May love….

I have whole lot of love for this May.  Let me share the list with you….

  • The husband has an exciting birthday!!! Woop-Woop!

I won’t be telling you how exciting of a birthday it will be but I am hoping that he tells me soooooon what he wants to do for the day because it is coming up FAST! I want him to have a rockin’ birthday! (*sidenote: I can’t go all crazy and bake him an over-the-top cake; he doesn’t like cake. He’s weird, I know.)

****School will be out!****

Dress clothes can wait till fall. I like them and all but fitting a baby bump inside some clothes isn’t the easiest. I’m ready for workout gear all.summer.long. Nike running shoes for the win!!! (*sidenote: did you know that Nike nor Under Armour make maternity gear?! I’m thinking I’m going to call their main office and ask for a job designing maternity workout gear!)

I can work out in the morning before it is 98* 

Sunset/ Sunrise

Kansas sunrises & Sunsets are the best!

It has been a very warm spring here. In fact, it was a warm winter too.  The heat is really bad (for May that is…) by the time I get off of work and it is throwing off my workout schedule a lot! I’m ready for some AM workout time!

I can start working on the nursery!

Nope, sorry this won’t help you figure out if it is a boy or girl. I would do this for either and make adjustments but this is not the nursery look we are going for. But, I do think that it is cute! We are waiting to see if we can find a second hand crib and going from there.
I can work on baking my way through go to recipes to master before baby H gets here.




I actually know how to cook quite a few things but I always forget that I know how to cook them. Then, I get in a food rut. I’m trying to broaden my base of ‘go-to’ recipes before life gets super busy with a newborn!

I will not be in a room without windows like I am during the school year!

I know it seems small but I don’t have a window in my classroom and I’m just ready to see daylight when it is actually daylight!

I’m going to pick up reading books I’ve been putting off…

I read the first one last weekend and have had to stop reading so that I can actually be productive during the last of the school year. I’ll also need to be including some good beach reads…
I have read most of these but I have one or two to finish! 🙂

There are a million other things I’m looking forward to this month but I’ll just stop with those.

What are you looking forward to this month?! 


15 responses to “May love….

  1. I’m definitely looking forward to the end of the school year… more so than ever before! This has been a looong year! Actually, we’re not done until early-June, but at least we’re done with most of the “real” work by the end of the month!

  2. fitandfuninthird

    Whoo hoooo for May! Some things I’m looking forward to:
    – my 2nd half marathon on Sunday!!!
    – standardized testing being over!
    – three weddings
    – my 30th birthday (eeeekkkkk!!!!!!!)

  3. I don’t have windows in my office, so I know how you feel. I crave the sunlight at this time of year!

  4. There is so much I have to say in response to this post…so I’ll list them in bullets 🙂
    -where/what brand have you been able to find maternity work out clothes? I can’t find any! I bought some under armour shorts with a wide very stretchy band at the top, but they are more like lounging shorts than work out shorts. I neeeeeed maternity work out clothes!
    – We have very similar taste when it comes to our nurseries! I am going back and forth between aqua/gray/yellow and aqua/gray/orange. I just can’t decide! It will be gender neutral regardless of what our little leaf is though. I don’t like overly boy or overly girl nurseries.
    – I can’t believe you don’t have windows in your room! Poor thing 😦 And poor kiddos, they need natural light!
    – Hunger Games is my absolute favorite book. But for chick lit I adore Emily Giffen. I’ve read ’em all, and loved the Something Borrowed movie too 🙂

  5. That is so funny! I told the boy I cannot wait for school to get over so I can take up more reading! haha He said I was a nerd…It’s hard reading for pleasure during the school year, when you have other productive things you should be doing! ha I am itching to know the sex of Baby H I can’t wait!!!

    You should start a maternity line for Nike and Under Armor, that is insane they don’t already! I feel like there is a big money making in that! haha

  6. The pools open this month, yay! I have 2 little girls who are more excited than me!

  7. The pools open this month, yay! I have 2 little girls who are more excited than I am!

  8. You work in a room without windows?! I would die. It’ll be nice for you to have a break from work to focus on your baby. And they do make maternity wear? That is a lifesaver for so many people I am sure!

  9. Yay sounds like lots of happy things are coming up for you! I’m so glad! How nice that you have a job where you get the summer off so you can relax and get things together before you have a new little member of the family! I can’t believe your classroom doesn’t have windows though! Glad you are going to be out in the sunshine soon! And I read the Hunger Games series in 2 weeks- they are so good! Oh and Emily Griffin has a new book coming out this summer!

  10. Love those shoes! And I can’t believe you don’t have windows in your classroom…natural lighting increases productivity! I’m definitely looking forward to finishing the Hunger Gamer series. I read the first one and loved it, but knew I had to wait until summer for the rest. I don’t get any grading done when I’m working on a good book:)

  11. So exciting! I think my most excited month will be August when my husband graduates from grad school!!!!!!!!!!! And actually has free time again!!! This month I’m excited for house hunting!

  12. My May is crazy busy! But I am so excited to be moving home to Ohio this month 🙂 And for summer break!

  13. You have so much to look forward to! I can’t wait to see more about the nursery 🙂

    And definitely call Nike and Under Armour and tell them to get on it!!! It would be great if you could design some stuff so the rest of us can have workout gear when it is our turn to need it 😉

  14. thehinzadventures

    Wow…girl you are so going to love those hunger game books! I couldn’t believe how good they were…and HAPPY EARLY MOTHERS DAY. so fun
    I want a SKYPE date girl…..soon.

    xoxo from Trinidad

  15. Woohoo! It looks like your May is going to be fantastic! It will be so exciting to see what your nursery looks like! I can’t wait! I bet it will be SUPER cute! 🙂 🙂

    Also, I hope your husband has an amazing birthday!!!

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