Dear Body,

Dear Body,

I am not amused that you know when a break from school comes along and you decide to break down. Yes, Body, I remember your Thanksgiving doosey complete with silence and misery. I didn’t need you to remind me that you have this power of me- I already know. I am not okay with you taking my Christmas break too. This is not cool.

I am not appreciating the fact that you are completely worn down, I have tried to take care of you! I am not a fan of the fit you throw when you are taken away from the couch for a minute or two. I am also not a fan that you think it is necessary to be lying down all the live long day. There are only so many minutes I can watch Netflix or the Whinnie the Pooh movie I got for Christmas. All great but seriously Body- get your act together and find life outside of the couch and Netflix.

Body, are you not aware that I have things to do? School will be here soon and kids will eat you alive if you are not prepared! Do you want to be eaten alive come   Tuesday?! I didn’t think so! So, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!! I need to get my rump to school! It is the best thing for both of us!

I would also like to address this nose business. It hurts. Can you please unplug and help me breathe like a normal person. I am not cool with this running around like crazy. It is not fair that I am on the couch while the nose is running. I want to run around too. Also, what is with this throat that is generally uncomfortable and hurting.  Couch drops aren’t doing the trick and I want relief.

The worst part is that I am unable to take any medicine to help you fight this- so I am pouting like it is no one’s business. Do you hear me body, I am trying to help you and you are giving me nothing in return. I want to take something to help you, Body, but it is not an option so here I lay trying to get better on my own when I know of a million things I have to do! Body, when are you planning on finding the time to bake, clean the house, do the thousand things I must do at school before Tuesday, put away Christmas gifts, and tie up loose ends of 2011? Again, when are you going to find the time?

I know this may be harsh. Sorry Body, truly I am. But, I would appreciate it if you would GET YOU ACT TOGETHER!! Please, be corporative. I have tried to be nice and take care of you. How about returning the favor. Please and thank you.




23 responses to “Dear Body,

  1. Sorry you are not well. Not a fun way to spend your break! Sending feel better vibes your way.

  2. I’m sorry you’re not well. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Aw, hope you feel better soon! It stinks to be sick over vacation!

  4. I hope you feel better soon, Julie!

  5. Drink lots of water and make yourself some homemade chicken soup!! I hope you get well soon!

  6. Feel better soon! I’m healing from an injury so I feel you with sitting on the couch all day! I’ve become WAY too informed about TV Listings and Kelly Ripa, Rachael Ray, and Drew Carey have become my best friends. Lol.

  7. awe….SO sorry girlie….I SO hope you feel better soon girl

    rest, think positive thoughts, sleep and try and relax. MUCH LOVE

  8. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    😦 Feel better. If only bodies were so easy to receive letters!

  9. Gahhh feel better soon! That is just the worst, especially at this time of the year 😦 I am sending healing vibes your way, trust me it make a difference 😉

  10. Oh man!! I hope you feel better. I’m a little sick too, and I’m in serious denial. Take care!!

  11. Booo. My body always breaks down whenever I’m on break too. Why can’t you take medicine? I hope you feel better soon!

  12. Oh no!! So sorry you were feeling so sick! I hope that you are doing better now!! I also got hit pretty hard with a bug and have a sinus infection! Why does sickness have to have such bad timing?!

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