ll probably pass out candy canes or something like that. 🙂

  4. OMG those light crafts and snowmen cookies are SO CUTE!! You totally deserve a break. It will feel AWESOME once you are off!

  5. I wish I had some party ideas for you right now but for some reason my mind is blanking. Have a great last few days then ReLAX and enjoy your break!!! You deserve it!

  6. I absolutely LOVE that Grinch project! I’m definitely saving that one 🙂 The snowmen cookies are adorable also. Good luck with your party and happy *almost* break!!!

  7. Those snowman cookies are so cute! I would do the same thing with the grinch paragraph – no worries!
    Oh, and I am the only teacher at my grade-level band not throwing a party…does that make me a bad teacher? I’m decorating gingerbread houses with them in the morning…but nothing in the afternoon. I’m lame!

  8. I cannot wait to make those snowman cookies–too cute!!! We always decorated gingerbread houses at school, which I LOVED!

    I hope you have a marvelous end of the semester!

  9. I love the thumbprint Christmas light craft. I should send that to my roommate!! We always like a good messy project in the classroom!! I’ll be off work in 2.5 days too. And I’m SO EXCITED. Not quite as exciting as that last day of school. I love it when the bell rings and the kids just go bananas!

  10. They really need to give you a budget for that party! That’s unfair! I’d use as many inexpensive bulk candies and paper products as possible!

    Also, I didn’t know that you and your hubby were both teachers! My bf and I work at the same company so it’s fun to have that in common.

  11. I love the thumb print idea! Especially because you can’t really go wrong with it…perfect activity for the kiddos 🙂
    I have fond memories of making snowflakes out of paper…maybe they’d like that? They can go on windows, be made into cards, etc.

  12. Those crafts sound adorable. I would have tons of fun just doing that!

  13. Ahh you are sooo close woman, you can do it! Kids are out of their minds at this point in the year… ugh! 😦
    I like the thumb print idea a lot!

  14. Oh my gosh, those snowmen cookies are adorable!!!!! Love it 🙂

  15. 7Up??? Is that game still cool? I loved it in middle school!!!

  16. What fun craft ideas! I love the snowman cookies! Too cute!

  17. I love the Christmas light idea! That’s super cute. I’m glad that your school allows you to integrate holiday things. It seems like so many schools total avoid holiday celebrations, because they fear stepping on peoples’ toes/being 100% politically correct.

  18. P.S. Do you ever play four-corners? It’s where one kid sits in the center of the room with their head down. Everyone else walks around the room to different corners. When the kid in the center yells “stop,” everyone stays in the corner they’re in. Then, the center-kid chooses a corner (labelled 1-4) and all the kids in that corner are out. It goes on until there’s only one kid standing. I always liked that game!

  19. I worked with kids last year and would be way too scared to give them sugar cookies 😀 You’re brave! We invented a game after the Thanksgiving holidays called “Black Friday”. It’s a variation on Ships and Sailors that involves lots of running (key!). One wall was Walmart, one wall was Target (so when you said either of those you had to run to the corresponding wall). Then we’d have motions that they’d have to do when we said other things- like “Three shopping carts” was making a group of three and pretending to be shopping. They LOVED it and it wore them out 😀

  20. I would have loved to eat melted snowmen cookies in school! 🙂

  21. all of those are too cute! Getting ready for Christmas is the most fun of all!

  22. Oh my gosh, those melted snowman cookies are so cute! 😀

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