Happy Friday!

Look what I ran across last week. Funniest thing ever! Well, I have been easily amused as of late so I think it is goshdarn funny!


As funny as I think this is- I do wish there was a sliver to represent those of us that eat a blanced meal but still wish it was pie. We are out there! We do exisist! πŸ™‚ Hmmm, now what kind of pie do I wish it was?!

I wish it was my Grandma’s homemade cherry pie— in all of its messy glory. I miss her. Her memories are a blessing!


I know that we all get pumped for Friday but this week hasΒ been feeling like an especially looooong week here in my part of the world. It is all at my own expense and I am pretty sure I must have misplaced my brain, because…..

This week, I have:

  • Put a dress shirt on backwards
    • Twice.. It’s not big deal that was just a freak accident that happened to have occurred twice.
  • Got out of the shower, put most of my clothes on; only to realize that I only shaved one leg. Very cute, I know.
    • Yes, I got back in the shower to fix it.
  • Dumped a dark teak all over my lesson plan book, so now it’s pages are all wrinkley. Umm, yuck! Especially for someone who has OCD.
    • That will be driving me nuts for the next about 15 weeks!
  • Went to school with my shirt inside out
    • Hey, it could happen to anyone!
  • Lost a contact playing dodgeball with the kids
    • Wait, sorry, that one happened last week.

QUESTION: What kind of pie do you wish it was?!


22 responses to “Happy Friday!

  1. I want cherry pie now, thanks. You’re week sounds hilarious. I was calling in a prescription change to my doc’s office and they asked which pharmacy it needed to be changed to and I said “the Wellesley on Northwest”, which is just two street names…that don’t even intersect. The lady was like, what? And then I couldn’t remember what I meant to say….I think we’re both sleep deprived.

  2. You deserve a weekend! Or a slice of cherry pie. I think I’m in the mood for apple πŸ™‚

  3. oh boy, LOL I can not tell you how many times i have put clothes on backwards. It’s seriously too easy to do! I have done it so many times with gym shorts…not cute

  4. Sounds like my kind of week, too! I think 4 day weeks were created to torture people because you have to cram so much in that you go insane (and forget to shave a leg). I wish it were apple pie.

  5. Haha. You’re too cute!!! That’s hilarious. I wish it was lemon meringue pie!!

  6. So funny! I was wearing panty hose inside out all day – but I think that was last week.

    I wish it were Maine blueberry pie yummmm

  7. It’s definitely been a looong week. Enjoy your few days off! πŸ™‚

  8. Ok…I just emailed Glen the pie chart because “that is my husband”…the one whole thinks of pie…DESSERT-A-HOLIC for real. You crack me up girlie…I love ya… when are we skyping????????????

    xoxo from Trinidad

  9. I saw that too, and it made me DIE laughing! I LOVE any kind of dessert, including pie!! I think it is hard to pick a favorite pie–I love banana cream pie, I love cherry pie, apple pie—goodness! However, my ultimate favorite is Chess pie–it is very Southern and nothing can quite compare!

  10. That is hilarious! Mmmm… Apple pie. I gave up sweets during the weekdays of Lent, so it’s just cruel that I’m reading this on Monday!

    If it makes you feel better, I wore my yoga pants backwards the whole time I was camping for the KU game. I was like, “What’s different about these pants?” Whoops!

  11. Haha! I’m an apple pie girl…a la mode!

  12. I’m a anything sweet kind of girl! Mmmm!

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