Week 29 & Week 30 of growing our BLESSING

First off- thank you all so much for your support on my post “Wrapping my head around weight gain”…. I know that I’m doing what is right and after several appointments, I feel like my doctor and I are on the same page. Thankfully. He does say that 20 lbs is what is considered the healthy weight gain- 25 tops….. 😉  I decided that HE was a HE and I would take his suggestion with a grain of salt. I know he is a doctor and all- knows what he is doing, has aided many pregnant women, ect..- but he doesn’t understand my body like I do. I am doing my very best to grow a healthy baby. Your support means a the world to this mamma!

Week 29

Holy heavens- How did weeks 29 & 30 get here…… I still remember when I was sweatting bullets for what seemed like forever, AKA weeks 5-21’ish… It seems like just yesterday that we found out our great news! 

29 weeks: the Ups! 

  • We bought our baby stroller! Woop- Woop! Baby will be riding in style. A BOB revolution to be exact!
  • We bought a Moby wrap to help me cuddle and carry our blessing!
  • We bought a new matress for our re-loved crib!
  • We bought the nursery rocking chair! I can’t wait to read to baby in this chair….
    • While shopping, I was a complete pain in the rear at the furniture stores- it had to be a rocker/glider WITH a footstool WITH and independent reclining back! (only a few companies make something with an independent reclining back… oops)

29 weeks: The downs

  • See above. —–> This all totally hurt the pocket book! Quite a bit actually. That stroller- OUCH! But, it will be worth it to keep Baby H safe while I’m out exercising.
I got to spend some time with my niece and nephew this week and….. I spilled the beans- BOY or GIRL!!!! ….. To my 9.5 month old niece. I was holding my niece and baby was kicking at her very playfully- stole my heart. They are already playing together, and I said, “Cousin __________ is playing with you!” I think our little secret is safe with her 😉
30 weeks

After church— where I was told I looked like I was going to pop!

Week 30: the ups!

  • It was the husband’s first Father’s day!
    • We found out that the baby likes to dance to the same music as their daddy while watching Madagascar
  • The growth in my tummy is making it incredibly real for the husband and we are getting SUPER excited!

Week 30: the downs

  • Things are getting harder by the day, physically.
  • I am freaking out a tad about when baby will decide to make its appearance. What if it’s early? What if it’s late? YIKES! I just wish I knew what to expect.
  • I’m getting SUPER antsy about the nursery not being anywhere near ready for baby. I just want it to be done so I can feel like it is okay for him/her to come!

Everyone at our church is excited for us and it on Father’s Day, I guess I looked super pregnant because EVERYONE commented on how much larger I looked and how the baby was growing and giving the husband TONS of Father’s Day love. It was so sweet to see many of the men I love in our church and community to call him “dad”. It’s all just becoming so real. 🙂

The husband was shocked when I said—- we are 3/4 of the way through the pregnancy. Baby should be here in about 10 weeks. It is such a journey that we are so stinking blessed to be on…. I only freak out when I get pumped about how much she/he is growing- AND THEN—–>  think of it having to come out. Ahhhhhh x a million! 

Question: What has been an exciting purchase that has hurt your pocket book as of late? 


14 responses to “Week 29 & Week 30 of growing our BLESSING

  1. You’re looking fab – super cute dress! You’re going to LOVE the BOB! Not that I have any real experience with mine yet, I’ve just only heard good things. Great for re-sale down the line, too.
    I totally feel ya on the nursery anxiety. As the weeks tick by and things aren’t purchased I freak out a little bit more. I haven’t purchased anything fun lately…but I started my registry on Amazon, and man, if things don’t get purchased I am going to be shelling out a pretty penny!

  2. I still think that you look great! So excited to follow the rest of your pregnancy!

  3. You look amazing! Nice work on getting some of the big stuff.
    Which chair did you end up buying? I have a glider (gave away my foot stool, twice) and the back does not recline…Thinking of getting a new one…but I feel like I have overspent already!
    Crazy about the whole weight gain, in your Dr.’s eyes I am over the limit in weight gain. At my 36 weeks I was 29 lbs up. I go on thursday for the 37 weeks, so we will see if I gained a pound, or maybe two?

  4. aww how exciting for the first fathers day!! That has got to REALLY make it feel like it’s really gonna happen. You’ve already become a mom, worrying so much about when little baby H is coming ;-).

  5. You look INCREDIBLE!!!

  6. Somebody needs to bop that doctor on the head! You look marvelous! If there is one thing I am learning more and more it is that not everybody’s body is the same!! Just because it’s best for some women not to gain more than 20 lbs., it doesn’t mean that EVERY woman shouldn’t. And the medical profession keeps changing their mind about things – when I had my 1st baby over 25 years ago they told me 15-30 lbs. was normal. 15 for overweight women and 30 for tiny women. Well, pooh. Here’s what my experience (4 kids & 1 grandkid) has shown. If you have loads of extra amniotic fluid in there, you will gain more on the scale, but that extra will be GONE – poof – as soon as you deliver. If you are eating healthfully, you will lose any extra 5-10 more than they SAY you should within the first few weeks. My daughter-in-law is a skinny, tiny size 0-2. Her belly was enormous by the end of her pregnancy!! She gained 35-40 lbs!! 1-2 weeks after the birth, she was back in her normal clothing. Why? Because she had eaten sensibly.

    You look great and aren’t very big in the belly yet. Don’t let that male doc give you grief! lol He doesn’t know what it feels like. 🙂

  7. Omigosh you look amazing!! Your baby bump is so cute too and you are totally rocking that dress! Sounds like the nursery is coming together with all your new purchases and though it probably seems overwhelming at times, it will all come together and work out! xo

  8. You look amazing!
    I am terrible at keeping secrets. I would have told everyone the sex about an hr after I found out haha. Good for you!

  9. you look fabulous! I am typing this with my baby asleep in the moby wrap! Can not wait for you to experience this as well! So So soon!

    Good for you keeping the sex a secret! AH! Can’t wait to hear what your baby is!

  10. healthhappinessandharmony

    You look beautiful!
    My recent purchase is a ticket and the hotel for the HLS 2012. I’m so excited though!

  11. hi there, just found your blog, i was drawn to it after seeing you comment on another blog because i adore the name! i love alliteration and i love spinach…and sprinkles. 😀 you are so gorgeous! i know i’m late to your baby journey here but i can’t wait to meet your little one via the blog and to read more. also, i just purchased over $100 of sale items online from urban outfitters an hour ago. so that was a fail. ha!

  12. You look fantastic! We bought a house this week…definite hit to the pocketbook!

  13. Congrats on that stroller!! That’s exciting. The best thing we’ve bought lately is a HOUSE. Can’t wait to move in next week!!

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