A place for our sweet baby to sleep & 27 weeks

Where Baby is currently catching Zzzzzzz’s! 27 weeks

Right now, our sweet baby is sleeping in mommy’s tummy. I feel like I am running out of space in this tummy but I know that our bodies are capable of so much- so I’ll continue to make space for our little one to grow.

I am so blessed to be able to sleep decent myself and haven’t felt sick in a couple of weeks. The movements that our little one makes warm my heart each and every day and I can’t wrap my head around the fact that our little one will be making movements that I can see and HOLD in a few months.

Soon, our blessing will no longer be sleeping in my tummy…. Our blessing will be sleeping in my arms!

When the blessing isn’t in my arms this is the crib where Baby will sleep!

Baby H's crib

Baby H will sleep in there!!!

I still can’t fully wrap my head around it, but baby will need another place to sleep so I searched on and off for cribs. Nothing really jumped out and it got put on the back burner. Summer came along and I needed to get on the ball- –children are in control of when they are born and I don’t know when this little one will be gracing our lives with coos… and cries. So, hence the crib search went on full force.

I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for in a crib. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go with…….. Black???? Brown????  Grey???? Simplistic??? Modern???? Rustic???? New??? Used??? Wooden?? Plastic??? Clean lines????  Curves????? What other options are there?!? Probably about a million options!!!   I had no idea what kind of look I was going for- this is typical Julie behavior. I put things off and then just go with the flow. So as the flow hit me, I started to really search.

Where I searched for baby’s bed:

  • Baby stores: VERY beautiful cribs!! (and expensive too!)
  • Wal-Mart/Target: Okay, nice, lots to choose from. Just couldn’t decide on one.
  • Amazon’ish sites: Many options to choose from that were nice. And so was the shipping.
  • Local resell sites: A few cribs- most were ‘yucky’ and not cool at all! I think you have to catch them on the right days and keep your eyes peeled.

Here is the thing- I wasn’t successful at choosing one from a store. I just couldn’t decide + I wan’t a fan of the cost! Annnnnd, there is this other thing—— I’m kind of a tree hugger. It’s true. Julie is a tree hugger….. I’m not a fan of waste and I wish the world would all take little steps to make the earth a better place. This was a huge factor when deciding on our baby’s bed. I couldn’t wrap my head around buying a new crib that is mass produced — even if it beautiful and nice (and expensive) when there are cribs sitting in garages or spare bedrooms all over the place that people aren’t using and others ending up in landfills. When I was listening to my heart, I knew I wanted a used crib— a nice used crib. It was what my heart was wanting. I wanted something beautiful, sturdy, and USED.

Luckily, my sister suggested that I look on a local site that is like a garage sale online— and I found our beautiful crib!! Don’t get me wrong, there were some ‘yucky’ ones on there as well, I just happened to stumble across what I felt was a gem! So, I didn’t waste a moment and I contacted the seller ASAP! I feel that this is key because things can move quickly and I wanted the seller to know I was interested.  A few calls, a couple of days later, and an hour drive to the town to check it out/pick it up— we had a place for our blessing to sleep! The husband and I loaded up the perfect crib for us and hit the road!

Yes, it has some blemishes on it and looks used- gently used. You would never know that it wasn’t bought from a furniture store specifically for our sweet little one. Even though it is used– It is still beautiful, sturdy, and it will be the perfect place for our baby to sleep. It was everything I wanted in a crib! There is nothing wrong with the crib- it is perfect!!!!

However, the mattress came with the crib but I have listened to enough Pregtastic and other pregnancy resources to know that I’ll still have to buy a new mattress. I’m okay with that. I want our baby to be safe and I want to do what is right! The crib wasn’t completely cheap- yet not too expensive because the quality is AWESOME! It was a $750 crib originally and I picked it up for $150- with a new mattress, I’m looking at around $275 for the whole set. It is something I can swing, it is the perfect place for our baby to catch Zzzzzzz’s once it is out of my tummy.

QUESTION: How do you make big decisions on decorating?


27 responses to “A place for our sweet baby to sleep & 27 weeks

  1. Love the crib…great job on the good deal! And you’re still looking so adorable!

  2. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    Julie, you have such a kind heart! I love that you didn’t want to buy a mass-produced crib, and I feel that when I do eventually have a little one of my own I will probably feel the same way!
    But look at that– all of your patience has paid off and you now have a beautiful crib 🙂

  3. Yay!! congrats on your new crib!! I’m all about used furniture and stuff!! We’ve been Craigslisting and yard saling around a little bit for our new house. 🙂

  4. fitandfuninthird

    What a good momma you already are!! You seriously did your homework before making the purchase! I admire that…. One of my major problems is that I tend to make spur of the moment decisions without researching. Luckily my husband is like you so he keeps me in check!
    It’s ridiculous how excited I am for you, I love hearing all these weekly updates so much!!! 🙂

  5. Love the crib, Julie! Such a good idea to search around for something gently used!

  6. thehinzadventures

    SCORE! nice work with the deal searching…. Baby stuff is pricey eh? You look so cute girl! im not good with decorating but it was my goal this year to focus on our home, instead of my wardrobe…its going well.. i look at a lot of magazine and nate berkus shows!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  7. I read an article that said buying a used crib is better for the baby because they won’t be breathing in toxins that new furniture has — it’s already had plenty of time to air out! I think you made a smart decision :).

  8. Rockin’ deal! I’ve been on the hunt but haven’t found anything in nice enough condition.

  9. How exciting!!! I think buying furniture is SO hard–I cannot imagine all the extra thought that must go into buying baby furniture! It looks like you made an AMAZING decision. That website sounds awesome! By the way, you look too cute! 🙂

  10. You snagged a great deal on that crib! It’s so cute. Good work! Also–You are looking amazing, as usual, my dear!

  11. I got a used crib as well. Although when i first got it I kept replaying that friends episode where joey got a crib for rachel out of the alley and there was some sort of rodent inside. But there really are some nice used ones out there and mine has lasted nicely though both of my babies so far!

  12. Cribs make it so real! (haha besides your growing belly of course!)

  13. I love the crib! I think it’s perfect too.
    We used the same crib (given to us by friends) for all three of our boys. In September of 2011, we gave it away. In October of 2011, yes the very next month, we found out I was pregnant again! Oh the irony. We were lucky again this time and just received a beautiful hand me down crib for free from our friends!
    Four kids and never bought a new crib. 🙂

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