Holy Ouch! ….Week 24 & 25…

Week 24

Baking Baby H for 24 Weeks

Week 24 &25 have been full of ups and downs. This is totally normal for pregnancy. They were racing by as they were full of grade cards, permanent file filling, spring concerts, a doctor’s visit,  trips  with my class to the FFA farm, and the husband’s big birthday. I didn’t know which way was up but it was a very nice couple of weeks. Yep, it’s true- summer is at my doorstep and walking right into my life. I couldn’t be more ecstatic about it!!!

Week 24 major up

 The husnband and I went to go see The Avengers as an early birthday outing. The little one went crazy during the movie! The husband loved that our little one was just as crazy about the movie as he was.

Week 24 down

I still will randomly get sick. I was reading to my kids during week 24 and had to run out of the classroom to puke. It is just so random. I’m honestly not complaining- I couldn’t be luckier because I feel pretty great most of the time.

Week 25

Getting much bigger each week. 25 weeks down!

Week 25 major up

The baby always seems to know when daddy touches my stomach because the little  one will give him several good punches to let him know that he loves him too. We can generally count on baby showing daddy some love most nights when I lay down for the day. I love sharing the experience with the amazing husband!

Week 25 downs

 I haven’t seen my family in what seems to be forever! I miss them and I know my mom is dying to see the growing bump in person and get to feel the baby kick for her…. Also, there are days when Baby H doesn’t feel the need to move around quite as much. It always makes me worried when I have a couple of days where she/he doesn’t constantly let me know things are okay. Or, I just need to slow down to feel the love- that is part of it too.


Let me explain this one- for weeks 24 & 25 my pelvis literally feels as if it is broken/has a crack right down the middle. It is causing me to waddle sometimes and wince in pain when I get up. Totally sucks.

I have gotten quite a bit bigger as of the last 10 weeks and I think the shifting body is not okay with me trying to keep things as to what was normal before.  I know my body is changing and I’m trying to embrace it- I truly want to do what is right for the little growing bun in the oven. I don’t know if my hips are widening and I need to treat them with care or what the heck is going on with the pelvis…. I’m unsure if this is normal and something I just need to push through or something I need to treat as an injury or something that is wrong. Funny how being pregnant makes you second guess everything.

I took a few days to just walking and I know I need to incorporate more stretching into my daily routines. I have always been reallllllly bad at the whole stretching thing. I’m hoping that week 26 will bring a better feeling pelvis…. Anyone else that has been pregnant know what I’m talking about with the feeling of the broken pelvis?

QUESTION: Does it feel as if summer knocking on your front door?


32 responses to “Holy Ouch! ….Week 24 & 25…

  1. You are looking great! Totally had the pelvis thing but more in my left hip side and public bone. I ended up getting an adjustment from my chiropractor and felt completly pain free within a few days! Also had a half hour lower back massage that felt amazing. I think the waddling caused lots of lower back pain.
    Hope your pelvis feels better soon, not fun at all.

  2. You are absolutely adorable! 3 more days of classes and then summer is here!

  3. You look fantastic Julie!

    I’m definitely impatiently anticipating summer!

  4. I love summer! I’m not in school anymore so I don’t get a break from anything (wouldn’t that be nice!) I bet it is so fun to feel the baby kick! 🙂

  5. I hope your pelvis feels better soon! It is starting to feel like summer, and I’m looking forward to it!

  6. I’ve never been pregnant, so I can’t really help out, but I agree with Amy. An adjustment from a chiropractor will probably help out a lot!

    Summer is definitely here for me 🙂 No more kiddos and the weather is just perfect lately!

  7. That’s nice that you generally feel good. The women in my family get so sick they lose weight! Hooray for summer!

  8. The strength that women display throughout pregnancy, birth and motherhood never ceases to amaze me – soldiering through a work day after puking?! YOU GO GIRL!

    • I completely agree- the strength most women display is AMAZING. I don’t think I could be that awesome about it. My sister was such a trooper during her pregnancies and births- she gives me a lot to live up to. I hope to be a quarter of the woman she was during childbirth.

  9. fitandfuninthird

    Oh no! Your “Week 24” down made me feel so bad for you… I can’t imagine that feeling. And your pelvis… geeze lady…. you’ve had it rough the past few weeks! However, the fact that your little one seems to know his Daddy must make your heart melt…. because mine is melting just thinking about how amazing that must be. Hope your next few weeks are pain (and puke) free!!!!! 🙂

  10. Oh your poor pelvis. I haven’t had any pelvis pain *yet* but I have been having round ligament pain, which is literally a pain in my side. When is your next doc appt? Hopefully she/he can give you some answers re: pelvis.
    Are you doing prenatal yoga? I am sooo terrible about stretching too! My friend leant me a prenatal video 6 weeks ago and I still haven’t popped it in the ol DVD player. But I know I need to make it a priority.
    That is so cool that the baby responds to your hubby!

    • The ligament pain is so-so for me. I know what it is and can handle that one pretty well but the broken feeling makes me seem not tough- I don’t like that! I want to be tough! 😉
      …..I just got in “Expecting More” that has some prenatal yoga and I’ll need to get on top of that ASAP!

  11. thehinzadventures

    Wow…I can’t offer you any advice other than I’m sure yoga is helping my two pregger besties here in Trinidad. Have you tried any at home? You look absolutely incredible. I’m so very happy for you JK…. You guys deserve every ounce of happiness!!!

    p.s. watch your email…please

    xoxo from Trinidad

  12. The same exact thing happened to me during my second pregnancy. I seriously felt like my pelvis was fractured and it hurt SO badly. I just took it VERY easy until it felt better and was careful not to carry my then 2 year old around too much. No carrying laundry up the stairs or anything. It did go away with rest!

  13. As a teacher too, I hate that my bathroom breaks have to be scheduled. I can’t imagine feeling sick in the middle of the day 😦 Hoping your next weeks bring more ups than downs!

    • I just ran out on my kids all the time during certain portions of the pregnancy. I couldn’t help it!!! ………Sorry kiddos, but you better be the amazing kids I know you are while I’m out to the bathroom. If I can’t trust you——- your life will change for the worse. So, be good.
      This week was a good one! 🙂 More ups for sure!

  14. oh boy..cracking pelvis, that sounds painful!! At lease summer is right around the corner, so there will probably be a lot less stress on your shoulders and the pain will just melt away. That’s my theory! 😉

  15. Yikes.. cracking pelvis does not sound like fun!

    I am dreading all the permanent file filling out, report cards.. AND packing up my classroom. I am moving to another room (and grade next year). I am not doing this with a baby on the way (which must be incredibly exhausting!) but I am trying to plan my wedding. Now I will be throwing in learning the curriculum of a new grade into the mix!

    • The file filling was no fun! ….I had to pack up all of my 3rd grade stuff- I’ll be a 4th grade teacher next year. I have had to change for the last 4 years (starting my 5th new grade—- in a row!!) So, I hear ya! …….I have had to learn a new curriculum every year.
      I wish you luck and patience— and don’t be to hard on yourself. You’re learning new stuff, just like the kids! 🙂

  16. ow!!!!! hope you are feeling okay. I can’t WAIT FOR SUMMER! I don’t have a teaching job for next year yet, but I might quit my office job anyways. I can’t handle working in the summer after being a teacher. Lol.

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