Subpar, Subway, Submerge …. Teacher moment

I sat down with one of my leveled reading groups today. Today was the day where I read with a group of about 6 children that are above grade level. They are super smart cookies! I have to bring my ‘A game’ when I work with those kids.


Today’s book for their group was EXTREMELY hard. Full of words that even educated adults rarely come across unless they are into nonfiction literature about the deep ocean. We were using context clues to figure out a few of the words and one of the tools to find an unknown word that they are to use is to take off the suffix if possible. The word had a prefix of ‘sub’ so we found other words that are more familiar that have ‘sub in them: subpar, submerge,  submarine, subway, ect. We got to subway and I asked the kids if they knew what a subway was. (keep in mind these are children who can tell you the difference between the growing season of milo and wheat or when to till a field but have never seen a subway…)  

The conversation goes like this. 

Teacher: What does subpar mean?

Student: Not as good as it should be.

Teacher: Great! You are all so smart! How did I get lucky enough to have kids that are this smart?! What about submarine?

Student: A ship that goes under water. (complete with hand movement showing waves and a ship going under the water)

Teacher: Okay, one more- What about subway. What is a subway?

Student: A place to eat fresh. (with an ornery gleam in his eye)


The back story: They have been extremely full of energy or like complete bumps on a log. I can’t find the happy medium for them.  Oh goodness have the children been ornery these past few days! The child DID KNOW what subway was and was just trying to be funny. It worked 😉  What a kid! Mr. FunnyMan he is! …….I love these children but I love 3:40 dismissal too. HA! 😉

QUESTION: Were you ornery in school?! -OR- Were you a goody  two shoes?!


18 responses to “Subpar, Subway, Submerge …. Teacher moment

  1. Haha, this is awesome! Kids can be so funny!
    Definitely wasn’t a goody two shoes. I hated school so I never went. Sure my teachers hated me for never showing up! And somehow I managed to graduate college… ha.

  2. Hahahahahahha. That’s comedy!!!! I love that so much. And you just can’t help but laugh. that was always my problem with teaching high schoolers — they made me laugh so hard!! I was an angel in school, but not so sweet in college. Late bloomer. Lol.

  3. That is too funny. I was a goodie two shoes in elementary school (SO shy) but definitely one of the talkers in high school! It all depended on the class and who I had a class with.

  4. Ha that is too funny. I was suuuuper shy as a kid, although now, you’d never know it! I probably thought all sorts of ornery things but would never have had the courage to say them for fear of getting in trouble…or not being funny…or whatever 8 year olds are scared of!

  5. Kids… they are so funny! During elementary school I was a good two shoes…but then middle school happened..(lol..i’ll leave it at that 🙂

  6. Ohhh kids! haha That would have made me laugh.

    I was definitely a goody two shoes!

  7. Too funny! I was the kid who the teacher wrote on her report card “talks too much in class” 🙂

  8. Kids are hilarious! My behavior varied from teacher to teacher–I was SO difficult and stubborn with some of my teachers but a complete angel with others. In 6th grade (and in 11th grade, too….), I got myself kicked out of class for being such a disturbance! But in others, I was a total teacher’s pet and was the student that always gave demonstrations.

  9. LOL, love this! At the beginning of the year I was having a class talk about being reactive or proactive in a situation. They could all describe reactive, but for proactive I got “a cream for zits,” queue a round of laughter!

  10. Too funny!!! I would have cracked up and never been able to get back on track!
    I was typically the quiet one in school, but I think now it would be the other way around! I’ve definitely came out of my shell once I hit college. 🙂

  11. Haha definitely a kids say the darndest things type comment. My boyfriend’s mom teaches kindergarden and she told me that she was reading with one of them the other day and they came across a picture of a goose. She asked what animal it was and he responded “AFLAC.”

  12. Kids say the darndest things! That’s hilarious.
    I never said anything in school. Until high school, then I got really chatty.

  13. That’s great you spend time with your more accelerated kids. That was me growing up and I had a great teacher who encouraged it. Love that kids response– too funny! I was always the goody two-shoes growing up– I’d help the teacher clean desks in the morning, the librarian check out books, I was always kind of the teacher’s pet!

  14. I was very quiet and always had an A in conduct…goody tushu, I would say.
    Very cute story!

  15. HAHAHAHA! I looooove that kid! Ship him my way! 🙂 I was a complete goody-goody so I never said anything ornery–no way! I am now a little bit of a smart mouth, but only around those I love–and only in a joking way! 🙂

  16. hahahaha! adorable.. seriously.. what a brilliant answer!!!

  17. That’s pretty darn adorable! I think it’s so interesting that people may not know what a subway is simply by virtue of where they grew up, but they can be so knowledgeable about other things that the rest of us are clueless about. That is what makes people fascinating, because we all experience vastly different environments!

  18. Hahaha! that is great! I never liked to talk in school. I always sat quietly at my desk. I was not ornery but I was not a suck up either.

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