Christmas Party- 3rd Grade Style!

Yesterday was the day- The 3rd grade Christmas party.

3rd Grade Christmas Party

Melted Snowmen & Hot Chocolate ❤ ......Someone may or may not have followed directions and licked the snowman BEFORE they were supposed too. Oh 3rd grade.

They had fun decorating their melted snowmen and drinking hot chocolate. Along with- their teacher letting them be a little more crazy than normal. I mean, ‘hey it’s their Christmas party after all. The other party goodness was wrapping each other as a gifts, playing a Santa relay, and just having fun.

We also got to tie up loose ends yesterday. Our finished projects looked a little something like this:

Symmetrical Rudolph 

The perfect way to discuss lines of symmetry during Christmas!

How to Make the Grinch Grin

How to make the Grinch Grin--- eat Whoo hash with him 🙂

The kids got so incredibly creative and I couldn’t have been more proud of them. They all took different stances. One of the kids was going to seal Santa’s reindeer  to give poor Max a break and to make him go faster to steal Christmas. Whoo hash was going to be shared, stuffing him full of Christmas cookies, tickling him in the tummy, telling knock-knock jokes,  gifts of love and kindness, and even giving the Grinch and warm bed to sleep in were all ideas. Those kids were creative!

Christmas Lights 

Beautiful Christmas Lights!

Santa Cupcakes 

Cute Santa Cupcakes!

These were made by on of my students. Aren’t they the cutest! It was one of my boys- I have an extremely boy heavy class this year (only 4 girls!) I thought they were the sweetest!

A Gift for the Teacher

Made by one of my kiddos (with help of his grandma) complete with a heart cut in the top! Sweetest gift ever! WAIT- I also got other gifts that were amazing, I’ll share those later and make you wait.

QUESTION: Are you participating in any holiday parties this year? 

To be completely honest, this is the only holiday party I’ll attend. They aren’t the biggest things around here- so no one throws any. Therefore, I don’t get to go to any. Bummer@


30 responses to “Christmas Party- 3rd Grade Style!

  1. Such adorable treats!!! My office had a party on the 10th with a thieves ornament exchange…it’s always a good time!

    I can’t wait to hear what other gifts you got! My honey got a $25 gift card to Shell the other day!!! He drives 50 miles one way, so it is definitely appreciated 🙂

  2. Aww it looks like you threw a very special Christmas party for your kids and that everything turned out great!! You had some very creative ideas!! And how sweet that your kids made you that pie and cupcakes! Can’t wait to hear about the rest! I went to a big Christmas party this weekend actually and a work one last week!

  3. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    I don’t have any holiday parties to go to either. My good friend and I usually throw one every year, but it just didn’t work out this time.

    And I would have absolutely licked the snowman too early too 😉

  4. Those crafts are so cute!

    I didn’t attend any holiday parties this year either; you’re not alone!

  5. Third graders are the best! We have a family party to go to and a Christmas eve party…nothing exciting though!

  6. OMG…i love the grinch, snowman, pie and christmas lights picture….awesome. Partying with kiddos can at times be way better than partying with some adults! lol xoxo
    p.s. Miss Julie…teacher Julie…. (hand in the air – waving it around frantically)
    I want a Skype date…. 🙂

  7. Everything is so cute!!! Yummy goodies:D

  8. Everything looks so festive and cute!

  9. Aww these crafts are adorable 🙂 Seeing these allow me to reminisce of childhood memories!

  10. What a fun holiday party! I’m so glad your school still lets the kids bring in homemade treats. I have been volunteering at a local school and they told me I could only bring in packaged food because of all the allergies.

  11. Loving those cute! 🙂
    Christmas parties arent a big thing around here either..such a bummer!

  12. Aww, that’s such a cute party idea for the little ones. I miss getting to hang out with the students I had a few years ago – they were always so much fun.

  13. Looks like the party was a hit! I’m going to a second grade party on Friday to see the kids I student taught with this fall- super excited!!! I love the looks of those melted snowmen cookies and might have to take them along! 🙂

  14. OMG this makes me want to be a teacher! So adorable! So sweet that the boys even got into the xmas spirit with the cupcakes 🙂

  15. luckiest teacher with that pie!

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