Baby Bump to Baby Lump. Week 19

The beginning of bump/lump love. Week 19

Week 19 with Baby Spinach/Sprinkles

This is what 19 weeks looked like on me. The day before this picture, I wasn’t nearly as big. I swear, the day after I told people the little one decided to make sure everyone knew that it had done a great job of helping me keep my secret. I was just starting to get to the point where I couldn’t hide it any longer when I told everyone at 19 weeks….. I shared the news and BAM….. baby bump became a baby lump!

Keep in mind that I am 5’9”/5’10”. I have quite a bit of height and my bone structure is generally very large. Seriously….. I have pretty much come to terms with it, it’s just the truth. There is nothing small about me (wait, except the chest- not the ribcage but the chest.)  Bottom line, this baby has a lot of room to groove. I remember being in high school with the pregnancy belly and my teacher (who spent the majority of her life as a nurse) said I would be the luckiest pregnant woman *ever*- tons of room for the baby to grow other than out.

…source… this is the actual link to the jeans. For the record- I’m not a fan of her shoes.

I have been wearing my maternity jeans since about week 18 or 19. A few of my regular jeans could be worn unbuttoned with the BeBand Maternity band to give me a few extra inches. But, I really do like this pair of maternity jeans, can’t believe I like the cut and color because I’m super picky about jeans but— I like their fashion! (other than the top 😉  they are from Motherhood.)  My tummy has really grown that is for sure! Only the people really close to me can tell just how big it really is and how I’m carrying the baby. One of my kiddos said “We should have known she was going to have a baby- her tummy was getting big.” Once the tummy made a pretty big appearance, the whole pregnancy started to become more real for the husband. It is was fun! He says he can’t look at me now without thinking “Wow, she is pregnant! Having our baby!”

I was feeling the baby quite a bit at week 18 but for some reason week 19, I haven’t felt as much movement…. In week 18, I felt the bumps, kicks, turns and punches pretty low in my tummy but when week 19 came around I didn’t feel near as much as I had been feeling. It scared me a little but I know that I had been a tad scattered so maybe I was just missing the baby love; but it was still a tad concerning. I later found out that at my 20 week ultrasound that the baby was up quite high. All of those things that I attributed to my stomach were actually the baby, he/she had just shifted position that much in a week!

Week 20 went by un-photographed- yipes!  I did get all sorts of pumped that we are half way though the journey but I kept thinking- I’ll get the picture tomorrow… Then tomorrow got filled up and so did the next day- and the next day, ect….  It was the combo of more state testing at school and a short week of Good Friday off. I got to go home to my family and spend Saturday and Sunday kissing two out of my three favorite babies. I spent the weekend photographing those two little loves other than the growing love in my tummy. I can’t wait to finally kiss my own in August! I’ll be beside myself seeing my sister’s kids & my baby all together- everyone ready for the waterworks?!

20 Week Ultrasound

Bottom line: Baby was NOT into getting his/her photo taken for mommy & daddy.  My appointment was at 9:00 and I was to drink a ton of water and ‘hold my bladder’. UGH. My bladder was sooooo full at 9:00 that I could have cried- it was seriously painful!…. and then they were OVER 30 minutes late getting me in! OUCH! Once they finally got me in I had to endure another 10 minutes on the table and they finally let me use the restroom. The appointment lasted for over two hours. It was not all about the pictures, as many think. It was all about measurements and finding every little organ and blood flow that they could.  Baby H was not corporative and wanted to only turn into toward his/her mamma to hide and show the technician their backside.  After much fiddling and trying with one technician, they let me up for a while and then brought in  someone else to give it a whirl. Baby H did give us one decent picture.  And to answer BOY or GIRL?! Well, we think we have a pretty good idea but aren’t 100% sure. But— our lips are sealed. Sorry. It’s just me and the husband. We are enjoying dreaming for our child together, just the two of us—- soon to be three of us! 

And up on the blog agenda next—- Chocolate Coconut Almond Butter!

Almond butter that tastes like an Almond Joy? Yes ,please!

It won’t be all about the baby forever- I’ll make time for the stellar recipes! 🙂  I hope you all had a wonderful Monday!


17 responses to “Baby Bump to Baby Lump. Week 19

  1. Aw, I wanna know! All in good time, I suppose.

  2. fitandfuninthird

    Haha I love that kids are so honest… “her belly was getting big!”
    Sounds like you are so happy and just loving enjoying this special time in your life… I love that the pregnancy is more real now that your husband can see your belly, so sweet! 🙂

  3. thehinzadventures

    I love your adorable pics girlie…. WHAT??? we dont get to know – you’re killin me! xoxo from Trinidad

  4. You are looking great! It is so cool to see the ultrasound pictures, even if the little one didnt give you a full on view. So sweet.

  5. I always look forward to your baby updates 🙂 I don’t think I realized you were so tall, either. I have an assumption that you are having a boy, but since you aren’t telling (gaaaah!) I think you should do a guess my baby’s birth date/time/gender poll for every one 🙂

  6. Oh my gosh- how exciting that your baby bump is starting to show!! That’s so wonderful that your appointment ended up going well and that you think you know the sex! And chocolate coconut almond butter? I’m salivating at the prospect!

  7. So cute!!! So happy things are going so well! I loooove anything almond joy! Hooray!

  8. Your students response to the bump makes me laugh! Congrats again 🙂

  9. i literally loled at “the baby has a lot of room to groove” love you and all your hilariousness

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