I have willpower. I have willpower. I have willpower.

I went home to visit my family this weekend! The.Best.Time!!!! 🙂 I love my dad. Best man I know. He knows what he likes and he makes no quoffs about it. When he likes it, he buys all that he can and just goes with it. He has a habit of going overboard and buying enough of something to supply a small army!  He bought a case of these…..

Girl Scout Thin Mints

I did a really great job of staying away from them as best as I could. Especially considering my EXTREME weakness to mint + chocolate! We are talking *VERY EXTREME* weakness. They are going into the freezer until the day comes that I can’t control my cravings any longer. Yep, they are in the freezer. Along with a sleeve from last year. See, I do have willpower!

I love my mom. She is the best woman I know. However, she has this terrible habit of sneaking things into my bag or car that I wasn’t planning on taking back home. They usually include treats I don’t need to eat, clothes I was trying to get rid of, or amazing amounts of hairspray that I always desperately need. I don’t complain about the expensive hairspray that she spoils me with. Well, this time——- she snuck in some Girl Scout Thin Mints from my dad’s HUGE supply. 

Crud, just what I need. Another reason to practice my willpower. I decided I would make something this afternoon that was…..


Grasshopper Pie

Healthy Grasshopper Pie!

This turned out to be absolute delisousness! (Recipe coming tomorrow’ish! Get excited- it’s worth the wait!!!)

QUESTION: Are you good at practicing willpower?


13 responses to “I have willpower. I have willpower. I have willpower.

  1. Hold on strong girl! I have NO willpower when it comes to those devilish cookies haha they are so delicious! This grasshopper pie looks delicious though!! Do you have a recipe?!

  2. Stay strong! I hate when people have something you really want to eat and they offer it to you and you can’t take it. That grasshopper pie sounds amazing.
    I have bad willpower, but if I follow it I feel horrible because I denied myself something. it’s confusing.

  3. This looks delicious! I have to admit, I have a serious lack of willpower!

  4. I have no willpower when it comes to sweets…especially thin mints! I was a girl scout for 9 years and looked forward to cookie season VERY much, haha. And I happen to think thin mints taste better frozen! Makes ’em extra minty crisp I think.

  5. mint and chocolate is my total weakness too! i’m drooling just thinking about it…

  6. That pie looks awesome! I love chocolate + mint. And I love your sneaky mom!!!

  7. thin mints…..thin mints….um what was the rest of the post about? I got stuck at the thin mints. No girl scout cookies here….ie – no thin mints.
    (sad face)

    xoxo from Trinidad 🙂

  8. I have will power at times, but then sometimes it breaks down! It is definitely hard to stay strong around anything minty! Especially around thin Mints; I mean they are THE best girl scout cookie!

  9. Yum! Someone brought girl scout cookies into the office yesterday and I let myself have 1 thin mint and 1 Samoa- and they were glorious! I have some willpower but prefer to practice moderation instead! Can’t wait for your recipe- that looks delicious!

  10. Ahhh I used to love Thin Mints when I was younger (especially FROZEN). Now I’m all about the peanut butter chocolate flavor (I’m blanking on the name) and Samoas!

    My lil stepsis a Girl Scout and feel bad because I won’t let myself buy any. I don’t have the willpower!

  11. Oh that looks so good. I love girl scout cookies.

  12. No willpower! Those are my favorite! I ate two boxes of them and thank goodness thats all I bought!! Now I can step away from the freezer!! 🙂

  13. No!

    It’s always on my list of things to work on : )

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