Testing & Nesting –Week 17 & Week 18

17 weeks

Week 17: Doctors & Tests & Tests

My kids were state testing while Baby H had tests of his/her own. I had my second doctors appointment seeing my regular doctor that will be delivering our little one. This time was kind of stressful for me because of two reasons: A.) the first appointment left me feeling uneasy about my decision on this doctor B.) I had to choose to forgo or partake in  some blood work to screen for genetic abnormalities.

The first appointment with the doctor did not go so smooth. I am a person that has feelings about things- and they are usually right! During our first appointment, I got the worst feeling about this doctor and the vibe I got was NOT good! His overall disposition made me feel very uneasy. He freaked me out about my weight gain and then freaked me out about how I had been working out. Working out while expecting is a completely new post for a completely different day. Thankfully, he was better this time and helped my uneasy feeling about him go away. I think I caught him on surgery day after his surgeries on the first appointment. I am now okay with him being my doctor. Thank goodness.

To test or not to test? Hard question.

For some strange reason, I had myself worked up into a tizzy deciding on if I should get this genetic bloodwork done or not. The doctor said there are planners and there are do’ers- if there would be something wrong with our baby. The husband and I would not be do’ers so it was suggested that we pass on the blood work. I had some strange pull to just get the bloodwork done and put my mind at rest. I felt weak for having such little faith and needing validation on a healthy baby. There was just something inside of me that wanted to get those results so I could put that tiny incling of worry about genetic problems to bed. I felt guilty for wanting the blood work for some reason. I made the decision to get the bloodwork because it felt like it was what was right for me and our baby. I found out rather quickly, about 5 days later, that things looked good and our baby did not show any of the signs for genetic abnormalities. HALLELUJAH!  Baby H and I could now relax! Honestly, praise God. I felt silly for my tizzy but it did help me realize that I need to do what I feel is right for me and our baby.  Lesson learned.

18 weeks

Week 18: Nesting!

Week 18 was spring break! It went by really smooth! …. I did have to make a 3 1/2 hour trip to the nearest city to buy maternity jeans, though. I knew that the end was in sight for my regular pants. It was true- within weeks- the tummy decided to grow like it was no one’s business!  I also spent week 18 NESTING! Poor little Baby H’s room is currently occupied by my elliptical and clothes- it’s my space right now but I’m going to have to hit the road and make room for baby!

It also hit me about three hours before spring break started that a few of the projects I had planned on for the summer would simply not work with a belly. So, alas- I tackeled many DIY projects around the Spinach & Sprinkles household.

Nesting tasks completed:

  • UGLY kitchen floor gone and new  tile laid
  • Bathroom floor retiled, it was pretty ugly to begin with as well.
  • Attic insulation added (done by the husband! while I was getting maternity clothes he took care of that with the help of friends. )
New Kitchen Floor

Isn't it beautiful?! I'm such a DIYer!!

So, there you have it. Weeks 17 & 18 were filled with testing and nesting! 🙂

Question: Have you let something work you up into a tizzy when you should have just went with your gut feeling?


15 responses to “Testing & Nesting –Week 17 & Week 18

  1. fitandfuninthird

    Yayyy for all the tests coming back well!!! What a nice feeling to be able to just put your mind at ease! 🙂 I always get gut feelings, and I try to follow them (for the most part), sometimes I worry that it’s more of my anxiety taking over and not so much a “gut feeling.” Either way, whatever choices you make are the right choices… you and your little one are the most important!

  2. thehinzadventures

    Yea for everything being all right….I always get myself all worried normally for no reason at all…maybe it’s a girl thing? I am very impressed with your DIY projects girlie! Awesome job! Good job hubby for also pulling thru! You look amazing and glowing and all….so so so happy for you.

    xoxo from Trinidad

    p.s. just found every single person I know that is preg (except for you so far) is having a boy! Maybe this is the year of the boy?

  3. I love reading these re-caps! 🙂

    I’m impressed that you re-tiled the kitchen floor! You’re a way better DIY-er than I’ll ever be!

  4. Can you come re-do my floors too? I wish I could just have an entire floor of gel mats for my kitchen…

    Anyway, you’re looking great! What was your doctor’s issue with your weight? That’s weird. I’m glad you’ve resolved your issues with him, though. Doctor shopping is never fun. Do you still have to travel for the doctor? Or are you safe and sound in your own town now? I hope if you’re still traveling it isn’t too far!

    We chose to forgo the bloodwork tests, although I kind of wanted to do the 12 week test..but only because it would have meant an extra ultrasound, haha. I just want to see my little one again! But the hubs was very against any testing, so we opted not to do any of them. Kind of stressing me out, but I try not to think about it, as we wouldn’t do anything if they didn’t come back favorably. But, I’m very happy yours came back with good results!

  5. Oh and what brand of maternity jeans did you buy? I’m on the look out for shorts/capris now, as well as new exercise shorts!

  6. You are such an adorable pregnant lady! 🙂
    Love the kitchen floors! I know what you mean about the doctor, I get the same way with my hunches! Glad he is working out for you now!!!!

  7. OMG! Where have I been? Seriously!?!?! I had no idea you were pregnant! I’m so happy for you!!!

  8. I’m so glad that you got good news after you decided to have the test. I’m sure that was a really hard decision but now that you have that peace of mind, I’m sure it does feel better knowing! And I’m so impressed with your DIY projects!! Your floor looks great!

  9. Congratulations….it’s wonderful to have some peace of mind after a test like that! Totally worth it in this case! 🙂

  10. I’m soo guilty of tizzying over the smallest things. I just have to take a step back and say this is NBD.. actually Kevin usually has to. You look so cute in your polka dots!!

  11. So glad to hear things are going well!! Great job getting those huge projects done so quickly!!! I can’t wait to see more pics as Baby H grows 🙂 Stay healthy!

  12. you are super adorable! congrats on the baby!! so awesome. I want one.
    To answer your question, I over think the dumbest things, and underthink the important. I tend to jump for serious things, and think about it later on.

  13. You look amazing! Glad all the test came back looking great!! Big relief.
    We declined all the test (we did with the others 3 kids too) but this time the Dr’s pushed us pretty hard to get the genetic testing and the amino done due to my age, 37. If the test did come back out of wack then they would of made me get the amnio test which has its own risk. I just didn’t want a false positive. It happened to my step sister. They told her that her daughter was “highly likely” to have down syndrome. She worried for 20 something weeks. Turns out her daughter was born with nothing wrong. Thank God.
    I am pretty anxious when pregnant anyway so any extra drama I simply can not deal with.
    The two ultra sounds show that everything is looking good. So I’m just going with that and saying lots of prayers!!

  14. I hope you are completely comfortable with your doctor now…that’s so important. Good for you getting all those projects done ahead of time. You’re a smart mama!

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