Itty Bitty Blessings

Work.  Volunteer work.  Cooking.  Being a wife.  Part time work on the side. Cleaning.  Exercising.  Church.  Paying the bills.  Shopping for groceries.  Taking care of a family. Need I go on?  Who has a crazy busy life?! (we all raise hands!)

Just like all of you, my life can get a little crazy busy at times. Lately, I have been feeling like I have no idea what direction is up. Work has gotten the best of me. I literally feel like I have nothing left to give and I am feeling very drug down. Teaching a new grade every year (with the same kids) is really killing me. I am trying to be positive but gosh darn it- my situation is hard and I’m not sure how much longer I can carry on this way. The work situation coupled with my complete lack of energy and 8:15 bedtime is just making things a tad difficult. (the 8:15 bedtime is new for me, I just CAN’T stay awake!) I believe it will get better. Till then, I’ll be thankful for the itty bitty blessings in  my life. 

An itty bitty blessing: I got to take off Friday and go to the doctor. Woooo! (true excitment- really it is!) Look who came to see me while I was at the doctor….

Aunt Julie at lunch with the bugs.

See the kiddos?! ....The nephew was NOT into looking at the camera. Also, my momma not knowing how to run the iPhone. 🙂 What a wonderful picture this turned out to be! It makes me smile, that's all that counts!

The doctor is usually not all that fun but it has recently taken a huge turn around! 🙂 Partly due to my parents coming down to accompany me to the doctor. They came to be with me since the husband has missed boat tons of work because of me…. With my parents, came the nephew and niece! SCORE! Talk about heaven. The only things missing were the sister, her hubby, and my other half. I was loving the day! We did the whole doctor thing and then I got to go out to lunch with my family!

Julie and her niece

Aunt Julie with her angel of a niece!

Niece A

My lovely niece

Even if the nephew was not into pictures I got to take advantage of the growing cutie who was just loving talking to me and my iPhone camera!

After lunch we got to do a little shopping. I pushed around the niece in the cart and she would look up at me and laugh. I loved walking around with her laughing and giggling and me acting like a fool in love with those children!  The connection I have with my sister’s kiddos is such a blessing from above. I love how they are seriously bonded to my heart. I love them to my very core……Yes sister, even when the nephew says “I neeeed it” to the suckers I said NO to. (I can win ‘The Meanest Aunt in the World’ award next year 😉 )  I love them to my very core! Watching the itty bitties grow is a HUGE blessing in my life! 

When life gets crazy busy I think it is very important to remember our blessings; the itty bitty blessings and the huge blessings alike. Both kinds of blessings are extremely important and I thank God for them every day.

Question: What are your itty bitty blessings? Your huge blessings?


16 responses to “Itty Bitty Blessings

  1. I’m feeling the exact same way about work, so you’re not alone Julie! This school year has been especially draining for some reason, but we’re more than half-way through! 🙂

  2. As a new reader to your blog I can totally relate to this! Struggling to balance work, family, and every other job in our busy lives can catch up to us in a harsh way if we are not careful. Priorities are key and lately I know mine is my family. Children grow up just too darned fast (daughter of a 14 year old girl here). Itty Bitty Blessings are all that matters – hold them tight and don’t let go! Thanks for the share 🙂 Cheers! Shira

  3. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    “Itty Bits of Blessings” 😉

    Anyway, hang in there Julie! I know how overwhelming life can be at times, but things WILL slow down and make more sense soon enough! You’ve got The Big Guy on your side, remember?

  4. So by your enthusiasm for the doctor visit I take it things are looking up? I hope so!!
    I definitely feel ya on the energy drain – I’m lucky to be in bed later than 8:30 these days too. But I have a 3-day weekend coming up, which is my itty bitty blessing 🙂

  5. This is a great post, Julie. Life gets busy, hectic, and hard, but it’s so important to keep our blessings at the forefront of our mind and it seems like you do just that!

  6. Julie, I know JUST what you are talking about. I am so glad that despite the craziness of life right now, I did not give up nannying the little twinnies. Having taken care of them since they were 2 weeks, I feel like they are part of my heart. There is nothing in this world that makes me laugh so hard as they do! I am SO glad you have those itty bits of PURE joy in your life! Thanks for reminding us all!

  7. So sorry that you are feeling so overwhelmed and burnt out lately! Hopefully you can use this weekend to rest and recoup some! And maybe plan little things throughout the days that make it a little easier for you! So glad that your family was able to accompany you to the doctor, that really does make it so much better! Whenever I have a serious doctor’s appt my mom always makes a point to salvage the day and do something fun- it’s not always easy to forget what you’ve been through but it always makes it better. Sending love your way! xoxo

  8. You’re so positive all the time which is so inspiring! Life is definitely overwhelming, and you especially have so much on your plate. I hope that things get better and better for you!

  9. Love this post!! It is so true we need to take a step back from our busy lives and remember even our tiniest of blessings!
    I completely understand your bond with your nephew and niece. I only have one nephew but I feel like he is a child of my own! They hold they have over you from the moment you lay eyes on them is crazy! They are so much fun!!

  10. Spring break is only a few weeks away! I can only imagine just how stressful it would be to teach a new grade every year – with the same kids, no less! I love the start of a new year because it means new kids to get to know, etc – but when you’re with the same ones year after year, I’m sure it can get grueling. I know there are pro’s and con’s, but I totally understand where you’re coming from!

    Sorry to hear about the no more running direction your doctor told you to go in – I’m sure it will make a world of difference!!

  11. glad you finally got a day off! You are obviously going to be a fantastic mother if even on your day off of teaching the little kiddies, you want to hang out with your little niece! 🙂

  12. The same kids? In multiple grades? That is a CHALLENGE!!!!!! There is a REASON teachers have summers off. Hope you have a spring break.

    I feel totally rushed and busy too. I was just emailing my husband about it this morning. I was so much to be thankful for too. And I love nieces/nephews! I have two new ones being born this spring! One of each! Yay!

  13. hey girl, I am a teacher too and I TOTALLY know what you mean about feeling overwhelmed. I have been teaching the same grade for three years and there are still changes that feel unconquerable…it’s so hard to “master” something that you don’t feel like you have a hold on in the first place! I too crash by 8:15…literally eyes shutting over dinner! Hang in there….you are a blessing to children and that’s a great reward 🙂

  14. Adorable pictures! You definitely deserved the break. I’m a teacher as well, and definitely understand the burnt out feeling. I just took on a class of sophomores this past semester and it means extra planning work, extra grade and dealing with a ridiculous class of teenagers. Blah. Hope things slow down for you again soon!

  15. Awwwweee, your niece and nephew are so cute! 😀

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