Can I tell you something….

Sorry if you came expecting my news on today’s post with a title like “Can I tell you something”. SOON friends, soon! I promise. I’m thinking sometime between now and Monday. For sure by Monday, I’ll stop the teasing and let you in a little. 🙂


Yep, the finish line has been crossed! Parent teacher’s conferences are D.O.N.E. for this year! I truly love talking with the parents, especially during the spring conference, they have so much to say and their feedback is ULTRA VALUABLE! I also get to brag on their kids and share some insight into ways to improve their educational paths. I love this part, its just the 6:55 am- 8:30 pm thing that can get a person to feel as if they have been through the mill so to speak.

During parent teacher’s conference I was able to get some insight from some parents, especially deep insight from the parents that have had their children in my room for two years in a row (2nd & 3rd grades). The amazing part was that each and every last one of the parents said they would love for me to be their child’s 4th grade instructor as well! HOLY COW!!! Someone trusts me enough to educate their child for three years—– in a row!! Mostly all of those parents said they would prefer it that way, they want Mrs. H to have their kiddo for three solid years. I did not bring that up, it was completely something they pulled out on their own!  I was in shock! This made me feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy inside. I was paid compliments that I wouldn’t have seen coming in a million and thirty years. It was AMAZING! I am so blessed. (just be be clear for those of you that know me- I love my job but hate the position I’m in. I’m getting pooed out after 5 years of switching!)

Kindergarten Calendar area

Golly, I miss teaching Kindergarten!

Some of the valuable information I received was not in the form that I expected. I got the opportunity to sit down with a parent I respect and trust, FULLY. She is a teacher, was an administrator, is a stinking wonderful mother, and woman of faith. She knows me very well and I wanted her honest opinion on a few things. Part of our conversation went like this….

  •  “Julie, can I tell you something?”
  •  “Yes, of corse. I want to know exactly what you think and your perspective on everything. Honest and true perspective. Please.”
  • “Okay…. You take your job too seriously……. (long pause) Oh gosh, I hope I haven’t offended you. You put so much into this, I’m not sure you have much left. You need to leave this when you walk out the doors. What doesn’t get done, doesn’t get done. You can only do so much, Julie.”

Then, I had to take a deep breath and think. I didn’t know what to say. I knew that she has wonderful insight and this conversation was something that I had to let sink in. I had to not only ‘hear’ her words but LISTEN to what she was saying.  I have been raised to give everything I have, that’s the way it is. Go hard or go home. However, I have been going so hard that I have no “me” left after some days. I know a lot of people do this, it is how we feel that we are being the best person we can be. She just wanted to to let me know that I need to let go.

With that being said, I’m making a concious effort to let go of some of the stressors that I cannot control. Here’s to listening to words of wisdom!

QUESTION: What do you take too seriously?


10 responses to “Can I tell you something….

  1. Oooo. I definitely took my first year of teaching wayyyy too seriously.. I’ve gotten a little better. Also, running i’m pretty overly serious about!!

  2. ittybitsofbalance

    How funny that you bring this up because we were JUST talking about this at my bible study last night. We can ALL be so guilty at times of piling too much on our shoulders without even knowing it! Specifically, I wrote down a list of “expectations” that I hold myself to on a daily basis, and how I react when I don’t complete everything on the list. It’s crazy what we do to ourselves sometimes!

    I have faith that you’ll find a balance, pretty lady 🙂 And I can’t wait for the news!!!!!!!!

  3. I think it’s important to put your best effort into the important things–it’s how you get recognized and get ahead of the game, but it’s just as important to take time to yourself. I end up feeling worse about myself when I don’t try as hard as I can and it ends up as a poor reflection on my part.

    It’s amazing that you love your job so much and care about the kids beyond the classroom–it takes a strong person to be that way!

  4. I’m sure it’s VERY tiring to be changing grades every year… that’s a lot of prepping EVERY school year.

    Can’t wait to hear the news!!

  5. Glad your week of conferences is over, I don’t know how you made it through those long days and nights, very tiring!
    I used to take a lot of things and people to seriously, I have changed a lot now though. I think our kids had something to do with it. How can I look at a laughing face and be serious? It’s hard, the giggles are contagious.

    Looking forward to your news!!!

  6. As a teacher myself, I think I do the same thing. We are control freaks! Otherwise, we wouldn’t be teachers. I am beginning to think that the art of good teaching, however, is not just finding the craft and putting in your all, but also the ability to seperate yourself from school and life. I’m working on it too. I hope this maybe helps:)

  7. Teaching is such a difficult job to leave at work. I think the best teachers struggle most with balancing it all. I have to admit, as a high school teacher, I’m a little envious of your spring conferences. Hardly any of my parents come!

  8. Teaching is my second career, and my first was one that I could bring home if I wanted to, but I generally got my work done at work and almost never had the emotional drain follow me at the end of the day. But the rewards from teaching are so great that I wouldn’t go back (although, some nights, I really miss not thinking/caring about school!).
    My principal goes to staffing next week (I think) and hopefully I’ll get the news that I’m staying put at 4th grade. I can’t imagine switching positions 5 years in a row. I’ve switched twice, three times if you count my year long student teaching experience, and that has burnt me out enough.
    I have two ideas about what your news is…spill the beans!

  9. Yay for your conferences being over!! It sounds like they all went really well! And how wonderful that all those parents wanted you to teach their children for 3 years in a row- that really is a huge compliment! (Though hopefully you won’t have to so you don’t have to switch again!) And I think that the mom was so right for all of us- I know that I tend to stress about work and situations that are outside my control when I need to learn to let it go! Something for us all to work on!

  10. I know I’m late to comment on your post, but this speaks a lot to me. I’m in my third year of teaching, at my second school in my second grade level, and I wish that someone had said that to me. It’s so true. This is my first year as a teacher and a newlywed, and I’m just completely drained and can completely identify with feeling “that I have no ‘me’ left.” Thanks so much for this post–I hope to keep it in mind as I go back to school after spring break!

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